“I am a non-smoker” – John Abraham

A chat with John Abraham about his next release – No Smoking
John Abraham in No Smoking

No Smoking directed by Anurag Kashyap starring John Abraham in the lead is aimed to subtly deliver a message of quitting cigarette smoking. Lets hear from the actor himself about his movie and a message to his fan follwers.

Yes, John Abraham is a high maintenance metro-sexual man as people would like to believe and is bold enough to admit it! We are not just talking about his alleged habit of working out in the gym regularly or going to beauty salon and hair stylist to look perfect. All we are talking about is his take on smoking, rather NOT-SMOKING!

In conversation with Avanti Dixit , John clears the rumours surrounding his chain-smoker status…

John, a million dollar question… as rumours have it, are you a chain smoker in real life?
No I am a non smoker. You wonít believe this, but during the shoot of this film I had to smoke and I actually took an x-ray of my lungs to ensure that I have not damaged my body! I was shocked to see my lungs filled with smoke.

No Smoking, the name sounds preachy.
The film does have a social message, but first itís entertaining. The film is crazy and bizarre.

What kind of character do you play in the film?
If you see the promos the character I play looks very glamorous. I play a narcissist. In the film I love myself and donít care about anyone. But how from a chain smoker this guy turns out to be a complete loser is what the film is about.

And what made you go for a film which deals with anti-smoking?
No Smoking is probably the best script that I have ever read. When Anurag narrated the story to me I loved the idea and I was sure I was going to do the film.

So will the story interest only smokers and multiplex audiences?
The audience today has become very intelligent and is always looking for something different and No Smoking will find its right audience.

You are looking better than before… whatís with the new found glow?
Well post Dhoom I had started neglecting the way I looked, but now I have started being more careful and tried to work towards looking fresher.

Your style and looks are a huge rage. Any message for your followers…
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. (laughs)


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  • please quit smoking my dears this msg is for all my brothers and sisters those who are indulge into this habbit or those who are falling into it.

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