IndicineLBO 2016: Lifetime Box Office Predictions

Check out the IndicineLBO (Lifetime Box Office Predictions) of film releases in 2016. Do note that the final lifetime prediction will be made 2 days after the release of the film i.e on Sunday morning if a film releases on Friday.


  • LBO predictions will be updated after the release of the theatrical trailer, songs and finally after the release of the film.
  • Movies that are marked with * are those that are currently set to clash at the box office. But since clashes can still be averted, LBO prediction currently assumes that the film will get a solo release during the same period.
  • Word-of-mouth is assumed to be mixed.
MovieWord of MouthPredictionActual
DilwaleMixed145 cr148 cr2%Accurate
Bajirao MastaniExtremely Positive168 cr187 cr12%Accurate
WazirMixed35 cr40 cr14%Accurate
AirliftPositive143 cr127 cr11%Accurate
Kya Kool Hai Hum 3Negative34 cr31 cr8%Accurate
MastizaadeMixed29 cr32 cr10%Accurate
Saala KhadoosNegative16 cr14 cr12%Accurate
Ghayal Once AgainMixed39 cr36 cr*8%Accurate
Sanam ReMixed28 cr29 cr3%Accurate
FitoorExtremely Negative23 cr19 cr17%Inaccurate
NeerjaPositive70 cr74 cr6%Accurate
Teraa SurroorNegative12 cr13 cr8%Accurate
Rocky HandsomeNegative26 cr25 cr4%Accurate
Jai GangaajalNegative33 cr32 cr3%Accurate
Kapoor & SonsPositive66 cr72 cr9%Accurate
Ki And KaPositive54 cr53 cr2%Accurate
FanNegative95 cr84 cr11%Accurate
BaaghiPositive84 cr75 cr11%Accurate
AzharNegative35 cr33 cr5%Accurate
SarabjitMixed26 cr28 cr7%Accurate
Housefull 3Mixed105 cr107 cr2%Accurate
Udta PunjabMixed72 cr59 cr18%Inaccurate
SultanPositive305 cr302 cr1%Accurate
DishoomMixed62 cr69 cr11%Accurate
Mohenjo DaroNegative54 cr59 cr9%Accurate
RustomPositive102 cr126 cr23%Inaccurate
Happy Bhag JayegiMixed21 cr26 cr24%Inaccurate
A Flying JattNegative33 cr37 cr12%Accurate
AkiraMixed27 cr28 cr3%Accurate
Baar Baar DekhoNegative38 cr31 cr18%Inaccurate
Raaz RebootNegative28 cr27 cr3%Accurate
PinkPositive54 cr65 cr20%Inaccurate
M S Dhoni biopicMixed138 cr133 cr4%Accurate
MirzyaNegative9 cr10 cr11%Accurate
ShivaayMixed95 cr96 cr1%Accurate
Ae Dil Hai MushkilMixed102 cr111 cr9%Accurate
Rock On 2Negative13 cr10 cr23%Inaccurate
Force 2Mixed35 cr34 cr3%Accurate
Dear ZindagiPositive65 cr66 cr1%Accurate
BefikreNegative58 cr60 cr3%Accurate
DangalPending315 cr---


  • @indicine Airlift WOM is extremely positive…Not only positive…The WOM is better than BB and Bajirao Mastani…Correct your article…

    • @Movie Fan, extremely positive is only when a film trends very well and does well pan-India. Only Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Bajirao Mastani managed that in 2015.

  • Where is befikre….ranveer Singh next predictions…..or srk wle movie ke starcast ko 9 star diye h…lol…..10 de pagal…srk se bda koi superstar nhi h….?

  • Mohenjo daro will be 230cr
    dangal will be 280 to 300cr
    fitoor will be 60cr
    shivay will be 180 to 200cr

  • Indicine it would be great if u gave full information as well …
    why haven’t given detailed prediction
    very disappointed.
    I wish u had made predictions like 2014 .

  • My predictions for upcoming movies.
    Fan : 230 crore in domestic and 200 crore In overseas .
    Raees : 200+ crore with clash
    mohenjo daro : 230 to 260+ crore
    great grand masti : 120+ crore
    Sultan : 160+ crore with clash
    dangal : 210+ crore
    shivaay : 160 crore
    adhm : 130 crore

  • Bold prediction for Fan.. I would have to agree though.. Its very difficult for films to earn more than 150 crore in normal weekend.

    Airlift even with it being hailed as Akshay’s best film might just do 130 crore.

    I don’t Fan will cross 150 only if word-of-mouth is good.. otherwise might fall below 100 also.

  • fan 138 cr.. lol.. are u kidding indicine.. This movie will change the myth that khan movie cant open big without festivals

  • I would love to see most number of blockbusters this least 6-8 of them..Fan,Houseful 3,Raees,Sultan,Mohenjadaro, Shivaay and Dangal should be blockbusters and possibly all of them should collect between 150-350 crores.. Surprises from small and medium budget films is always welcome…two films that I think may be the real dark horses are Ae dil hai mushkil and Befikre..directors of both these films have a 100% track record so I think these two may emerge huge successes and I seriously hope these films become major hits..

  • Fan’s prediction is fair enough as it is a niche movie and not releasing on a normal weekend. But if there is content in the movie, it can do 150 cr plus.

    Difficult to call which will score more, Raees or Sultan? My predictions for both are 200-225 cr obviously depending upon which will get the eid release and the no of open weeks. Both are very strong movies.

    Dangal should do 250 plus as it is a solo release and Amir has been unstoppable at Christmas.

    Expecting Shivay to do more than 125 cr. 32 cr for Sanam Re? That is one brave prediction.

    Overall fair enough predictions.

  • I don’t think Dangal will do 260 crore.. It seems to be a niche film.. Sultan will do more than 237 if it gets solo release.

    I am excited about Raees.. but only if its good will it earn more than 200.

    Its funny to see SRK fans dream of 200 for Fan.. Are you guys seriously expecting it to be more than HNY and Dilwale? It won’t get holiday benefit, IPL will be going on.. and promos are all praising SRK himself much like Billu.

  • After RDB, Dangal is most important film for Aamir’s career. Before RDB Aamir had Mangal pandey which was not appreciated came after 4 year break, media wrote him off that time. Than came RDB and after that its Aamir show all the way on box office.
    Now Dangal, before this film Aamir has been surrounding with huge negativity.The boycott Dangal campaign initially affect Dangal also.Many srk fans thinking that Aamir created intolerance debate to defame Dilwale which is nonsensical.People are more disappointed from Aamir than srk which will prove bigger trouble when Dangal releases but Man this us the guy who will convert all the negative vibes into positivity. Wait and watch guys,Dangal is set to rewrite boxoffice history and I want to see faces of bhakts after Dangal mamooth success.
    Never underestimate Aamir khan & content of his films.
    The year belongs to Dangal without a doubt.
    Best of luck Aamir. We are with you.

  • I think this year will witnessed maximum number of 200cr grossers & the total box office collection will be huge.

  • @Indicine. Srk is all time poweful. If any of his movie gets effected by poor content or anyother reason can’t make him inequal to other two Khans. If Dilwale had Salman or Aamir, It might turn into the same faith. All three Khans are strength to each other.
    Its okay Sultan has bigger starcast considering bigger actress but Dangal and Raees must have equal ratings for starcast.

  • There are only 2 movies whose Starcast has been Given 10/10..
    Sultan and Dangal..
    Salman and Aamir..
    Enough Said :) :)

  • Mastizaade- 30 cr

    Saala Khadoos-16 cr

    Ghayal Once Again- 42 cr

    Sanam Re- 35 cr

    Fitoor- 40 cr

    Neerja- 30 cr

    Jai Gangaajal- 45 cr

    Kapoor & Sons- 50 cr

    Great Grand Masti- 90 cr

    Rocky Handsome- 40 cr

    Ki And Ka- 35 cr

    Fan- 210 cr

    Baaghi- 44 cr

    Azhar- 60 cr

    Sarabjit- 35 cr

    Housefull 3- 130 cr

    Jagga Jasoos- 60 cr

    Udta Punjab- 55 cr

    Raees*- 240 cr

    Sultan*- 160 cr

    Dhishoom- 105 cr

    Mohenjo Daro*- 205 cr

    Rustom*- 62 cr

    A Flying Jatt- 50 cr

    M S Dhoni biopic- 56 cr

    Baar Baar Dekho- 35 cr

    Rangoon- 61 cr

    Half Girlfriend- 75 cr

    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil*- 130 cr

    Shivaay*- 160 cr

    Rock On 2- 65 cr

    Befikre- 90 cr

    Dangal- 220 cr

  • my predictions
    ghayal-39 cr
    sanam re-32 cr
    great grand masti-102cr
    rocky handsome-55cr
    Azhar-52 cr
    raaz 4-85cr
    ms dhoni biopic-40cr

  • My prediction for biggies 2016:


    Housefull 3:145crs

    Raees(considering it gets solo release on eid):220crs

    Sultan(considering it gets solo release on eid):250crs

    Mohenjodaro(considering it gets solo release on 15th Aug):210crs

    Rustom(considering it gets solo release on 15th Aug):110crs

    Shivaay(considering it gets solo release on Diwali):160crs

    ADHM(considering it gets solo release on Diwali):120crs


  • Highly disappointed, frankly speaking we have not much interest in your lbo prediction when it comes to most awaited films and their expectation article. We want detail expectation article for probably looking top 10 grosser this year.
    @Indicine why you are avoiding that detail analysis related article.

    My Lifetime prediction for Top 10 this year.
    1.Dangal – 300cr+
    2. Sultan -260- 280cr if solo
    3. Raees – 180-200cr if solo
    4. Mohenjodaro- 170-180cr
    5. House full 3- 155-165cr
    6. Shivaay – 150cr
    7. Fan – 130-135cr
    8. Airlift – 125cr
    9. Ae Dil H Mushkil – 100cr
    10. Phir Hera Pheri – 95-100cr if release solo

  • My predictions for big movies:-
    1. AIRLIFT -125 CRS.
    3. FAN – 130 CRS.
    4. RAEES – 160 CRS.
    5. SULTAN – 200 CRS.
    5. HOUSEFULL 3. – 125 CRS.
    6. MOHENJODARO – 170 CRS.
    7. RUSTOM – 85 CRS.
    8. ADHM – 105 CRS.
    9. SHIVAAY – 130 CRS.
    10. DANGAL- 245 CRS.
    If FAN will be a masterpiece then it will do 175 crs+..
    All predictions are on the basis that The Word of mouth is decent to good.

  • The fight HGOTY is between 4 films.
    Sultan, Raees, Dangal & Mohenjo-Daro. And predicition also gives highest 4 to these 4 films.

    Big fight and competition coming coming months. Aamir is fav with best holiday reease. But can Hrithik surprise and give a big one and can we finally have an year when a non-Khan film being HGOTY after 10 years.Last was also Hrithik’s Dhoom 2. Tough though. But undoubtedly the biggest year of Indian cinema is about to begin.

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