I hope Suhana becomes an actress, I’ll be proud: SRK

Shahrukh Khan, one of the biggest success stories in the industry today, says he would be extremely proud if his daughter Suhana decides to become an actress.

“I hope she becomes an actress I would be happy to put the money where my mouth is. I would be very proud if my daughter becomes an actress. I hope she becomes an actress”

Shahrukh Khan with Suhana

It was also one of the rare instances when Shahrukh spoke about his wife Gauri “We have been married for 21 years and she has been taking care of my family very well. She is very nice. I don’t like to comment too much about my personal life but she has been a wonderful person” the superstar said at the launch of TATA Tea’s new ‘Jaago Re’ campaign – Women First.

SRK married Gauri in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in 1991. They have two children, 16 year old Aryan who is currently studying in London and Suhana, 13, who lives with her parents in Mannat, Mumbai.



  • Guide your son to became an actor not your daughter otherwise she will act in a film apposite Salman.

  • @Aki, let her act with Salman whats wrong? because Salman would be perfect to play the role of Suhana’s grand-father on screen. :).

  • @star Salman has nothing but respect for SRKs kids as he has always maintained that its not the kids fault that they have such an egoistic, self obsesses selfish arrogant, uptight, ignorant, irritating and coward for a father.
    Anyways bhai will respects Suhanas wishes and would happily launch her opposite himself in Bollywood should Suhana choice to.
    That will be alot better than daddy srk launching his daughter in ‘Ra.one Returns as RaaVan’ where Suhana will play the female lead opposite the protagonist played by Shreyas Talpade and the antagonist will be ‘RaaVan’, the evil father played by SRK.
    This one has “BlockBuster’ written all over it as it will be directed by the legendary Farah Khan.
    FYI- Release date will be 2018 on Suhanas sweet 18th birthday.
    @xzone This is one movie which you simply cannot miss.

  • @star, So, you mean Salman is the father of SRK???……hahaha lol…….issey kehte hain apni pairon par kulahdi maarna.

  • Actual phone conversation between Suhana and Salman Khan.
    Suhana: “Hello Salman Uncle its me Suhana!”
    Salman: “Oh hi beti how are you?”
    Suhana: “Im good but also scared, very scared.”
    Salman: gasps then “scared, but why beti!”
    Suhana: sobbing “because papa is planning a big surprise for my 18th birthday.”
    Salman: “but thats a good thing beti isnt it?”
    Suhana: “no uncle you dont understand. Most 18 yr old girls would want to be gifted a fast sports car, diamonds or VIP access all area passes to your concerts but papa is planning to give me something which will ruin my life before it begins!!! Papa is planning a sequel to ‘Ra.one’ titled “Ra.one returns as RaaVan” and cast me as the female lead opposite Shreyas uncle just to make papa look younger/good. It is to be directed by Farah aunty or Ram Gopal uncle, whoever is cheaper papa said.” more sobbing.
    Salman: “oh nooooooooo, thats deplorable, it makes me mad all over again against your papa but dont worry beti Suhana, I wont let that injustice happen whilst Im alive. Listen to this but its a secret okay, no need to worry now because Malaika and your mummy Gauri have been discussing things for your 18th birthday for awhile now and lets just say that in Dabangg 4 Sonakshis character will be killed off by badguy Manoj Bajpai and I will be retired but by son, Tiger Shroff we will be needing a new Heroine for Dabangg 5 wink wink.”
    Suhana: smiling widely “Thank you uncle, thank you so much, I love you, you the best and Im really looking forward to my 18th birthday now!!!”

  • Such a caring father and husband.Really, he will put a landmark for others.If he is thinking to launch his daughter, then what’s wrong in it????
    Why the atmosphere on indicine has become so hot???
    From the begining, a number of established personalities used to launch their childrens in B-town.
    Some of them are still harwesting the crops seeded by their parents.I don’t want to mention their name here.But if someone is posting any comment about SRK and Suhana, then firstly, one should watch the current league of superstars.How many of them are selfmade and how many are launched with their so called godfathers..???
    As an SRK fan, i know that suhana (a daughter of so talented, wonderful superstar) will definitely knock the bell of B-town in a shattering style.
    My best wishes are with you Suhana and SRK…!!!!

  • I think suhana will debut with Akshay kumar’s son Aarav,and Aradhya bachchan will debut with Aamir’s son Azad rao khan.
    That is possible!!

  • For Indicine, few more SRK articles as SRK’s PR is in hyper mode these days:

    –> SRK wants actresses name to come first in credits
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    Hope this will keep the site busy for a few days :P

  • @star….hahaha…wat a humor yaar…seriously…hats off…!!!!
    these jealous morons are such insecure…that they can’t listen a single word…even abt srk’s family…but ur jealousy is not going to stop this king…so keep burning…
    @navin…just shut up…a person…who is still unmarried at the age of 48….who didn’t get a family (childs and wife) yet…can’t understand wat a family is and wat is the support children expect from their parent…so first tell ur “budha” to get married….otherwise…sooner…he ll work with sohail’s/arbaaz’s daughter in order to prove himself young…

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