Highest Single Day Collections of 2016

On 60 days so far this year, films have managed to cross the 10 crore mark. Aamir Khan’s Dangal will add more days to the list because the film is likely to stay above the 10 crore mark for the entire week.

10 films have crossed the 15 crore mark on a single-day.

4 films have crossed the 20 crore mark on a single-day; Sultan, Dangal, MS Dhoni The Untold Story and Housefull 3.

Only 2 films have crossed 30 crore; Sultan and Dangal.

And just one film, Dangal, has crossed the 40 crore mark.

Sultan has the most number of 10 crore plus days – 9 in total. It remains to be seen if Dangal can beat or equal this record before the end of its run.

Check out the full list of 10 crore plus days of 2016 – which also happens to be the Top 60 Highest Single Days of 2016.

DangalDay 342.35 croreYes
SultanDay 538.21 croreYes
SultanDay 237.32 crorePartial
SultanDay 436.62 croreNo
SultanDay 136.54 crorePartial
DangalDay 234.82 croreNo
SultanDay 331.67 croreNo
DangalDay 129.78 croreNo
MS DhoniDay 324.10 croreYes
Housefull 3Day 321.80 croreYes
MS DhoniDay 121.30 croreNo
MS DhoniDay 220.60 croreNo
RustomDay 319.88 croreYes
FANDay 119.20 crorePartial
RustomDay 417.81 croreYes
AirliftDay 517.80 croreYes
ADHMDay 417.75 croreYes
FANDay 317.75 croreYes
AirliftDay 317.35 croreYes
ShivaayDay 417.35 croreYes
The Jungle BookDay 316.87 croreYes
RustomDay 216.43 croreNo
Houseful 3Day 216.30 croreNo
SultanDay 615.54 croreNo
BaaghiDay 315.51 croreYes
FANDay 215.40 croreNo
Houseful 3Day 115.21 croreNo
AirliftDay 214.60 croreNo
DishoomDay 314.25 croreYes
RustomDay 114.11 croreNo
The Jungle BookDay 213.51 croreNo
ADHMDay 113.30 croreNo
ADHMDay 213.10 croreNo
ADHMDay 613.03 croreNo
SultanDay 712.92 croreNo
Udta PunjabDay 312.50 croreYes
Dear ZindagiDay 312.50 croreYes
BefikreDay 312.47 croreYes
AirliftDay 112.35 croreNo
Mohenjo DaroDay 312.08 croreYes
DishoomDay 212.02 croreNo
BaaghiDay 111.94 croreNo
Kapoor & SonsDay 311.75 croreYes
BefikreDay 211.60 croreNo
SultanDay 1111.46 croreNo
Udta PunjabDay 211.25 croreNo
Dear ZindagiDay 211.25 croreNo
BaaghiDay 211.13 croreNo
ShivaayDay 511.05 croreNo
DishoomDay 111.05 croreNo
The Jungle BookDay 710.97 croreYes
SultanDay 810.82 croreNo
The Jungle BookDay 1010.67 croreYes
AirliftDay 410.40 croreNo
BefikreDay 110.36 croreNo
Mohenjo DaroDay 410.27 croreYes
ShivaayDay 110.24 croreNo
The Jungle BookDay 110.09 croreNo
ShivaayDay 210.06 croreNo
Udta PunjabDay 110.05 croreNo


  • To haters!
    Aamir aisa dhaakad hai, dhaakad hai…
    Tanne charo khane chitt kar dega
    Tere purje fit kar dega
    Dat kar dega tere daanv se badh ke
    Pench palat kar dega
    Chitt kar dega, chitt kar dega

    Aisa dhaakad hai.

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  • Biggest worldwide opening weekends:
    1. Sultan – 212 crore
    2. Dangal – 200 crore apprx
    3. Dhoom 3 – 194 crore
    4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 187 crore
    5. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – 185 crore
    6. Happy New Year – 175 crore
    7. PK – 174 crore
    8. Chennai Express – 160 crore
    9. Dilwale – 145 crore
    10. Kick – 126 crore

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  • Those who says Dangal is the real test for aamir, now hides in some nest.

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    BOYCOTT Raees its all about a terrorist Abdul Latif & Pak Actress Mahira Khan. . All indian watch #KAABIL and make it cross #200cr.

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  • Highest Single Day Ever at the Time of DHOOM 3-DHOOM 3(38 Cr)
    AT the time of pk-
    pk -38.5 Cr.
    Now DANGAL Time &
    Dangal -42.5 Cr.(Highest Again)
    Aamir Khan Tussi Great Ho!!!

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  • Records are made to be broken!!
    I think everyone should enjoy the film and have a good time instead of comparing dangal with other films..every film has its own story to tell…you can’t compare massy dangal with niche film like dear zindagi…let’s enjoy cinema and not records…cinema lives on forever but records have a short life..

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  • If weekend collections prove stardom then it clearly proves aamir is the biggest Bollywood star right now.he has beaten single handedly all the hurdles like demonetization, boycott campaign,not so commercial movie,no romantic angle,not well known supporting cast and most important a movie on the same theme released same year featuring a megastar still this much collection. Hats off aamir.

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  • so,its clear that how fack d collection given by lal mirchi…
    if d destroyer(AK) cant destroy how can a overrated..even 3 years ago..with low ticket price…

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  • Indiicne wale apne dil pe pathar rakh kr aisi post kr rhe hain q k indicine ka favorite star Salman khan ka record jo break ho gya hai hahahahahahahah … Power of Aamir Khan …

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  • Excellent collections of dangal consderng negtive factors at B0 like


    non-commercial music

    not a colourful film

    salute the perfectionist

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  • now we have a new reacord after hny.. aamir was very close to beat king khans hny record… hny 45cr dangal 42 cr… prdp 41 cr… this is stardom…. aamir beat salman not srk this is king khans power no one can beat srk.. only srk can beat him himself…

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  • Here in tamilnadu Aamir khan has huge fan base but for Dangal, most of the theatre are very low, its because of the ceases of 1000&500 notes, people have no money to watch their favorite star’s movie. Especially in smaller town like ambur, vaniyambadi, thirupathur etc., previous Aamir movie packed house on those theatres.

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  • 42.35cr OMFG
    Content is the real king
    And when content meets with Aamir or Salman then there will be a havoc at the box office which can be seen here .

    BB day 1 27cr
    BB day 3 38cr
    PK day 1 26cr
    PK day 3 38cr
    Dangal day 1 29cr
    Dangal day 3 42cr
    Even Sultan was a very good movie on it’s own side and it was accepted by the audience so it had growth as well , just that it was not as good as Dangal .
    Sultan had little improvement
    Sultan day 1 36cr
    Sultan day 2 37cr
    Sultan day 5 38cr

    And now Pluto King’s movie

    HNY day 1 – 44.97cr
    HNY day 2 – 31cr
    HNY day 3 – 31cr



    PS : Still wondering how it earned almost 45cr when it had only overall 70% occupancy and dangal had more screens , higher ticket prices , very high occupancy (90%+) and still it fell short by more than 2cr .

    How ?????????

    Manipulation ? 🤔🤔🤔

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  • lal mirch kitna manipulation kya tha ab samajh main aaya..minimum 10 cr.
    if a record cant destroyed by d destroyer(AK) then its confirmed that the record exist in d another galaxy..

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  • Still wondering how it earned almost 45cr when it had only overall 70% occupancy and dangal had more screens , higher ticket prices , very high occupancy (90%+) and still it fell short by more than 2cr .

    How ?????????

    Manipulation ? 🤔🤔🤔

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