I feel closer to Chinese people than in the west: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, the most recognised Indian actor in the most populated country in the world, has said he feels closer to the people of China than the West.

The actor also said, there are a lot of similarities between the Chinese and the Indians.

“There is a lot of similarity in our cultures. I’m comfortable with Chinese people. I feel closer to people in China than in the West. A closer connection I feel. I can feel the emotion when I come to China. It is something that I really cherish. I’ve been acting for many years. In the beginning, none of my films was popular in China, especially with youth in China. Then Dhoom 3 and PK have also done so well here. It makes me very happy that my work gets so much love from China”

Aamir, who arrived in China last week, was greeted by thousand of fans both at the airport and at the Beijing International Film Festival where his film Dangal was screened. The film will be released as ‘Shuaijiao Baba’ which means ‘Let’s wrestle, father’.



  • because you are tingu like Chinese people.
    In west your head reaches to the shoulder of public, so how you feel good there.
    In Japan & Korea, you will feel even better than China.

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  • Dangal is having great buzz in china comparative to all bollywood films release there so far.
    PK grossed around 20million$ so target should be cross that mark. Anyways 3 idiots and pk has established Aamir as most popular indian actor in China. Expecting 30m from Dangal there.
    Best of luck team Dangal

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  • once you and your wife decided to
    leave india
    so China is good option

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  • Aamir Khan is most recognized Bollywood actor in China but Shahrukh Khan is most recognized Bollywood actor in overseas.

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  • well China as a country really doesnt differentiate on the basis of gender……

    There are two ways to look at this……(a) the country is not facing the same issue of gender bias as India….or atleast much lesser than what it is in india, so the connect with the audience could be limited….

    (b) another opinion could be that the film in a way re emphasizes what China believes in and as such will connect with the audience in a major way……..

    My guess is that the possibility of latter happening is very high…….Dangal can expect big nos coming from China and it could well take the overall tally of Dangal worldwide collections past 900 crores!……

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  • If done with the proper promotional trust me this film will be humongous in China. Expecting 50 million plus. It’s similar to chat de India but this film was awesome man.

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  • That’s funny, how it is the truth. He feels comfortable among and closer to Chinese than the people in the West is because of his stature/height. LOL

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  • Genetically speaking, you are closer to the Caucasoid people in the west than the Mongoloid Chinese.

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  • That’s nothing new coming from the Dhobi Aamir. He says whatever is the most suitable according to the circumstances and place. If he goes to Russia, he will say he feels closer to Russian than Chinese. An opportunistic fox, he also cries like lady after watching films which hardly makes him any different from a crying lady.

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  • Sir please left India and go China. And made another Delhi belly for Chinese pepole . dk Bose.

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  • @faulty remote control : Remember Miracle (2004)? Thoda google karley apne gangu teli ki aukaat pata chal jaayegi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Poor fellas making fun of Aamir’s height but his success and stature is so big that even SRK is making a movie called as Dwarf and playing it (realizing his own stature in front of Aamir). Lol

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  • Paglapurians are most insecure creature on Earth. They wont hesitate calling SRK as more famous than Bob Marley in Caribbean !!!!!!!!! Lol

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