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Holiday release for Chennai Express, 6 open days

With Chennai Express now set for theatrical release on August 9th, the film only has 6 open days before the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara on Independence Day (August 15).

The Shah Rukh Khan starrer will open on a national holiday for Eid-Ul-Fitr, giving it a good chance to surpass the opening day collections of Ek Tha Tiger (32 crore) which released on Independence Day last year.

Industry insiders say, that the decision to postpone Chennai Express was due to the fact that the muslim section of the audience can’t watch the film before the end of Ramadan.

With the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara on 15th, 6 days after Chennai Express, affect the collections of the film? Or will it be the other way round? Only time will tell!



  • “ce postponed to 9 -- th Aug..

    truly l.. mind games..

    mei thoduk vicharyu..

    pachi.. khbr padi Aavu

    khali shah rukh khan..j kri sake ..

    not,, only for reson to broke mr. lallu’s ett record(32 crore n more like first to 100 crore.. .

    And the pubic- media reason for post-poned : ” say, that the
    decision to postpone Chennai
    Express was due to the fact that the
    muslim section of the audience can’t
    watch the film before the end of

    personaly my reason: ” Shah ruk realy not think about lallu’s eid record break releases…Actualy

    saruk’s plan is ” Attract more Audience with goldn national Holiday “Eid Ul-fitra” And be more Attacking.. with open 6 days..

    n ,, that Alll things really positive for
    ” cheenai express” to Do workks aftr 15th Aug… when “outimd” release.

    It’s All clear

    Great publicity Stunt!!

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  • @beingsallufan…ohh then i m in a serious trouble dude…plz tell ur sallu to give me any problem except watching his films….bcoz i think that even getting hanged wud be a better option rather watching sallu’s movies…:-( :-(

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  • In my city d black ticket rates for salmans movie is starting from 600 dat much craze dey hav abt salman,and they hate dat much nly for sharukh wt dey love with salman so chennai depress is flop

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  • See Srk wants biggest first day collection for that he even sacrificed i day also which suffers nearly20Cr+

    Guys 6 years before even though there was a fan war both Srk and Salman were best friends but now they became enemies so as their respective fans but i know there were huge no of Common Fanfollowing for both but now dedicated fans were fighting over others but common fans will struggle alot but some day they may come closer forgetting their past i hope so i like kuch kuch hota hai,karan arjun etc

    If there is no fight between them then a multistarrer may be possible sky is linit for the boxoffice

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  • @ Vishal, Ya to apna English sudhar, ya phir hindi mein likh.

    Pehle ready ke record todiyo, phir baate banaiyo.

    By the way, ek chiz hoti ha inflation, jo hamare desh mein abhi 10 pratishat ke rate se har saal bah garhi hai. Us hisaab se ETT ka collection karib aaj ke din me 37 crore hua, aur ready ka life time collection hota hai 154 crores.

    Yeh ganit pehle sikh le, phir apna strategy banaiyo.

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  • @ Vishal, Small correction above “Inflation jo hamare desh mein abhi 10 pratishat ke rate se har saal barh rahi hai”.

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  • I wonder why people are comparing SRK with Salman khan and Akshay kumar. Do these people weren’t born during the release of SRK’s DON movie which released the same day as of JAANEMAN movie (Both Salman khan +Akshay kumar were the lead stars) and what happend to the fate of that movie???

    SRK is ruling bollywood since 90’s. He is the only actor who has maximum number of awards and with highest success ratio. We all know what is the status of Salman khan before ‘Wanted’ movie…nobody was ever talking about any records…..getting a hit was a tough for him..remember the flop movies -- Heroes, Main aur mrs khanna, marie gold, hello, veer, Jaaneman, shadi karke phas gaya yaar, Yuvvraj etc. What I mean is the fact is Salman khan has seen such a low level in his career but SRK has never seen such type of lowness since the beginning.

    Do you know 7 out of top 10 grossers of international market are of SRK’s movies?. For any actor award is the recognition, the people who dont get awards criticize them.

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  • @Navin, your comments are going from bad to worse. Next time try to make some sense, else dont bother commenting. Thanks. indicine
    i think you got ur reply

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  • @ Syed: Agreed Salman has seen more lows than SRK. But the height of success seen by Salman have not been seen by any other star in the world [5 back to back blockbusters no body in the world have delivered].

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  • @syed do you know cricket??bangladesh beaten india in 2007 that means bangladesh is strong team then india??for how long will you guys talk about don vs janemann??

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  • @Samar @Nilesh, I am aware of the fact that Salman khan has given 5 blockbusters in a row. But on what type of movies??. He is doing same kinda of action which will surely have expiry. He is playing safe by taking only the south hit subjects-wanted,mental,kick,bodygaurd,ready….and dabangg series which is just a nonsense… Salman khan was in bollywood even before SRK entered the field but there was very BIG PAUSE after Hum aapke hai kaun till wanted movie eventhough some minor hits here n there. But the career graph of SRK is totally diffferent. He conquered the hearts of Billions around the world. Can salman khan do the role of srk’s in Chak de india?? Or can he act like SRk of My Name is khan which shattered all the records globally?. or can he act like srk in rab ne banadi jodi?? I mean can salman khan stir the emotions of heart like SRK does??. Salman khan is like a prostitute who is showing off his body to get money rather depending on his talent.

    After Amitabh bachan, it is only Mr SRK in Indian film industry recognizes hence only amitabh and SRK was invited for 100 years film industry celebration (no salman nor aamir khan and forget about other actors who are just like passing clouds). Do you know some countries recognize India as a SRK’s country -source BBC. do you know DDLJ is till running in Mumbai after so many years??. No other actor in the world has the talent than SRK.

    SRK has got many awards and if you say he buys it everytime then I should feel pity for Aamir khan or salman khan for being so poor. 3idiots got records only for the story and direction, it would have created records even without aamir khan!!! proof is Talaash movie which cant even cross 100 crores with solo release.

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  • @samar .. you are bangladesh is salman khan and india is SRK!!! Based on your own logic, when you compare all the movies of Salman khan and shahrukh khan and all the awards earned by these actors and all the international awards earned by these two. And comparing the overseas collections records -- Top 7 out of 10 movies are of SRK movies.


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  • 100 cr will be by monday itself
    but 200 cr not possible
    bcoz after 6 days OUTIM..
    week later Madras Cafe..
    again week later Satyagraha…

    Lot of competition…:(

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  • My Predictions.. If It Releases on 3500+ screens
    First Day Aug. 9 (National Holiday)- 34+ crores
    Second Day ( Holiday In Some Regions)- 22-27 crores..
    Third Day (Sunday)- 25- 30 crores
    Weekend Total = 80+ crores..
    LifeTime collection = 180+ crores
    If WOM is Too Good It’ll will easily collect 100+ crores in 4-5 days..
    Predicted as A neutral fan..

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