Krrish 3 Trailer: Hrithik Roshan!

The official theatrical trailer of Krrish 3. Watch it out and share! Tell us how you like it!



  • Vfx sucked ! I ws expecting sumthing lyk robot.
    Rakesh roshan provd dat he is nt a sci fi film directr but only a family film maker.
    Sum people here were saying dat it is iron man + spiderman lol..

  • I cant believe its a bollywood film,i cant believe its a hrithik film.i think i just saw a hollywood flick.fully hittesd grandfathers of all blockbuster films surely beyond 200 cr film,mind it.

  • This looks really good, hope it crosses 200 crores. No khan can match hrithik in the superhero genre. He looks smashing!

  • delivered what they promised……….at par with Hollywood Superhero movies….take a bow Roshan’s, finally u guys have made Bollywood proud.

  • Finally the much awaited trailer has arrived hence we can depict the character of the film in the form of GOD,Evil,Maya where they were much related to our desi style as it was our desi super hero

    So its the fight between Good Vs Evil, like most superhero films

    Where we can Feel Good as a God

    Here GOD means Generator Operator Destructor

    Generator:-Hrithik Roshan as Rohit where he is the root cause of calling Jaadu
    and giving birth to super hero

    Operator:-Hrithik Roshan as krishna where his character always operates
    as the S/o scientist and have great observation skills to have do or die
    attitude to reach his goal

    Destructor:-Hrithik Roshan as Krrish we can call him as a Evil destructor where a Evil
    like kaal is troubling mankind he becomes the saviour

    Evil:-Vivek Oberoi as Kaal where Evil has an idealogy of Hatred, someone who can
    to kill anyone or kill himself. Too dangerous

    Maya:-Its different from God or Evil it is some thing which is unreal when we see it
    through our naked eye where it blinds us from delusion and also it can be an illusion
    Here comes Kangana as Kaya its an indian version of Maya who is half woman and half animal
    changes like a chameleon

    Army:-Full of Mutants. We have to wait for the film to know more.
    Other characters: Cheetah girl, Ant man, Rhino girl etc

  • 1 request to all the people… dont compare this movie to hollywood superhero movies.. it made on a budget of arnd 100 core whereas hoolywood movies r made on a budget of min 1500 crore.. n also dont say like its better than hollywood movies.. see the differen of the budget n u will know wat i mean..
    as far as trailer goes. its definately gonna take bollywood a step higher . it will definately open big after that all depends on content..
    @ indicine.. the only problem m having is that is higher multiplex audinece gonna watch krish3?? they will definately compare it wid hollywood movies ..

  • Rakesh roshan is christopher nolan of bollywood..he proved himself..
    It will create history in bollywood. :)

  • i dont believe what crap i have just watched totally bakwas looks like a 3D version of thunder cats cartoon i was expecting some thing unique but really i saw worse trailer ever this will b the biggest disappointment of 2013 waiting for the trailer of D3

  • Kangana jumping, tongues rolling out, hrithik carrying an entire building.
    It looks like a video game man.. disappointed.

  • phadu trailer .. awesome trailer.. it will break all the records even the 3 idiots record…

  • @Chulbul khan & Limbu: Don’t deny that fact that it’s much better than Ra.One and Robot. The print is not totally HD and may be that’s the reason of why it’s not looking crystal clear. Otherwise, even SRK and Rajnikanth will not be able to deny the superiority of Krrish 3 over Robot and Ra.One. And don’t compare the budge of Krrish 3 with the other two previously being made because SRK had to buy and install whole new VFX technology for his company Red Chilli and that the cost rose to over 100 crore. If Rakesh Roshan also had to buy technology other than using the tech support from Red Chilli, then I think the cost of Krrish 3 would have been over 200 crore.

  • i thnk big class multiplex audience audience who r used to watchin hollywood movies r nt gonna like this. movie….

  • Can somebody please tell me what is so great about this trailer. What is there that we haven’t seen in hollywood movie already. Hrithik roshan is looking like a joker with that black vest and the vfx sucked big time,it almost looked fake

  • well!ofcourse the multiplex ppl wl gonna watch it!!!its,a proud moment for all,to hav such a brave hearted super hero,in our nation!!!long way to go hrithik!hats off!!!blockbuster written all over!!!

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