Kaabil vs Raees Collections on Wednesday: Early Estimate

The much-awaited box office clash between Raees and Kaabil turned out to be a damn squib, as Shah Rukh Khan reigned supreme, decimating the Hrithik Roshan starrer on Day 1. As per early estimates, Kaabil has collected 8.5 – 8.75 crore on Wednesday, while Raees has collected 20 crore plus. The collections of Raees at almost every theatre that we tracked was 2 to 3 times more than Kaabil.

Like we mentioned in our report, which was published in the evening (Read), the morning shows of Kaabil had occupancy ranging from 10-20% at multiplexes. Raees on the other hand was running at 65% plus at several centres for the early morning shows.

Mid-way through the day, it became quite clear that Kaabil would fall short of the 10 crore mark, but there was hope that it would get to double digits because of positive reports. The growth was there in the evening, but not enough to cross the 10 crore mark – which would still be a low but decent total.

With such a poor start, the film now relies almost entirely on word-of-mouth to recover costs. It needs to show growth in the range of 75%-100% (i.e Thursday collections in the 15 crore range) to have any chance of putting up a healthy total.

If the growth doesn’t come tomorrow, the writing will be on the wall for Kaabil. It would be a tragedy if a film like Kaabil under-performs just because the Roshans decided not to avert the clash and unfortunately for Hrithik, it would be for the second time in a row he’s failing in a clash.

As for Raees, it’s Shah Rukh Khan all the way through. He is without doubt one of the Top 2 crowd pullers in the country and his consistency for last two decades has been phenomenal. This decade hasn’t been very good for him as far as quality films is concerned, but even after two back-to-back under performers, his fan-following is stronger than ever.

The bigger challenge for him would be to do something that he hasn’t done in recent times. While all his films have opened very well, most haven’t sustained in the long run. It’s important for Raees to sustain and put up a total of 150 crore plus at the domestic box office.

The clash has been settled, SRK has comprehensively won it. It’s now going to be about the trend and where the two films go from here.

Can Kaabil close the big gap on Thursday and bring it down to more reasonable levels? Or will Raees be a runaway hit at the box office? These questions will be answered in the next couple of days, with the hold on Friday becoming very important for both films. Kaabil to stay afloat and Raees to become a big grosser.

Stay tuned to our coverage of Raees and Kaabil. Much more in the morning.



  • its raees time srk destroying competition like no one else on non holiday in his supposedly worst phase of career

  • /*
    This decade hasn’t been very good for him as far as quality films is concerned, but even after two back-to-back under performers, his fan-following is stronger than ever.

    Even if he gives 100 under performers in a row , we will stand with him.

    “Star nahi hai wo, Duniya hai meri”


  • Watched Raees Today! and It was Superb!
    My Review:
    Raees is definitely one of the best films of SRK in the last few years, The Direction was good, All the songs were placed at the right time and wasn’t forced. It has some graphic scenes, so Family Audience may want to miss it if they are going with their younger children. The Action was good and massy! The climax was long, which could have been shortened!
    Acting: SRK like always has yet again given an Award worthy Performance! Nawazuddin was the show-steeler! He was just phenomenal. Zeeshan Ayyub as Raees’s sidekick was excellent. Mahira Khan was decent but could have done better! The supporting cast did good.
    Overall Raees is a must watch for Single Screen and Multiplex Audience alike. Dont miss this at all. I’m Rating it 4/5!
    P.s. will watch Kaabil tom😊

  • @Indicine…#Raees advance fod tomorrow 26th jan is much much better then Wednesday…..if it collects 20cr on Wednesday then 25cr on 26th is fixed

  • in last 20 years…

    Festive release or non festive release
    good movie or bad movie
    universal film or non universal film
    clash or solo
    big actress or debutant
    good phase or bad phase

    SRK’s presence always ensures big opening… #Respect

  • You just said in this section that SRK is one of the top two crowd pullers in this country. Who is the other one?

  • 20cr (Raees) + 8.5cr (Kaabil) = 28.5cr.

    That’s mean combined opening day collections of Raees & Kaabil are 8cr less than Sultan’s 4th day (Saturday) collections.

    ##Too Much Funnnnnn!!!

  • That’s a huge gap. Even if we accept all the allegations shot by Roshan camp, such a huge difference (b/w the collections of Raees and Kaabil) can not be justified.

    And it’s not like Kaabil was a niche or offbeat film. In fact, the positive reviews of Kaabil started pouring in as early as couple of days before it’s release.
    So, despite of having HIT music, rave reviews , the advance booking of Kaabil remained on lower side and now the opening day collections show that it failed to attract the audiences on Day 1.

    Hope this also settles the hot debate – who is the biggest crowd puller among these two.
    With positive WOM, Kaabil may still do wonders and no body is denying that fact but Hrithik fans gotta accept it that Raees has won the opening day battle with a big margin even though the opponent was a movie which was riding on ‘extremely positive’ reviews received by different set of critics.

  • “The clash has been settled, SRK has comprehensively won it. It’s now going to be about the trend and where the two films go from here.”

    How can you say that SRK has won the clash just on a day of release? Lets see how they perform next week.

  • Combined opening day collections of Raees & Kaabi = 28.5cr.

    Sultan’s 3rd day collections = 32cr.

    Sultan’s 4th day collections = 37cr.


  • KING KHAN IS BACK. Rest assured Srkians. Raees is an amazing entertainer. This just settles it that no matter what, ShahRukhKhan SalmanKhan and AamirKhan are the true SUPERSTARS OF INDIA. So lets stop fights between Srk fans and Salman fans. Both are huge stars and lets start respecting both of them guys.
    As far as Kaabil is concerned, Hrithik gave a fine performance, but shouldn’t have clashed with Raees. Its a great mixture of mass and class with amazing entertainment quotient and LION like aura of Shah Rukh Khan. Kaabil might be good, but Raees is a storm. Nahi jhel paoge.

  • Hope that Raees touches 25 CR on first day then 30+ on republic day and expecting extended weekend around 110Cr .
    I think this time both movies will be successful. Wishing best of luck to both Raees and Kaabil.

  • Fan also opened well what happened next?
    Raees needs to recover 140 cr for average status
    160-170cr – hit
    200 cr – superhit
    220* – blockbuster

    Where kaabil
    60-70 cr – average
    80-90 cr – hit
    110 cr – superhit
    140* cr – blockbuster

    Long run depending on quality
    Not depending upon sunny leone

  • SRK is still huge. Go to hell haters. He just slapped you all. Just wait for Rehnuma and Dwarf now. Old SRK is back.

  • @indicine

    I think you are underestimating Red Chilli calculator & Filmkraft calculator. Don’t forget that one is single day record holder (9cr) & another one is lifetime record holder (65cr).


  • what can be said about that
    about 22 crores opening with equally big film nd against top super star
    this is called stardom
    by the way i booked the ticket for raees tommorrow
    hope to be a enjoyable ride
    bt feeling sad for hrithik his acting in kaabil was superb
    kaabil have to be released on any normal weekend it has collected more
    by the best of luck for both the
    100 crore extended weekend is guaranteed for raees

  • #iamsrk ….olys over promote his movies (he sold learn 4m @ace of bollywood !!!
    …. another failure is not acceptable #gl

  • If Raees makes 200cr+ given the clash , thats a very handsome no and a blockbuster really and should set the tone for srk for his upcoming Imtiaz ali solo release , which is massive, yes amir khan is on a whole new level right now but Raees success will be an important foothold for Srk to rise , do content-based filmmaking and his fan following will do the rest, with that being said if his Imtiaz Ali ‘s film connects with mass audience + solo release + extended holiday weekend , we may well have back to back 300 crs movie delivered by Salman and Srk. (Tubelight being almost a guaranteed 340-350 cr movie IMO) .
    a nuetral khan fan.

  • Raees should collect 25cr+ on republic Day. If it crosses 100 cr in extended weekend, it will land into safer zone.

    Just finished the 2nd show of Raees and the auditorium was packed till capacity.
    That affirms my belief that tomorrow when actual collections come out, Raees might cross the 22 cr mark because mostly night shows gets either excluded or under reported by the trade.

  • I am a srk fan,but want kabil to be a success too.hrithik roshan is a very nice and humble person.wish both films to be super hits.

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