Katrina Kaif Magazine Cover: Harper’s Bazaar

The gorgeous Katrina Kaif has graced the cover of several magazines lately. This month, she features on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, one of the oldest fashion magazines in the world, celebrating their 4th anniversary in India.

With Katrina on the cover, Harper’s Bazaar has also increased it’s cover price by 50%. The magazine which usually sells for Rs 100, is priced at Rs 150 for the March 2013 special issue.

Readers will get to read a lot more as the 4th anniversary edition has 296 pages, which is about 100 more than regular issues.

Katrina Kaif magazine cover, have a look! Hot or not? Tell us in the comments section below.

Harper's Bazaar Magazine Cover: Katrina Kaif

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Cover: Katrina Kaif



  • Not so Good cover page:(
    She looks terrible except her face,very bad costume selection…

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  • Katz Rockz!…….who is kareena, deepika, sonam, aaila or aalia whatever? lol.

    it seems indicine is smitten by Katz lately.

    keep it going…….

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  • Most faltu actress in bollywood. Her acting in jthj can’t be tolarated by me. I feel very bad to see srk poor performace first time in a film beacause of katrina. Hopefully he will not cast in hny. Anushka, deepika, priyanka and karena all of them are much beautiful and talented than kat.

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  • @ romance,

    If you are a good actor, you don’t get affected by other actor’s performance.

    don’t blame the performance of the movie or your favourite actor on others.

    If not for kat fans, the movie wouldn’t have recovered half the collections.

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  • @jc after watching jthj peple praise anushka sherma not katrina. Yes i agree with you if anushka sherma is not a part of the film jthj woud’t recovered half of the collection not katrina kaif althouh srk is the part of the movie.

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