Hrithik Roshan Magazine Cover: GLAM

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is featured on the cover of GLAM. The actor sports a stubble look for the March 2013 edition of the fashion magazine.

Hrithik has one release this year – the much-awaited superhero film Krrish 3 – and two movies scheduled to release in 2014 – Bang Bang with Katrina Kaif and Agneepath director’s Shuddhi. 

Hrithik Roshan GLAM Magazine Cover

Hrithik Roshan GLAM Magazine Cover



  • being honest hirithik is not beautiful i dont why his bauty rating is so high though his body and acting is 10/10

  • @velocity, I heard you are from Bangladesh. Really? Me too! Where do you live? I live at Azimpur, Dhaka. I am a die-hard HRo fan. I know you are one too! Indicine has published that Hrithik has chosen Shuddhi over Paani. But at HRo’s official fan site it has been said that he hasn’t denied the possibily of doing Paani. Do you have any news of official conformation from YRF, Shekhar kapur or HRo himself? If you do plz provide the info in this page. Do you follow iHrithik in twitter? Just out of curiosity! :-P
    @XXX, isn’t that a hypocretical name to use as your id?! Yes, you are right Hrithik is definitely not beautiful but he is by far the most handsome actor in the sub-continent.

  • @arman after k3 hritic is doing bang bang and nothing film is confirmed for hro. Now hro is only concentrate his upcoming super hero film k3.
    @velocity i tell you first jada uchlo mat, hritic ke ek bhi film 200cr club me nehi hai aur sib ek film 100cr club me hai o bhi holiday pe release hone ke bad salman starer ready ke record ko chu ne shaka acc to boi and you say hriticmania started. hritic never beat the khans. Hriticmania started its a big joke and please you can see it in your dream. Khans are the only beaten by the khans, no one can beat them. Srk, salaman, amir has more fan following in both domestic and oversease boxoffice than hritic. K3 is releasing non holiday let see if it will break the the first day record of d2 19.5 cr or weekned record 64cr or touch 100cr before 5 days its imposible in your dream. Hritic never beat the khans, hriticmania never started , khans mania will contine next 10 year and all 3 khans fan know that.

  • @arman, well buddy i am nt frm bangladesh, i am frm india only ! nice to meet u fellow hrithikian ! i am also on facebook , u can add me there , jst post something in hrithikrules page, i will come to knw ! hrithik hasn’t denied paani, he is jst goin fr shuddhi aftr bang bang ! there is still hope fr paani ! paani is a film dat vl take a long tym fr pre production , so meantym hrithik can finish his films ! :)

  • @my name is khan, oye insecure fellow, bahut darr lag raha hai na ?? its vry difficult fr u to accept dat hrithik is goin to rule d box office in d comin years bt dnt wry, u hav to accept it, hrithik is d mst complete bollywood superstar right nw !! he has shure shot success in future !! KRRISH 3,BANG BANG, n yes he is doin SHUDDHI, haha u r so insecure !! ur khans r goin to end soon, dey enjoyed their tym , nw its tym fr d new generation to ovrtek !! hrithikmania was d tym wen hrithik wid jst one film old, threatened d positions of all khans !! i hope u remember it, if u dnt, den u vl get to kwn , let krrish 3 com dis diwali !! u jst cnt stop d hurricane !!

  • @my name is khan, hey mr. khan !! let me tell u something your khans are old now, okk ?? so its time for the non-khans to rule….

  • @my name is khan, dude karan johar,karan malhotra,hrithik roshan and the whole media has confirmed shuddhi, so either you are a blind person or a retarded human being who couldn’t see that . he has now three films in his kitty and he is going to enter the 200 crore club for sure !!!!!

  • Hrithik! The man who single-handedly burnt Khans’ tails in 2000, 2003 and 2006 with KNPH, KMG and Krissh-Dhoom 2! The only one who, in his element has always given everyone a run for their money! The only superstar post Khans!

    Khan fans better shut up. Remember how Hrithik tore apart everyone with Krissh and Dhoom 2 in 2006 and SRK despite Don & KANK and Aamir Khan despite RDB and Fanaa couldn’t come close to him and Salman was nowhere that time? Even last year his Agneepath (without much marketing and a January release!) did much more than Aamir’s Talaash and SRK somehow got JTHJ close to that total and only Salman was ahead?

    Hrithik’s the only one who is an all rounder – looks, body, charisma, charm, talent, popularity, humility, versatility and acting chops!

  • @My name is Khan: well said buddy. I do like Hrithik but always believe no one can beat Khans for another 10-15 years.

  • @ velocity : Though high regards n respect for Hrithik but that (hrithik overtaking khans) day will Never come. May be hrithik might rule but definitely not as same as Khans. About insecurity, thats showing up from ur comments, inside deep u very well know that Hrithik will Never achieve the same stardom as Khans hence u r making some over excited comments. Remember to Come back on Indicine after K3 release, time will crush ur dreamzz!!!

  • Hrithik – what a beautiful human being (both inside and out). So stunningly beautiful – he has everything – age, looks, talent and humility. I just adore him. He looks stunning on the cover – most handsome actor in the world (east, west, north and south).

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