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Undoubtedly Kareena Kapoor, fondly nicknamed Bebo, is a beauty with great talent. An entrant from the famous and legendary Kapoor Clan, she impressed in her very first movie Refugee – for which she bagged a Filmfare for Best Debut (Female). Most movies that followed failed make an impact at the box office and she was criticized for being typecast. To recreate a new image, Kareena went on and accepted serious and diverse roles like Chameli and Omkara which soon established her as a versatile actress. Her latest candy-floss romatic comedy ‘Jab We Met’ won her rave reviews for her outstanding performance.

Bebo is presently dating actor Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena Kapoor – Hot and Sexy Pictures

Kareena Kapoor showing off her sexy legs…

Kareena Kapoor Pictures

No words to define her beauty….

Sizzling hot Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Pictures


The all GLAM Kareena

Kareena Kapoor pics

Kareena – A pic from the movie DON

Kareena pictures

Kareena – Smiling away…

kareena kapoor pics

Update – 5th June 2011.. More Hot Pics of Kareena Kapoor

Hot Kareena on Filmfare

On the Filmfare Cover

Hot and Sexy Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Hot




  • hello kareena i am ur biggest fan and you look hot in theese pics but i want you to reply me and send me your more hot pics and i liked the film KAMBAHT ISHQ!!! and plz reply to your biggest fan.

    i will luv to see more.

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  • hi kareena i am u r biggest fan i love u r all movies thats good u r exposig & kissing other heroes think of u r saifu ok bye sexy

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  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    u are talented and good looking
    me from the home district of great khali and play back singer Mohit chauhan,both are good friend of mine
    plz do come to Nahan for vacantion
    by profession i am a journalist

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  • hello!.
    kareena you have an crazzy body figure.
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  • karena kapoor is the most beautiful,sexy women of india.she is best

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  • hi, kareena. i m ur biggest fan. i have all ur pictures, my mobile is full of ur wallpaper. i want 2 be ur friend pls except my request & reply me as soon as possible.

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  • hi kareena you are very beautiful girl. I like your acting very much. your face reading tell that you r very innocent girl .when i watch your picture i remember somebody who is faraway from me so best of luck take care

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  • Hey Kareena,
    I m the best fan of u n i m sure of it. I like u bcz my beloved is as like as u 2 see. Her name is Usha. But she just hates me. So only by beholding u i find her. Usha i love u 4ever. Karena,u r my Usha.

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  • She is really very cute and natural which it is very difficult to find or to have such as she has only the weakness which she has is (choice) don’t know why she behaving this unsuitablity for her, mean about her boyfriends, first Shahid kapoor and after that this Saif Ali (POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) absurd,nonsensical, try to change, please

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  • Hi ! Bebo,

    You are undoubtly the beauty queen of bollywood whomever will marry you will be the lucky guy.
    I like you coz my GF is toocopy of your’s whom i like madly but she doenst understand my love. Anyway goodluck to you for your marriage get married soon ..

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  • hi kareena you are the most beautiful actress of bollywood and
    ur acting is so good & ur best movie is jeena sirf mere liye

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  • Hi Kareena you r so beautiful and your figure is perfect. Every body love to you. Your style and hair so nice and eyes i dont say about it
    You are best best and the best

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