Jannat 2 Review

As part of a successful franchisee, Jannat 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the month – especially at mass centers where Emraan Hashmi commands a huge fan-following. Directed by Kunal Deshmukh (Tum Mile, Jannat) the film is written by Shagufta Rafique (Murder 2, Awarapan, Woh Lamhe).

Story: Jannat 2 is about Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi), who is involved in an illegal gun trading business. He calls himself ‘Sonu Dilli Kutti Kamini Cheez’, but it all changes the day he meets Jhanvi (Esha Gupta). It’s love at first sight and Sonu begins fearing for his life. He plans to give it all up, to lead a simple normal life.

Enter ACP Pratap (Randeep Hooda), who threatens to reveal Sonu’s darker side to Jhanvi, if he doesn’t help him crack the gun trade racket. What does Sonu do? How will Jhanvi react to his past? Will the criminals spare him? Watch Jannat 2 to find out.

Jannat 2 Review

Jannat 2 is a typical Bhatt film – it has a bit of everything; great music, romance, good performances, light-hearted moments and love-making scenes. The film starts off very well, the scenes between Pratap and Sonu are a treat to watch – well directed and performed. Infact, it’s the chemistry between Randeep and Emraan that makes Jannat 2 a good one-time watch. The dialogues are witty and go well with the characters.

The twist just before the interval might catch a few by surprise (those that didn’t notice the visiting card of Jhanvi). Unfortunately, it’s the second half where Jannat 2 disappoints big time. The film tends to get very predictable and slow. The climax was abrupt, but very different and something that you wouldn’t be expecting.

The music like every other Bhatt film is melodious. Tu Hi Mera and Rab Ka Shukrana are our favorites. Raju Singh has done a terrific job with the background music. The action sequences too are well choreographed (Javed – Eijaz).

Jannat 2 belongs to Emraan Hashmi, who is one of the most dependable actors in the industry. He performs with effortless ease in Jannat 2. Randeep Hooda’s character is similar to Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, but here he has a lot more to do. He’s outstanding. Esha Gupta has little to do, apart from smile, kiss and romance Emraan Hashmi. The rest are okay.

Overall, Jannat 2 is entertaining in parts. The film is targeted mainly at the masses, and should do very well in the B and C centres.

Performances: 4 (Emraan and Randeep easily the best)
Direction: 3
Story: 2 (Predictable)
Screenplay: 2
Dialogues: 3
Music: 3
Background Score: 3.5

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • jannat 2 is an awsome and fantastic.. Exclent. Loved it. Emraan Hashmi rocks ! Blockbuster. Some critics who gave it 2 stars are idiots they dnt knw anything about movies.

  • What a movie its a fantastic.those who gave bad reviews for this excellent movie are one biggest foolish of the world and they don,t know anything about movie

  • jannat 2 is jst magnificent,emraan hasmi omg he killed me by his acting….jst great movie,i’d love to say movie is jst incredible.well done emraan,no one can stop u frm being superstar

  • Jannat2 is very very good movie.Emraan,s acting are superb.i was never seen such type of acting by Emraan.And also Randeep,s acting are just too good

  • excellent film, the critics of india are just bunch of jokers, they have no idea about movies!!! perfomance imran and randeep are excellent!!!

  • Not a bad film, saw it in cinema last week, was expecting that I’d love Jannat1 more, but it’s a good film too.. Mahesh Bhat always makes good films.

  • ranbir hooooooooda u roj man……i love my gf like u did ur late wife :'( Hats off m nt crazy one there are lots more like me in this world u proved me correct …. …m happy wid my life i love her ya.!!!!!!!!

  • ranbir hooooooooda u rok man……i love my gf like u did ur late wife :'( Hats off m nt crazy one there are lots more like me in this world u proved me correct …. …m happy wid my life i love her ya.!!!!!!!!

  • awesome music , brilliant performances , bhatt camp banner, good story, beautiful actresses and good ending,,,,,,,,
    u could not ask anything better…..
    randeep is good but emraan is at his best..
    emraan comes in full form when he acts in bhatt camp movies……………awesome
    best movie for me…..

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