Ishqiya Movie Review

Ishqiya is about two thieves Khalujaan (Naseeruddin Shah) and Babban (Arshad Warsi) and a forgotten widow Krishna (Vidya Balan). The two, after double-crossing their boss Mushtaq bhai for money, look for a hide-out to save their lives from their merciless boss. After trying their luck everywhere, they end up at a friend’s place in Gorakhpur only to find out that he is dead. However, his widow Krishna offers them to stay until they make all arrangements to leave the country.

However, Mushtaqbhai soon lands up there and threatens to kill all three if he does not get his money within the allocated time. Complications increase as Khalujaan falls head over heels in love with Krishna, while the Babban starts lusting after her, falling in love with her eventually, too. Krishna takes up a different act soon after leading to more complications. Who gets Krishna? Do all three manage to save their lives? Watch to find out.

Ishqiya Review

It would be unfair to compare Ishqiya with Omkara, for besides cosmetic resemblance, Ishqiya has a soul that is unique, edgy and riveting. The film is a rustic tale of an unusual love triangle, lust, deceit with a backdrop of crime. Filled with witty and saucy dialogues, it is a movie that is high on spirit, drama, romance, thrill and is very very foxy (Definitely not for anyone under 18).

Agreed, Ishqiya has a Vishal Bharadwaj feel to it, but débutante director Abhishek Chaubey is equally talented in creating an intriguing tale that has a reflection on his own and marks his credibility. Ishqiya gets to the act right from the first beginning. Although it takes us a while to get used to the dusty – rustic feel and lingo of the movie, the flavor is mostly urban, light-hearted and comical that doesn’t demand a lot of effort to understand. It has multi-layers of emotions and drama attached but it does not divulge too much into anything beyond needful. Be it the character introduction or the past to which they belong or sub-plots of gang-formation and kidnapping, it’s all in tone with the central plot and does not deviate much. Bharadwaj’s dialogues and music is outstanding. The dialogues are extremely effective and high on wits. Some simple yet classic lines that’s worth a mention are: “is duniya sab se gehri dushmani miya-biwi ke beech hai”, ” aap ka ishq ishq hai aur mera ishq sex”. Every song is a treat, especially ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai’ and “Badi dheere jali naina”. Its not the story but the dialogues, the sinless performance and to an extent the story-telling that has made all the difference.

Ishqiya is not without it’s share of flaws. The story definitely needs some patching and clarity of thought. Although the character portrayed are very impulsive and energetic, the pace is an hindrance. The first half especially was a drag. Chaubey’s effort is commendable, but the narration at times was inconsistent and the twist towards the end seemed a little far fetched.

Some scenes to look forward too:

1. The passionate lip-lock and lovemaking sequence between Arshad and Vidya has been dexterously captured.

2. Confrontation scene towards the climax between Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi.

3. Naseer’s expressions throughout the Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji song.

Flaw-less performance by its ensemble cast is what works highly for Ishqiya. Naseeruddin Shah yet again delivers an impeccable performance. He gets into the feel of Khalujaan’s character and emotes more through his eyes and mannerisms. In scenes where he looks at Krishna longingly, he makes you smile and at the same time pity his condition.

Arshad Warsi is a delight to watch. He gets the meatier role which he performs with full justice. He shares great chemistry with Naseer and his interactions with the village lad Nandu too is hilarious.

Vidya Balan surprises yet again. She portrays the most complex character and pulls it of with ease, brilliance and simplicity. Kudos to her stylist, for she looks absolutely gorgeous and irresistibly sexy  although covered from head to toe.

Overall, Ishqiya is an unique tale packed with powerful performances. But before you decide to go watch the film, be aware that it is not for everyone. Those seeking high on entertainment films would probably be terribly disappointed.

At the box office, such films rarely open to huge numbers and the lack of mass appeal too would restrict its prospects.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • Ishqiya has opened to better numbers than Rann….so i think our audiences are moving forward and want good cinema no matter how adult oriented it is or how explicit….gives a good hope for future

  • Ishqiya has opened to better numbers than Rann….so i think our audiences are moving forward and want good cinema no matter how adult oriented it is or how explicit….gives a good hope for future

  • Nice Review Indicine.But I will have to watch it on dvd as it is not releasing in Pakistan.Vidiya’s new Avatar is really classy I agree.N what should I say about Naseerudin Shah he always mesmerizes his fans.Rest I will say when I watch the movie :)

    Bang on..just came back aftr watching ishqiya..loved it more than kaminey..kaminey was little gimmicky..vidya balan looked so simple yet so hott..Liked arshad warsi after a long tym..naseerudin shah was at his best..
    But didn’t really like the open was absurd..
    MIGHTY IMPRESSED WID UR REVIEW INDICINE..U have completely changed my opinion about u which was there in the mornin..
    In love with indicine again..keep up the good work:-D

  • seems really interesting…yeah had grt expectation from this movie..d starcast is also grt ….most of all the story of the movie is rally unique…gud one…:)

  • SUPER THRILLING Film…!!!!Surely watchable…just saw d night show of ishqiya…. Indicine agree wid ur review….Film has superb performances by everyone… ARshad warsi is very funny.. Our multiplex theatre ws almost full.. I think this film would probably be a RANN has lukewarm opening of 15%… Veer also is doing great at single screens. So, this week is for Ishqiya and ofcourse Sallu bhai’s Veer.

  • the music for the song dil tho baccha hai re is a complete copy of music by Yann Tiersen,,, it can be seen in the oscar winning best foreign film category “Amelie” fr the yr 2001-02

  • very cheap movie
    vheap sentences,cheap words,cheap scenes.
    cant see wid family.
    cant see wid ladies.
    so it is dvd film.
    see alone in ur home.

  • Nowadays some sons will b copied from hollywood like Sudeep said
    same in movie Blue title song copied from Movie Set up 2

    happens sometime
    Y Indicine given 3.5 rating for these abusive lang movie

    guessing !!!!!!

  • Ishqiya First Day Business
    Saturday 30th January 2010 11.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ishqiya grossed a decent 2.75-3 crore nett approx on day one. Business in Mumbai circiut was around 1.10 crore nett while Delhi/UP gave 65 lakhs nett and East Punjab collected 25 lakhs. The film has been released on around 500 cinemas.

    The film compares well with Paa which had a similar release. Paa on day one collected around 2 crore nett from around 475 cinemas. Wake Up Sid which was another similar release collected 3.75 crore nett from 425 cinemas on day one but that had an advantage of a holiday on day one.

    Ishqiya should be able to have a 9 crore nett weekend if the film shows normal improvement over Saturday and Sunday.

  • what a mindblowing movie
    Excellent performances by all
    dialogues are 2 gud

    overall a movie close to being a classic

  • I have no issue with the film as i m also looking forward for thix movie,going to watch tommarow may be day after tommarow but big question is

    CRitics Rajeev masand said KI was a vulgur movie with abusive language so donot watch it but when it come to movie like hangover and now Ishqiya,lot of vulgur word r used but he nevermind those!!!haha so funny

    I will put my review tommarow or day after tommarow

  • indicine team:
    i just watched this movie now on DVD , and now i read ur review, because i never read any review before i watch. i am agree with ur review and rating. but 1 thing i want to say that i am 100 % sure this is not a same reviewer who gives always.
    am i right indicine ????
    because this review doesn’t look like indicine review . it looks like a simple any other site’s review .
    indicine u guys hv a unique and best style or review. u write in very clear manner and in very easy language.
    but this time it looks diffrent.
    so plz let me know that r u same reviewer or any other person.
    and what about my e mail and my story which i sent u 2 months ago.
    even i sent u again on ur request , but u didnt reply me yet.

  • Ishqiya is leading the B.O right now, while Rann starts slow!
    I think this movie will rock! The critics are good besides the audience apreciate it!!
    i’m going to watch as soon as possible!

  • will be a nice film for sure after that wretched veer.. i need to forget that last weeks fiasco called veer …this film has all my support just for being different ..shall surely see it and no download

  • Ishqiya – My Review

    Over the decades, The galaxy of Indian Cinema has been decorated with many shining moons like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachhan, The 3 top Khans, Hrithik Roshan etc. But this Galaxy wouldn’t have been this attractive if along with these shinning moons, a certain glitter of twinkling stars was not there. Stars like Sanjev Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Shashi Kapoor, Amol Palker, Naseer-ud-Din Shah, Arshad Warsi etc. These are the stars which fill up the dark spots of the galaxy with their valiant abilities and unorthodox approach. These stars might not have gathered a portfolio as successful as the moons, but there portfolios are in a way the main reason of a continuous hope of betterment in the cinema.

    And if the posters of one film reflect faces of two such stars together…you can feel that there is something pleasant in store for you. not only that…you’ve also got one of the most talented actresses of these times. That too in a role which makes her look sinfully gorgeous, thrillingly mysterious and highly determined to prove that although we are aware that Vidhya Balan is talented, yet we don’t know the range and depth of this talent.

    And to top it all, you have a film maker’s name associated with it, who has been quenching our thirst quality cinema over the years. Vishal Bhardwaj hasn’t direct the movie but the association of his name with a project automatically adds weight to it.

    So, Ishqiya had more then one reason to make us wait for its arrival…and finally when it has arrived…Man !! I am so so glad that it has arrived. People might say that the tone of the movie resembles with that of Omkara, but Ishqiya altogether brings in all together a new recipe of enjoyment; a rare combination of rustic splendor and cordial freshness. The amalgamation of Crude characters and some Delicate feelings is actually where the debutant director Abhishek Chaubey deserves the maximum marks. He defies the fact that its his first venture. so we can say that after giving his fans alot of quality cinema, Vishal Bhardwaaj has given another gift in the form of Abhishek Chaubey.

    Performances are the real triumph card of the film. Vidhya Balan is in rage…I’m totally stunned by the accuracy and perfection with which she has played the part. She is a perfect mixture of Grace and Sensuality. This is one female artist who makes you think that each of her performance is the best of her career.

    The immense talent possessed by Arshad Warsi is finally tapped in this film, and he justifies his selection more than enough with his solid act. Brilliant.

    Naseer-ud-Din Shah once again leaves me at a loss of words. What and how can I ever say about him. So unconventional, yet so relate-able. He is absolutely mesmerizing.

    Salman Shahid (playing the role of Mushtaq Bhayee) might not be a familiar name for Indian viewers (just one appearance in the past in Kabul Express). But people in Pakistan know how talented this man is. I’ve grown up seeing him doing all ranges of roles with perfection. Glad that he got this role.

    The climax could’ve been better, but I dont mind this one either. The language is a bit strong only at few places. But people should not complain about this. That is why the film got an “A” certificate.

    Music is beautiful…Vishal Bhardwaj gives us the first musical gem of 2010.

    Overall, I liked Omkara and Kaminey more than Ishqiya. But even then, I loved it. Rusty yet Charming; Violent yet Tender; Unique yet enjoyable…that is IShqiya for you.

    Go for it quality lovers.

    My Rating: 3.5/5

  • hey maine abhi 1 ghante pehle hi movie dekha hai,and i feel its a great movie…awesome acting,awesome story,awesome songs(especially dil to baccha and iban btuta),awesome dialogues and awesome direction as well……vidya balan is looking so beautiful and sexy as well…..kissing seen between arsad and vidya is so beautiful….agar acchi movie pasand ho to sabhi jarur dekhna nahi to ghar par baitho….and if you r from U.P(specially from gorakhpur) tab to abhi jao aur movie dekho i’m sure sab enjoy karoge….ha kuch dialogue cheep lag sakte hai….

  • this is one of a hell of boring and annpying movie only deserve 1-1.5 stars due to Nassesuddiin,otherwise this is just like a TV movie not a theater movie

  • Akhlaq Bhai
    itna acha aur decent review dena kaha se seekha ???
    keep it up i find ur reviews batter than me and indicine.

  • hey Akhlaq…..your review is awesome man…..maine kai review padhe hai but this one is best among them,bahut kam lines me wo sab kuch keh diya jo kai 100 lines me nahi keh pate…..keep it up…..

  • i watched ishqiya morning show, movie is good, both arshad warsi and nasenudin shah were gr88, story is also good……………………

    and music is very nice, loved music…………………..

  • May be i like more entertainment type of movie but even if i was critics, What the hell is this movie???
    I will explain in below my review

    Positive aspect:
    1>Lead character(Vidya,N.Shah and Arshad Warsi ) was good.Movie clearly show good chemistry between three
    2>Music(Dil to bachha hai ji) was good.
    3>Love making scene between arshad n vidya was good

    1>How many time same type of movie has came.It was similar type of movie where 2 guys trying to be free from the people who r searching for them,goes to village …fall in love with girl…Girl problem with husband and ending was how stupid
    2>Donot expect it to be kaminey .Even kaminey was way way way ahead of this movie.
    3>What the hell was ending???The person who makes them pay for their life for money and give them last chance and at end it was just puzzled

    Overall,it is not an watchable movie ,just waste of money!!!Rise up Critics ,movie where nothing is good they r given more rating ,i find it more funny!!! So Critics is public…And if u want good movie,watch KAMINEY instead of this one

    IF you want to watch it,just watch for 3 main lead ,good performance. I even donot know wht to review more for tht stupid movie

    Rating:1.5/5(.5 for vidya,.5 for Arshad and .5 for N.Shah)

  • You are absolutely right, the critic gave such a high rating coz they think foul langauage, A certificate movies and obscenity are the main ingredient of good cinema, other than that nothing in this movie.

  • @ Nauman bhayee & Radhe Bhayee.

    May Allah bless you both for giving such encouraging comments on my review. Nauman Bhayee, this is where I get the courage to write…encouragement by brothers like both of you.

    Thanks a lot to both of u for your compliments. they mean so much to me.

    @ Nauman.

    Bhayee plz tell the name of the website where u r getting your reviews posted now.

  • Akhlaq Bhai
    i cant announce the name of that site because it is not ready yet.
    it is on net and u can open it , but still not enough to announce its name.
    i am hopefull it will be ready before MNIK releasing.
    and i need ur good suggestions abt that site.
    plz add me in yahoo or msn

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