Highest Overseas Grossers: Dangal races way ahead

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has raced way ahead of all the previous highest overseas grossers, but the superstar is competing with himself as the second and third highest grossers are also his previous two releases – PK and Dhoom 3.

Dangal will double the previous highest overseas grosser and by the end of its historic run in China, it could collect more than the overseas collections of PK, Dhoom 3, Bajrangi Bhaijaan ad 3 Idiots – all combined!

Excluding Aamir Khan films, one Dangal could be more than the lifetime overseas collections of several top actors. That’s the kind of potential that the China market has and that’s one of the reasons why Aamir – who doesn’t really spend a lot of time promoting his films in India – went all out to promote Dangal in China.

The brilliance of the man lies in effective marketing; nothing in excess, no carpet-bombing, no television appearances, no city tours. Almost all the energy, hard-work and money went into scripting, casting, preparations and eventually the filming of Dangal. Recall all the news of the casting stage when Aamir spent months on getting the right actors and those times when he would eat all day to put on weight and then spent months to get his ‘wrestler’ physique.

And here we are today, with all the hard work paying off, success chasing excellence and a heartland Indian film that’s being loved and appreciated by the Chinese audience!

How big will this make ‘Thugs of Hindostan’? It’ll certainly be unimaginably huge.

Below is the list of overseas collections of Hindi films. Since Bahubali 2 is the talk of the town, it has to be mentioned here that the film has collected approximately $36.5 million overseas from all versions – which would make it the 3rd highest overseas grosser after Dangal and PK.

Note: We have included the half-day collections of China on Sunday, which is approximately $7.5 million, which has taken the China total close to the $55 million mark.

NoTitleYearUS Dollar
3Dhoom 3201331,089,470
4Bajrangi Bhaijaan201528,756,800
63 Idiots200925,445,150
8My Name is Khan201022,783,660
9Chennai Express201319,471,450
10Happy New Year201417,076,780
11Bajirao Mastani201514,930,000
12Prem Ratan Dhan Payo201514,642,931
14Jab Tak Hai Jaan201213,092,940
15Bang Bang201412,763,160
16Ae Dil Hai Mushkil201612,276,400
17The Lunchbox201311,729,220
19Don 2201111,438,480
20Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna200610,800,000
22Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani201310,427,520
23Om Shanti Om200710,356,550
24Ra One201110,312,870
25Ek Tha Tiger201210,298,500


  • I was the first person to predict that Dangal would cross 1000 cr worldwide when they release it in China …
    I tweeted this on Twitter and as well as said it on indicine .
    and some people made fun of me !!

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  • Tubelight has a chinese backdrop I hope they release it in China in first phase itself 300cr will cross iam sure insha allah

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  • till 2013 SRK rules in overseas but
    after 2013 SRK script idea is not
    great but after Aamir Khan overseas
    rules is started
    it’s now Aamir Khan overseas rules

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  • It wont even get 10% of it in real money value.. releasing a movie in china is more costly then what it gives in return

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  • congratulations to all Aamir khan fans .
    Dangal is a pride foe Indian cinema ..
    Aamir khan teaches some actors that if u make a brilliant movie , then outcome will be brilliant too ( like Dangal ).
    this is simply extraordinary .
    means Dangal will cross 100 million in China alone …
    note : Aamir khan became famous in China because of 3 idiots ( he truly has great script sense ) wish SRK had 50% script sense of what Aamir has !!!!!!

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  • Wow Aamir is a true global MEGASTAR.Pride of India
    BTW are u including only Hindi or dubbed version as well(Like Dangal dubbed in Chinese) If so how much will be BahuBali2? Including telegu/tamil/malayam

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  • Historic !!! Truly a very commendable effort .. Aamir khan has been the pathbearer of indian cinema .. He opened up chinese market for other Indian films .. Content wins and Rules .. Jai Hind :)

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  • Congrats Aamir, Dangal crew and all Aamirians. It deserve every bit of success, Aamir is truly Global King !!!!!!!

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  • And here we are today, with all the hard work paying off, success chasing excellence and a heartland Indian film that’s being loved and appreciated by the Chinese audience!
    this line says it all
    don’t run after success ( 3 idiots dialogue )
    excellence is what matters !!!

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  • Where is our Deshbhakt, National award winner in this 😹
    AAMIR’s Gajini, 3Idiots (2009) >>>>> his career biggest OS grosser
    Srk’s K3G (2002) >>>>> Makki kumar whole career in OS
    Even Hrithik’s Jodha Akbar and Dhoom2 >>>>>> Nationalist Whole OS Career #Shame
    SRKs Signature, AAMIR’s Dialogue in 3 idiots and Hrithik’s Krrish Mask is more popular than Akki in Overseas Even kid like Ranbir is more Famous than him in OS..
    but but Canadian rules 😂

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  • I hope Tubelight releases in China. If anything shown against China in the movie then it may not get a release there. Hoping Tubelight to break Bajrangi Bhaijaan overseas collections and first 30 or 35 million USD for a Salman movie. Aamir is miles ahead to catch up.

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  • I dont think
    Anyone can break (Except Aamir) Dangal Overseas & WW Records in Near Future.
    Even if Salman/SRK Releases their Films in China
    Atleast It will take 3-4 Movies to build a fan Following.
    And With #TOH & His next
    Aamir gonna Widen the GAP.

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  • Tonight, dangal in China’s box office will be more than 400,000,000 yuan ≈ 400cr, The audience who watched the movie was all Chinese, many of them in the cinema tears. But Bahubali2’s overseas box office, mostly from overseas Indians. There was a Chinese movie called “Heroes”, which also created the miracle of Bahubali2 in China. After that, the Chinese film market grew rapidly every year.But there was a negative impact : Chinese film practitioners pay more and more attention to big production, big stars, big scenes, number, special effects, cost, do not care about society. Really concerned about the people’s movies, no one cares. I am a Chinese, I just say two things I know, if I am wrong, I hope everyone forgive,These two things I do not know what inspiration will bring to Indian friends. Very grateful to India’s excellent film, but also very envious of India can have such a star Amir Khan, thank you.——Google translate

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  • While many still wondered how it can happen that Dangal can score about $ 14m in China, Dangal will become the first film to score 100m$ in overseas by tomorrow.
    This is achievement of the Team Dangal, Aamir deserve credit by not only acted in the movie but also by giving input in each department and most important by producing the piece of Gem. Dangal is no longer a movie, it’s an institution.
    Aamir and Dangal made Hindi film industry proud over the globe.

    2min silence for haters.

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  • Just waiting for an article from that anti bollywood website box office india.. Even when they knew dangal would cross 1000cr they said this is nothing in front of what bahubali has done. But looking at dangal’s current trend they are so shocked that they didn’t even come up with an article yet.. Let’s see how they counter this success with their excuses..

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