Jab Tak Hai Jaan Overseas Collections

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is off to a fabulous start in the overseas markets. The film didn’t release in Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and few other countries on Tuesday.

But the the countries where it opened, the SRK starrer managed to put up some good numbers.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Overseas Collections

  • Unites States Of Amera – 330,000 (1.81 crores)
  • United Kingdom – £158,300 (1.38 crores)
  • United Arab Emirates – $414,000 (2.27 crores)
  • Singapore – S$96,000 (43 lakhs)
  • Others – $220,000 (1.21 crores)
  • Total Day 1 Overseas Collections – Rs 7.1 crores

In comparison, Son Of Sardar has opened to a poor response outside India and Pakistan (where is collected Rs 23 lakhs on it’s opening day). In UAE, SOS collections around 30 lakhs, which is about 1/10th of Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

The film opened in Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday and will release in Pakistan today (Thursday). It’s expected to be record breaking in the neighbouring country, where Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif command a huge fan-following.




  • SOS no chance overseas!! Audiences are not stupid enough to watch or appreciate cars flying and over the top action!! Come on Bollywood what has happened to you? Copying Tamil or Malayam films !! Tut tut!! When films like 3 idiots or My name is Khan or Paa or Barfi are experimenting and making Bollywood stand out you get these silly films spoiling the image!!

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  • Watched JTHJ. .But sorry i dnt liked it.may be i hate love stories. .but this film will be ATBB. In oversease. .in india 135.cr at best

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  • amazing. it ll surely cross 100 crores. man this movie is looking to do some serious numbers.

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  • omg opening day 7cr+ mind boggling!! now no one will count dat, i dnt why domestic col is considered for film success only…any way 15m$ look sure for jthj overseas!

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  • ha hahahaha JTHJ OVERSEAS+INDIA=22crore EK THA TIGER ONLY IN INDIA 31CRORE BAAT MANO Srk fans salman is always no1

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  • The films has not got rave views so far.

    I doubt it will sustain next week.

    By the way someone told that MNIK is experimental, well, did you see Forrest Gump (1994)?

    Overseas people like more family and romantic movies, as i have been there, and know it. So, nothing new that the movie is doing well there. The situtation is not the same in the country.

    So, that does not mean overseas indians have good taste. Romantic movies are not full of great logic, that it can be put above action or comedy. In fact ask any great actor, and they would say to make people laugh is the toughest one, hence comedy has a fine line.

    Most comedy movies fail because they are just simply loud. People making fun of over the top comic scenes in SOS, most of the cult movies like Jaane bhi do yaaron and Andaaz Apna Apna have more over the top comedy, but people still loved it, and keep on watching it.

    So, don’t judge the movie by trailors, watch it and then decide.

    All the best to JTHJ and SOS.

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  • so now this proves srk is no longer a superstar!!2600 screen release, greatest director, greatest production house, festival release, greatest musician, queen of the actresses , best lyricist,…..and the first day collection = 12.5 crores!! poor …even ready a non holiday release on just 1800 screens first day collection=13.33 crores….
    poor srk!

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  • there is too much negativity causing damage to srk for last 2-3 years. Since MNIK. Don2 was excellent movie, had potential of 200+ . Crap like ready has been working. JTHJ is too good , so many twits.

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  • where is Shahrukh.. and where is Ajay Devgan?! no comparison.. people love Shahrukh in overseas, and no matter what his film is about.. they’ll go and watch all his films.

    But who will watch a stupid cartoon masala overseas?!!!!!!! Indian audience please grow up?! arent’ u bored of these masla stuff and stupid cartoon action films FOR Salman, Ajay & Akshay?!!! when these 3 actors make some good films with good contents.. even overseas ppl will watch them, adore them, but this silly category.. no.. no way!

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  • @sanket, please acknowledge the factors why JTHJ didn’t beat ETT’s first day collections: (1) Less screens in comparison (2) Diwali puja affecting Morning and Evening shows (3) Not a sole release.

    These are factors that cannot be ignored.
    And besides, ETT would have beaten 3 idiots record if it had potential, since ETT had every advantage over 3 idiots, but seems it didn’t have enough fuel to cross the 202 crore record.

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  • Wohoo…i contributed to the UAE figures of day 1!!!….loved the movie…..everyone here is crazy abt srk….including non-indians like arabs!!!!….this shows we respect quality cinema much more than anyone….son of sardaar has no takers here…shall download :P….n JTHJ hatzzzz offf !!!

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  • @sanket. lets count day 2 collections.
    EIK THA TIGER. world wide plus India collections18 CROREs
    JTHJ. only India collections 23 CROREs. Ha ha ha a ha. now who’s the bigger star.
    every one knows the first day during diwali would be less coz of puja

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