We respect the High Court’s decision: Akshay Kumar on Jolly LLB 2

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that he respects the decision of the Bombay High Court’s that four cuts from a scene from ‘Jolly LLB 2’ need to be made if the film has to release in theatres this weekend.

The High Court on Wednesday has said a scene in the film was defamatory to the judiciary and could amount to contempt of court.

“High Court has not cut four scenes. It has given four cuts in a scene. I’ve heard it many times that they have cut four scenes. With due respect to High Court, if they feel that something like this is important, then their decision will be accepted and we have already done that” Akshay said.

“Sometimes it happens that somebody (CBFC) misses out something. I know that once censor board rules out a decision, the court follows that… There are some cases, like 0.01 percent. I abide by the court’s decision, and with what they have given”

“The High Court asked for few cuts in a scene. We have done that. Now everything has been solved and the film is set for release on February 10” Akshay added.

The scenes ordered to be deleted include the ones in which a judge is shown crouching behind the dais, hurling of a shoe at a judge and an objectionable dialogue.




  • Censor Board passed Jolly LLB2 without a cut but Bombay court has a problem. Anyway I hope the film becomes blockbuster.

    Ok, off topic but a few days back Indicine said we are sticking with box office trade numbers but on Indicine Home page you guys are showing the producer’s box office number and I wonder why?

    Box office Top 5
    Movie Rs
    1. Kaabil 121.02 cr
    2. Raees 137.71 cr


  • indicine Plzzzz do something, only 10% audience know that the collections of kAbil and raees are fake!!! it’s high time for all trade expert and trade sites to come together and take some steps in maintaining transparency and parity in collections


  • Cases are pending for as long as 25 years in our country …!!!
    But Instead of focusing on that our judiciary decides to review a movie …!!!
    Brilliant ..!!


  • My predictions for the film-
    Expected Wom- Mixed to positive

    Day 1-14.2 crores
    Day 2-15-15.5 crores
    Day 3-16.5-17 crores
    Weekend-47-49 crores
    Monday-6.5 crores
    Tuesday-6.5 crores (Partial holiday)
    Wednesday-5.5 crores
    Thursday-4.5 crores
    Week1-70-72 crores
    Week 2-20-22 crores
    Rest of the weeks-8-12 crores

    Lifetime-98-106 crores

    My Fbo-14.4 crores
    My LBO-103 crores



  • high court should have ordered cut on entire film this canadian fake deshbakht has no right to show indian judical in wrong manner through his crap movies post this please


  • That’s why I like akki sir respect increased , I also respect high court , if they think something is objectional on related to court or any issue we have respect .
    @ deadpool don’t be disappoint follow akki sir whatever he said he is right . He is not like other actor or director can go against court or censor board .


  • We respect the High Court’s decision -Akshay Kumar………….. He’s a great actor We respect him – Bhavesh Kumar Akkian.


  • I hat the rules and regulations which
    apply on movies
    simple movie is entertaining let them
    go on, I appeals to the code and conduct
    of rules and regulations to free
    Bollywood from all miseries



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