Govinda – David Dhawan Movies : Top 10

There have been number of successful director-actor pairs in Bollywood .

Some prominent ones, just to name a few, are as mentioned below

  • Prakash Mehra – Amitabh Bachchan (6 hits)
  • Manmohan Desai – Amitabh Bachchan (7 hits)
  • Rohit Shetty – Ajay Devgn (6 hits)
  • David Dhawan – Salman Khan (6 hits)
  • Karan Johar – Shahrukh Khan (4 hits)
  • Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra – Shahrukh Khan (3 hits each)
  • Shakti Samanta – Rajesh Khanna (4 hits)
  • Rakesh Roshan – Hrithik Roshan (3 hits)

But the success achieved by the legendary pair of David Dhawan – Govinda is truly remarkable in terms of number of movies and the time-period between them.

Typical Dhawan-Govinda movies became a permanent mantra of success in the 90s. Simple funny stories combined with some desi latka jhatka sequences and the right dose of action and romance became the best source of entertainment. The duo worked together in 17 films out of which 11 are major hits, a staggering feat to say the least.

Most of these movies were remakes of South-Indian or Hollywood movies and also had scenes lifted from the Mr. Bean series. Some brilliant character actors who were a regular part of this team were Karisma Kapoor, Kader Khan and Satish Kaushik. Music director Anand Milind, writer Rumy Jaffery and producer Vashu Bhagnani played a major role in their success too. Today, we miss these funny time-pass comedy flicks.

Govinda in Haseena Maan Jayegi

Below mentioned is my list of Top 10 movies of this legendary pair all of which have been seen multiple times by the audience in 90s.

  • Aankhen (1993): This movie starring Govinda in a double role along with Chunkey Pandey and Kader Khan was the biggest hit of 1993. It was a remake of a Kannada movie. Aankhen became such a big hit that even the part played by a Monkey became famous. Arguably the biggest commercial success of David Dhawan-Govinda till date.
  • Raja Babu (1994): This was yet another super-successful comedy from the same team. Raja Babu came at a time when Bollywood was still in search of its No. 1 star and Govinda seemed to be the most appropriate choice. The song Sarkaiylo Khatiya proved to be a major chartbuster.
  • Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998): A remake of Hollywood blockbuster Bad Boys, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan was the 2nd highest grosser of the year after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The film marked the comeback of Amitabh Bachchan. Total Paisa Vasool.
  • Haseena Maan Jaayegi (1999): The Sultans of comedy, Dhawan and Govinda, came together to deliver yet another superhit slapstick comedy. The role of Gulzari Lal played brilliantly by Govinda and his breaking into ‘Are re Are’ song with Aruna Irani will still tickle your funny bone.
  • Hero No. 1 (1997): This superhit comedy was inspired from Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Bawarchi. Without experimenting with his successful formula, David Dhawan continued his golden run with the tried and tested combination of Govinda-Karisma-Kader Khan.
  • Coolie No. 1 (1995): This excellent comedy was the 3rd biggest hit of the year after DDLJ and Karan Arjun. Govinda excelled in a double role.
  • Partner (2007): Inspired from the Hollywood movie Hitch, Partner was a comeback movie for Govinda and he did full justice to the character of Bhaskar Diwakar Chaudhary. For the first time, David brought together his two most repeated leading men Salman and Govinda. Partner was a blockbuster.
  • Saajan Chale Sasural (1996): Another hit comedy starring the hit team of Govinda, Karisma, Kader Khan and Satish Kaushik. Saajan Chale Sasural was a remake of some telugu movie.
  • Shola Aur Shabnam (1992): David Dhawan and Govinda’s first HIT! It featured the late Divya Bharti alongside Govinda. This romantic drama had excellent music.
  • Deewana Mastana (1997): Deewana Mastana is a super funny film starring Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla . The film was inspired from a Hollywood movie. The tussles between Govinda and Anil to get Juhi is a treat to watch.

So guys, this was my list of Top 10 movies of Govinda and David Dhawan. Do tell me how you liked the article and any movie which I should have included or excluded from the list. One noteworthy mention is Jodi No.1 which I could not include, even though I loved the film.

Abhishek Sharma

What are your favorite Govinda and David Dhawan films? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • God damnnn!! I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Govinda David Dhawan movies. Fantastic list of Top 10.. I would include Swarg and Jodi No 1 somewhere there too. I liked Aunty No 1 too.

  • So many memories watching these Govinda movies… it makes me nostalgic. Thank you for the list. I will watch them on Youtube.

    My favorites – Aankhen, Haseena Maan Jayegi and Raja Babu. If I have to pick just 3. I have liked almost all their movies. Like you said, time pass entertainment.

  • Miss these movies so much now. Both David and Govinda are not a patch on what they once were. Rascals was horrible. Hope they come back and make a good movie together.

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  • Govinda is surely one of the best actors.But talking about director actor chemistry I think that kjo-SRK jodi is simply unbeatable.because if anyone takes the name of KJO then they remember SRK and if SRK is there then we can also not forget kjo and kajol.

  • well no matter indicine how many times you delete my comment but truth is all david davhan lovers love senseless ness a lot they can in no way compete with amir srk ranbir hritik

  • David Dhawan was the king of boxoffice in the 90’s.Govinda has given the maximum hits in the 90’s beating Salman,SRK and Aamir.Even if some of them are copied from hollywood or regional movies it doesn’t make any difference.The plot may be the same but treatment was totally different.Recent movies like Wanted,Ghajini and Rowdy Rathore are scene to scene copy and that is a shame.There is a big difference between remake and inspiration.Baazigar 1993 was inspired by A kiss before dying but there was some difference in the storyline and the climax was totally different.Raaz 2002 was inspired by What lies beneath.Here also plot was similar but there was a lot of difference in the overall script.Some people will not agree that Govinda gave the highest hits in 90’s.Here is the list with Box office verdict

    1. Swarg- Hit
    2. Shola aur Shabnam- Hit
    3. Aankhen- All Time Blockbuster
    4. Raja Babu- Hit
    5. Coolie No.1- Super hit
    6. Saajan Chale sasural- Super Hit
    7. Hero No.1- Hit
    8. Dulhe Raja- Hit
    9. Haseena maan jayegi- Hit
    10. Deewana mastana- Semi Hit.
    11. Bade Miyan chotey miyan- Semi Hit

    • Bro none of govinda and David movies r hit or semi hit every movie of them is at least a super hit blockbuster or an all time blockbuster …….. like Deewana Mastana is a superhit and bade Miyan chote miyan was also a superhit both of them were the second highest grossing movies of their respective years in which they released……… Dm in 1997 and bmcm in 1998

  • I was in 4th class when AANKHEN released
    it was dam good movie infact it is one n only comic-thriller Bollywood movie

  • well..that’s my first comment…& i am forced to right…as Aankhein & Shola aur Shabnam is there..
    i was in class 3 at that time…Aankhein..superb movie..& song Lal dupatte vali…plus Ek tamana jeevan ki mein pyaar…
    Later i watceh Shola aur shabnam..i still remember Aooovaa OOOO Aooovaa OOOO plus Sheesha toro pathar thoro per dil kisi ka na toro..
    simply Nostalgic & gr8..For me Aankhein one of the best movie of all time…It had all elements best comedy,best actin,best music.thrill ,story…everything…
    Then Shola aur Shabnam gr8 movie with good music & superb comedy..
    Just miss those dyz…

  • 1. in the 80s everyone was making sex and violence films. the only love stories that came had the themes of family enemity and lovers rebelling against parents and either running away )on the lines of bobby) like in love story, qsqt or singing a defiant song in front of parents (hero and many more) the family audiences had run away. theaters were empty and dilapidated. at that stage salman came with a ‘family love story’ where the lover was man enuff to oppose arrogant rich father and not give in to the opposing parents wishes and marry someone else (like in the 50s and 60s) but sensitive enuff to convince the pricipled father of the girl of his good intentions. the whole industry (includin aamir in dil, hum hain raahi pyaar, dil hai ki maanta nahin etc) copied salman’s love formula from this point on and the mindless violent movies just disappeared. (except c grade ones like sainik, mr bond, saugand, khiladi etc) yaani salman ki nakal karke bollywood en apna jeevan sudhaara.

    2. after that salman realized that though ‘celebration and happiness’ in bollywood is projected thruu pubbing- clubbing in flashy discotheuques, tha ‘mandatory mohalla song’ and songs in the parks but the average indian’s reality is not that. for them the biggets celebration is marriage where the entire families gather and bond, singing and dancing happnes and romances bloom. thne came hum aapke hain kaun and became the biggest hit. after that sharukh copied the formula in dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge and got his only big blockbuster in life. sadly sharukh made it a formula and all his future films will have karwa chauth celebrations and ghaghar choli/ kurta stolls and marriage. yaani sharukh ne salman ki nakal ki aur jeevan sudhaara.

    3. looking good and having a great body was sthe sole responsibilty of the heroine in bollywood. no one relaized that women of today may also want to look at a good loooking guy with a nice physique. the heroes were always shapeless and even paunchy, with chest hair and ugly underarm hair jutting out. including the top most ones like amitabh, dilip kumar, rajesh khanna, sharukh khan etc. at this stage salman realized that even women deserve better. he spent hours in the gym to get a toned body that glistens like gold on screen. after that hrithik and many more including sharukh (om shanto om) and aamir (ghajini) copied that formula. yaani hrithik, aamir, shahrukh ne salman ko copy kiya aur apna jeevan sudhaara.

    4. soon salman realized that in the wake of multiplex cinema catering to just 20%of urban middle class population and 3% NRIs makers had totally ignored the teeming millions and their aspirations. then came dabangg a film that reinforced the aspirations, ambitions and snesibilites of the ‘real indian’ and became the biggest hit. by this time shahrukh and aamir had become too old to copy this formula but after that hrithik roshan (agnipath) and karate teacher turned cook turned masseur in thailand akshay copied the formula and had his 1st solo blockbuster in life after 20 years in bollywood.

    5. (MOST IMPORTANT) acting in bollywood mostly meant a combination of ‘eyebrow histrionics, facial contortaions and voice modulation combined with oratory. though great acors like dilip kumar had shown the way to ‘natural, effortless spontanneous acting and ppl like balraj sahni and naseruddin shah had taught bollywood ‘realistic method acting’ for most commercial stars acting meant ‘awaaz mein utaar chadhaav’. even the greatest like amitabh bachchan indulged in this kind of hamming in films like agnipath. but salman realized that acting is abt feelings and not expresssions, pain in voice not modulation, body language not stagy blocking and unconventional interpretaions of characters and situations not formula following of looking into the horizon left to the camera and rattling off a long dialogue in perfect urdu diction and modulated voice. and he stuck to his 100% natural school of acting despite the idiotic critics and pseudo intellectuals bashing him. and now i have noticed that many new actors like naazuddin siddique, arjun kapoor aand ranvir singh are trying to follows the natural spntaneous acting style fully realizing wat happned to those like shahid and ranbeer who tried to copy sharukh’s overacting. matlab nawaaz, arjun, ranvir ne salman ki nakal ki aur apna jeevan sudhaara yaani salman ki copy karo- jeevan sudhaaro.

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