Jolly LLB 2 Day 1 (Friday) Box office Collections

Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2 has performed fairly well on its opening day, collecting Rs 12.5 – 13 crore at domestic box office. The film was below trade-expectations, but that isn’t the right way to judge the performance of a film. The expectations probably came because of the way ‘Rustom’ opened last year, but ‘Jolly LLB 2’ was a less-marketed film with lower production costs.

Given the costs, the film has started well and now needs growth on Saturday and Sunday to put a solid weekend at the box office. A 3-day total closer to the 45 crore mark would mean the trend is excellent. The reports vary from centre to centre, at some places the reports are good while at others it isn’t upto the mark.

Side Note: The debate will rage on about producer inflation, but the official collections on Day 1 are in the range and quite close to our own estimates. From the single-screen centres that we tracked, Jolly LLB 2 has collected about 52% of what Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees collected on Day 1. The Rajasthan circuit has collected 68 lakhs, compared to 72 lakhs in the same circuit for Rustom.

The problem for the film has been the core Akshay Kumar fanbase, who haven’t turned up in big enough numbers on Day 1. It seems to be a catch-22 situation with the multiplex audience coming back in bigger numbers, while a film like Jolly LLB 2 which was expected to do well all over, simply hasn’t performed upto expectations at single-screens. Falling into the trap of the trade hype, Fox Star Studios have given a wide release for Jolly LLB 2, but unless the film really picks up at fixed rentals, it would be an uphill task to even recover the release costs.



  • Overall yes it’s clearly below expectations.
    100 cr looks little difficult unless weekend shows huge turnaround.
    Why All Akshay movie opens at this 12-14cr level ??

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  • Again comparison to SRK .
    Please @Indicine, stop it.
    Both superstars have their own fanbase.
    N Akshay paaji dnt deserve comparison bcoz he is ALL TIME GREAT n Most HARDWORKING Actor of BOLLYWOOD.

    WHY Every Actor is COMPARED TO SRK?

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  • BOI has no source no info about Window Ticket Booking ,they just do Tukke baji through BMS which anyone can do….
    And everyone follows them just bcoz they have Old Data and a good namr which looks like official BoxOfficeIndia.Com

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  • Indicine, once again you seem to be biased with your insight. The opening is less than expected, wider release than other films & yet you look at positive! Why don’t you just state facts!

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  • It will have a positive word of mouth for sure
    Its a really decent movie
    Its not new for a Akshay Kumar movie to open at 12-13 crores and be a Sucess

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  • Will do around 90 cr unless shows a huge growth on Sat and Sunday…
    Akshay is very popular in North where his movie does very good but when it comes to all over India reach he is very behind….
    @Indicine how much it needs to become a Hit ?

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  • Disappointed! Expected 15-16cr considering the huge number of screens and excellent WOM!!!

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  • If #Kaabil is Performing Poorly and Shows r empty acc to lord BOI ,then why it’s screen count is double than Raees now after 10th Feb ??
    BOI is such a Crap site that they say last Diwali Blockbuster was Golmaal 3
    Dil Chahta Hai is a Poor Movie
    Jodha Akbar is a Poor Movie
    ZNMD is a Poor Movie
    Is this site is operated By a Kid ?Or a person with No Brain…

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  • People forgetting that it was affected in UP due to election frenzy. Majority will always choose voting over watching a movie on election day.

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  • what is the means of collecting Rs 12.5 – 13 crore at domestic box office
    is they also manupulated
    taran gives 13 cr
    whatever this film will definitely earn 100 cr
    srk 3rd place is in danger

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  • seedhw point pe aao . whichever figure will u now publish?? trade or producer after u fake bravado show during raees v kaabil manipulation controversy??

    IMO 95% of films hv higher prod fig than trade but mostly the diff is 6-10% which is totally acceptable as trade can’t b always accurate but when diff is 20-40% in lifetime ( k3 kaabil baby ) there’s is definitely some inflation of actual figures which is shameful. ..
    But such films r only 1 or 2 in a year so v should stick to producer figures only

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  • Hahaha where r @ jolly …and @ rajesh kulkarni …..akki is this he is that ….This is his real aukad ….12 crores with franchise. ..solo release. hype for any akki movie acc to indicine…and so on…..last year he just got lucky with all the hype around deshbhakti. ..and Rustom was benefitted due to negativity around mj. got unnecessary hype. …….This is just the beginning and hr in not his good phase giving 10 cr openings with clashes. .and akki in his so called good phase giving 12 cr openings with solo releases. ….hr is still 4 th highest fan following superstar after khans…

    …@indicine what about this inflation of around 2 cr on very first day….u were giving lectures and writing articles about kabil’s inflation and blah blah…..what is ur take on that …don’t be a hypocrite. ..and all other hypocrites. ..

    ….@indicine. …This is harsh but kindly publish my comment. .

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  • What is actually wrong with Akshay Kumar’s movies?
    First multiplex audiences were not coming out now masses..

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  • 45 cr weekend it still on, collection will be in 15 cr range today, sunday mass centres will turn up to provide another 17 cr day, anything above 42 cr is good trend and let’s not forget it has almost 4 weeks to collect as Rangoon is not picking up till now.

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