Hasee Toh Phasee Review: A family entertainer!

Dharma Productions’ first release of the year is a romantic comedy directed by ad-filmmaker Vinil Mathew who turns feature-film-director with Hasee Toh Phasee starring Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra. The casting is fresh, the promos were received well by the urban audience and the music album had a couple of good songs – all of which helped generate a decent amount of pre-release buzz.

Story: Hasee Toh Phasee is about Nikhil (Sidharth) and Meeta (Parineeti). Nikhil is ambitious, mischievous and in a committed relationship with Meeta’s sister Karishma (Adah Sharma). On the other hand, Meeta is a mis-fit in her family and has been living in a different country all by herself.

They bump into each other during Nikhil’s pre-wedding celebrations. At around the same time, Meeta decides to return home but is asked to stay away by Karishma, who asks Nikhil to find her a place to stay – far away from her family. Nikhil is unable to find a decent place for Meeta and decides to let Meeta live with his parents in his own house.

Soon, the two fall in love. But Nikhil is all set to marry Karishma in less than a week! What happens next? Watch the movie to find out!

In his very first outing as director, Vinil Mathew deserves credit for filling the film with enough moments to keep you entertained throughout, even though the film is a predictable rom-com. The first half is a little slow, but the second more than makes up for it.

We loved several scenes in the film, here are 5 of them:

  • The first scene when Nikhil bumps into Meeta. When they meet again, years later and Meeta fails to recognise him.
  • The Anu Malik – Indian Idol scene is super funny. Both Parineeti and Anil Mange are outstanding here.
  • The scene where Meeta reunites with her father will make you cry.
  • Another scene, where Parineeti urinates, also deserves a special mention. It’s brilliantly written, directed and performed.
  • When Nikhil and Meeta are stuck in the car.. when she wants to see her dad and he takes her there.. Heck, we loved every scene that the two shared!

The monsoon of Mumbai is beautifully captured in Hasee Toh Phasee, credit to the cinematographer. The production design is top notch. The editing should have been crisper, especially in the first half. The costume design goes well for the characters that the actors play. The music is soft and soothing to the ear – you will love Zehnaseeb.

Performances: Parineeti Chopra is hands-down the star of Hasee Toh Phasee. From the moment she appears on screen, you fall in love with her.  It’s hard to think of any other actress in the industry, who could have pulled-off a character as difficult as Meeta. An award-deserving performance and by far her best too. Sidharth Malhotra has come a long way since his first film, but still looks a little camera conscious in a few scenes. He has terrific screen presence, looks good in every frame and gives the character of Nikhil his all.

The supporting cast can make a huge difference and Hasee Toh Phasee proved just that. Every character is perfectly cast. Adah Sharma looks pretty and acts well. Sharat Saxena is outstanding as Nikhil’s father, Manoj Joshi who plays Parineeti’s father is equally good. Anil Mange provides comic relief and is terrific in every scene. Sameer Khakhar and the rest of the cast play their characters to perfection. Kudos to all those involved in the casting process.

Overall, Hasee Toh Phasee is a refreshing rom-com with fabulous performances. In fact, the film has it all – emotion, comedy and romance. But if we had to pick just one reason why Hasee Toh Phasee is an absolute must-watch, then it has to be Parineeti Chopra, who is quickly emerging as one of the best and most natural actresses in the industry. In the league of Kajol, Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherji!

Hasee Toh Phasee is also a clean film that can be watched and enjoyed with the entire family. Go for it, you won’t be disappointing!


  • Parineeti Chopra!
  • Chemistry between Sidharth and Parineeti
  • Every character in the film is loveable
  • Supporting cast have done a fantastic job
  • Vinil Mathew’s direction
  • Couple of good songs – Zehnaseeb and Ishq Bulava
  • Terrific second half


  • First-half feels a little stretched
  • Predictable ending

Rating: ★★★★☆



  • 4 star for this movie, it means definitely a good one, expecting from Trailer as Parineeti is outstanding in trailer and songs.

  • siddarth malohtra is just another wannabe srk like shahid,aftab,vivek,ritesh…in every frame he try to bring srk expressions!…yashraj and dharma movies generally critics give biased review…parineeti doin same typin like kajol or rani…her voice reminds us of rani

  • Simillar films coming from smaller production houses won’t get 4 stars as this one of karan johar’s production, this is a honest fact and also repetitive barrage of such unimaginative rom coms are very hard to digest and extremely boring.

  • Indicine, can you really place Parineeti in the league of Kajol, Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherji? Her acting ability may be compared to those legends;but the looks???? I doubt it. I don’t find Parineeti as pretty as either Kajol, Madhuri or Rani. Only Deepika is a complete actress with all good looks, acting ability & dancing.

  • I think pari is the most clever actress of the industry at present.. She avoids to do any movie with the superstars like khans, hr, akshay and prefers to do the movies with new actors where she gets maximum chances to show her acting skills.. On the other hand actresses like katrina, asin, sonakshi and even priyanka, kareena do the movies with superstars and their roles always limited to just few songs and do the job for show piece… By the way i don’t consider katrina as actress, she is just a show piece. I loved her in dhoom3 because she was only visible but not audable, which was fine for me.. Good going pari.. Keep it up..

  • i think indicine has gone overboard with the review. i mean the movie was good but nothing like 4 stars. though the performances by parineeti and adah was very good. sidhart i am sorry cant act. overall 2.5 stars.

  • yes,the trailer was good..the film is good but sorry still can’t watch as Romcom is not my genre..
    Will watch Gunday next week.
    But lets hope the film emerges a HIT.

  • Someone wants @nipun to get trolled. The duplicate nipun always spell as @Nipun whereas our real nipun is all small nipun !!!!!!

  • @indicine
    paid review.
    Sidharth is the worst actor. Dont know why indicine is hyping this film from past 3 days. Emran hashmi has better screen presence.and his movies have beter songs. Still indicine doesnt give updates about white lies, shatir, mr.x .

  • paid review. Not a worth watching movie. Boring crap rom com. Indicine is sid-varun ass-licker and emran hashmi hater.

  • paid review…. just read the review and its so obvious…. and going on to another topic about critics…. if they know so much about filmmaking why dont they make a film themselves…. we have all seen critic turned filmmakers making some most rubbish movies…. i would like to ask them what happened?…. even sholay at its time when it was released was thrashed by the critics…. salim javed mentioned it in an interview…. critics review dont matter to the public at all…. jo life me kuch nai karta wo critic ban jata…. eg. KRK…. need i say more!

  • Amazing .. ! Sidharth Malhotra is here to rule .. its gonna be a huge hit for sure.
    & haters are crying that the review is paid .. tell me why on earth would Karan Johar pay Indicine for the review. Sounds legit.
    this is the problem with all rickshawala & tingu fans .. they can’t digest anyone’s success .. & I read someone commenting about the B-Grade actor Emraan Hashmi .. an actor who has achieved nothing .. its funny that even he has fans.
    Sidharth Malhotra – A Superstar in making. *Period*

  • @nash, lol, that is so true.

    I remember how Khalid Mohammed a renowned critic (wonder if he is still around) left no ink in his pen to criticise every other film and when he himself made a film, it fizzled out without a trace.

    That’s what armchair specialist are. They just don’t know an iota of film making but so ready to criticise other works.

    Tell me in honesty everyone out here, people bashed Sonakshi for doing same roles, but what is Parineeta doing? Can any of role be said different? Every movie is this loud girl bindaas type, know it all kinda character.

    As of now she is too much overrated.

    I am not a fan of Kajol, but Kajol was much better and did different roles than this overated Pari, whatever. She is only in the movie industry because of her cousin PC, whom I consider one of the better actress any day, second only to Vidya Balan.

    Most of the guys who deliberately support or praise these heroines, even after seeing the obvious, is because they are just too scared to tell or realise the truth that there is nothing extraordinary.

    They just want to show others that since critics are praising so we should also consider them good, or else people might laugh at me, they would question my intelligence, status and blah blah.

    Grow up guys and be an individual with your own voice.

    Better not talk about guys like Siddharth, who come along every 2-3 years and leaves with films and acts that are better forgotten.

  • Watching it ryt now………Interval…….First half is Awsome…Hilarious……Parineeti Chopra is amazing……Waiting for the Secong Half……..Movie is a Bigtym Success…….Cheers….!!

  • lts sad that critics always praise big banner’s film bt a gud film of small or independent banner r thrushed or ignored

  • @zeeshan siddarth malohtra will be here not becoz of talent he is candy boy of karan johar thts open secret…superstar??zero acting abilities there is only one amitabh or one rajesh khanna or one srk…if siddarth tries to be srk wil end up being aftab or vivek for sure

  • Worst movie ever, parineeti is repeating her act since the first movie. Boring story and done to death sequences make this film very irritating. Avoid.

  • a predictable romcom with a story where boys meets girl,they soon fell in love but due to some circumstance they depart but at last its nice….they live together…..but wait its not only this……commencing from very beginning i was so much impressed by the scene when nikhil runs and watches aggnepath,the scene was so exciting….the moments between nikhil and meeta,the unusal gesture of meeta which is followes by the reaction of nikhil towards it,the scene where the indian idol happens…heck so much lovely written
    yeah first half was okay but second half was just awesome…the cid scene,the emotionally captivating scene,the climax,and the song..hell every thing was commendable……i was not even bored a sec……
    direction wise it was just hatsoff,he just went to take care of everything such carefully that he must be given a standing ovation,the scene when pari urinates..this was captured so much nicely..direction,acting everything was just great
    song…..it cant be missed and its the second thing which must be praised..it was soothing,rocking……
    next the paarineeti charter was dificult and she acted brilliantly and next siddharth..he was in the league but next to pari….i felt that he was a bit uneasy while performing songs….look at panjabi wedding..i felt he was so much uncomfortable…anyway the chemistry was excellent
    there was everything towatch….drama,emotion,comedy,romance….a complete family package…go and have it…u will surely be mesmerised

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