Happy Birthday Aamir Khan: The Superstar turns 52

Aamir Khan, one of the sharpest minds in the industry, turns 52 today. Calling someone like him a superstar, doesn’t do justice to the phenomenon that he has become today.

When audience line-up to buy tickets of an Aamir Khan film, they do it for several reasons. One, more often than not his films guarantee a uniquely different experience. Two, they trust his latest film isn’t going to disappoint, inspite of the immensely high expectations they carry. Three, the pre-release circumstances he creates through his incredibly effective marketing skills, makes the curiosity level of his films so high that skipping his film isn’t even an option. To add further value, his performances are almost always incredibly flawless.

The result? The man currently commands the highest ticket price for his films and his presence alone – as Dangal has proved – is enough reason for the audience to come to theatres in big numbers.

Dangal vs PK

His success hasn’t come over night. It’s taken a decade and a half for him to reach the position that he is in at the moment, but it’s certainly a much-envied position, even for the biggest names in the industry today. Salman summed it up well “My Family saw Dangal today evening and thought it was a much better film than Sultan. Love you personally Aamir but hate you professionally”

The only downside to the extreme levels of effort and dedication that he puts into his films, is the time he takes to complete one film. In the last 10 years, Aamir has only featured in 8 films and his next film releases during Diwali 2018.

The wait is always long, but well worth it.

The industry could see superstars and megastars in the future, but we may never be privileged to have some like an Aamir Khan again.

On his 52nd birthday, we pray for Aamir’s health, happiness and hope he continues to entertain for many more years to come.

P.S the image featured on this page is one of our favourite, it shows the level of physical transformation between his last two films. His next film will be no different.



  • He is machine of making Classics . Humko to lagta hai ye e gole hai hai hi nhi 😂
    His Movies has the Highest ticket Rates ,still Generates highest Footfalls ,so those who think reducing ticket price will increase footfalls r wrong ,Give audience worth of their Ticket price and Audience will definately Come to watch Movies…. His Brand Value is that high that for Many people only 2 type of Movies Exist which they watch in theatres
    1. Hollywood

    Most of his movies r in top 250 IMDB
    He may don’t have Craze what Srk ,Salman carry but the trust he carry of Audience is far far far more than SRK,Salman
    Don’t be surprised if Secret Superstar will take a Double Digit Opening just bcoz of his Cameo and his Brilliant script sense
    Waiting For Thugs Of Hindostaan✌
    Even haters enjoy his movies
    HBD Mr Perfectionist


  • Happy Birthday Megastar Aamir!!! May you stay healthy and happy!! Aamir Khan, an actor unique and first of its kind…..


  • Hindi film industry is privileged to have you, Aamir….. Go on and continue making perfect films, Mr. Perfectionist!


  • An Actor born in the Bollywood Family facing Financial Problems.
    Once He was expelled from School for Non-Payment of Fees.
    Then He Made his debut with the Path Breaking & Trend Setting Film ‘QSQT’
    When QSQT was made,That Era belonged to Action Films
    Noone wanted to Distribute QSQT because of the Romantic Subject.
    Once In an Interview
    He Got Emotional & said
    “At the Time of QSQT
    Audiences were like-
    Who is Aamir Khan? so
    I went on the Streets to Stick the Posters of QSQT on
    Autos,Walls,Vehicles & Shops.”
    And Today After 29 Years
    That Actor became the BIGGEST BRAND Of BOLLYWOOD
    Today Indian Audiences are like
    ‘AAMIR ki Film he Chalte he Dekhne’
    ‘2 Saal me 1 Baar Aata he,
    Par Kuchh Alag Laata he’
    Thats ‘THE AAMIR KHAN’ for You
    Aamir Started the Era of Romantic Movies with QSQT & with GHAJINI Brought Back the Trend of Action-Masala.
    Aamir who Always thought Quality cinema can be made in the Mainstream Zone and
    He succeeded by merging Quality Cinema with Commercial Cinema
    And Thats why Best Mainstream Actors/Directors
    Karan Johar,Naseer Sir,Anurag Kashyap,Nana Patekar have said so many times
    “Aamir’s decisions have made him Pioneer the Movement of Great Mainstream Cinema”
    When Other Actors were making the Movie for the Sake of making it.
    AAMIR the only star who was Consciously trying to RAISE the BAR of Mainstream Hindi Cinema.
    He’s the Only Actor who never Cheats his Audience,
    Never followed any Path
    He does what He Wants to.
    Who can even Think of Doing Dark & OffBeat Movie RAAKH after becoming the Heart Throb of the Country
    Whoelse would take Break for 3/4 Years at the Peak of his Stardom.
    Except Aamir who else would do an Offbeat Talash after giving 2 ATBB/ATGs,
    Who would postpone his Movie for doing TV Show.
    He is constantly Rewriting the Rules of Success,Constantly Rewriting the Box Office History,Constantly Raising the Bars damn high for Others.
    I wont say Who is the Biggest Superstar Today
    But In General Public Aamir Commands such Respect what No other actor has Gained after Bachchan Era!!!
    Happy52ndBirthday-ACE KHAN


  • HBD dear Aamir.. Certainly, even at the age of 52, you looks 12 by everything including your stature . None deny that.


  • Happy Birthday Aamir Khan, one of the best actor and very good when comes to make a movie you gave your all in one movie no one is like you


  • Yes it is true. The industry may never have such a big star with that small stature..in this department, he rules supreme over other big stars like Rajesh, Amitabh, Dillip, Sallu and SRK



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