Fans miss Shahrukh Khan on Twitter

SRK TwitterShahrukh Khan hasn’t updated his Twitter page in the last couple of months now – his last tweet was on March 22nd, with a picture (right) clicked by his daughter “my lil girl took this pic of mine. i think its the coolest i have ever looked. thanx suhana…my official photographer”.

While we are not quite aware of the reason behind his Twitter absence, his fans have been missing his tweets on the popular social networking site, where SRK has close to 2.3 million followers.

In an attempt to get him back on Twitter, one fan (Twitter handle @FadmaSRK) has compiled hundreds of Tweets and created a video titled “Please come back to Twitter @iamsrk”.

Watch the video below! And Shahrukh, if your reading this, you make millions happy just by tweeting!



  • shahrukhkhan please come to twitter,do not care about people commenting badly about you,your fans really love you.

  • what is the problem with people who press dislike for these comments,we say ,as shahrukhkhan fans,that we love him and miss him,what is annoying you about that,it is supposed that you do not enter on his page on twitter ,am I wrong ,or you are the people who enter it and comment badly about him,go to hell bad people with hearts stronger than rock.

  • plzzzzzzzz
    Come back shahrukh
    we realy realy misssssss you KING
    i join twittr because of you
    only for you sir pleas come back

  • SRK, Nobody can gets 100% people’s love..some will love really, some will something , and some will not love you..but you know what, almost 75% people really love you in India…so please don’t go away from 75% to get more 25%…

  • hey…SRK come back soon……We miss u…..anyways, good to see in IPL matches……hope KKR will win this IPL

  • & Rizwan 75% people love him in India? what a joke the box office collection shows who is the present king of Bollywood.

  • hahahahahahahaha these srk fans really jerk it not a big issues tht why srk not on twitter he is busy with kkr team which is on top he is happy throwing party he dont want to share his hppy moments with his jerk fans when he will loss then he will come crying to his jerk illetrate fan to share and jerk fan get emotional and start crying oh god pls save this blind ppl 4rm srk hahahahaha cry cry srk will give money and for srk wht r u doing be a man (mard ban) chichora pan chod hahahahaha

  • some jerks here are just tooo jealous because millions of people around the world love srk and showing love to him in many different creative ways .. he is such a big star that his lovers care only about him, and his haters read and talk about him all the time .. if u don’t like someone just ignore him, but obviously u can’t since u know he’s India’s biggest star …… thanks to srk now millions (including me) know about bollywood only because of him … LOVE U KING OF THE HEARTS please COMEBACK to twitter ♥

  • Well..
    SRK has been away from twitter..following some dirty tweets..
    We Know SRK is most loved and hated too….
    One day..Aryan opened his acc and read some hate tweets..
    It took a toll on King Khan..and he stays away the best he can..
    He doesnt know..if a million hate him..a billion like him..

    Anyhow..I miss..his Cheesy and witty anything..

  • There are billions of people who started hating SRK over the past 7-8 years due to his pompous nature .
    His Ra.One was so hated that number of his haters multiplied N number of times and his fan following diminished to negligible.

    Now out of 100 people, if 1 loves him, the other 99 hate him like hell.

    Only option was to run away from twitter and wait till his next good movie arrives.SRK did exactly the same.

  • @srk haters, if u hate srk doesn’t mean that u have say false information. And yes srk is busy with his ipl team traveling from one state another state So of course he won’t have time for tweeting on twitter. We srkians miss him a lot but we can see him during the ipl match :) and thanks for the one who made a video for srk :)
    Well these srk haters doesn’t have the creativity to do like this stuff.

  • Srk fans are really stupid.srk ko apne fans ki koi chinta nahi woh sirf apne aap se matlab rakhta hai.isliye to 1or2 years ke gap mein filmein karta hai kyun ki woh sirf apna sochta hai.but salman 2or3 months ke gap mein filmein karta aur saare record tor deta hai this salman khan and his star power.not like srk jiski koi ijjat hi nahi

  • The market of SRK is so down that atleast for the next 3-5 years there is no chance for SRK to return in top league.

    2012 will either belong to Salman Khan with his next 2 biggies Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2 expected to break records
    AAMIR kHAN whose debut show Satyamev Jayate is a megablockbuster as per early reports and Talaash.

    2013 will belong to Aamir Khan with his 2 biggies Dhoom 3 and Peekay with Raju Hirani releasing.

    By the end of 2013 Aamir and Salman will establish themself as reigning force of BoxOffice and rule it for rest of the decade till 2020.

    And SRK fan will continue crying as they are doing now.

  • @all amir n sallu fans,keep having a false belief that srk market value is going down n sallu amir r going to rock in 2012-13…let me tell u that for producers its money which is important and producers r making more money with a srk starrer even if doesnt break some bo records….srk last 3 releases have made more than 200 crs worldwide i.e huge in-turn profits to producers and still amir salman fans think srk value is going down so i request them to keep thinking bad about srk and srk will continue to rock on both awards show and bo collections….

  • if u dont like srk tats ur problem.who told u box office collections determines ta fan it means if any sk and ak films fails its only bcoz of ter no. Oe fans decreasd.dont worry srk fans.our time will come.coz in tis world nothing is permenant,whether its success or failure.

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