Everyone knows my sexual orientation: Karan Johar

Filmmaker Karan Johar has indirectly hinted about his sexual orientation and how coming out in the open could land him in jail in a country that has criminalised homosexuality.

In his biography, titled ‘An Unsuitable Boy’, which has been jointly penned by Johar and Poonam Saxena, Karan has spoken about his life in detail.

“Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don’t need to scream it out. If I need to spell it out, I won’t only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this. Which is why I Karan Johar will not say the three words that possibly everybody knows about me” he says.

Johar who has produced movies like ‘Dostana’, also spoke of rumours that surround him in the industry and the rumours of linking him up with Shah Rukh – that affected him on a personal level.

“For heaven’s sake, for years there were rumours about Shah Rukh and me. And I was traumatised by it. I was on a show on a Hindi channel, and I was asked about Shah Rukh.’Yeh anoka rishta hai aap ka,’ the interviewer said. He worded it in such a way that I got really angry. I said, ‘If I asked you if you are sleeping with your brother, how will you feel?’ So he said, `What do you mean? How can you ask me this question?’ I said, ‘How could you ask me this question?”

“For me, no matter what ups and downs Shah Rukh and I have been through, he is a father figure, an older brother to me. For me to look at him in that way or be subjected to those rumours was just ridiculous. But it didn’t bother him. He said, ‘People talk nonsense, and if a man does not have an extramarital affair, he is supposed to be gay” he added.



  • In India, more than 50% people think gays and transgenders are same! Why?
    Gay is what you have seen through Fawad’s character in Kapoor &Sons!
    Transgenders are completely different things!

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  • @Nafson3d. pathetic comment. gays are not keeping human race backwards, its people who are narrow minded that are. i also dont like male on male(like watching female on female though :p) but who are we to judge anyone upon their gender?

    i will always be against anything that differentiates humans be it nationality, religion or any other thing.

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  • @Sehwag-the bald, please change your name because of disrespect of our legend batsman Sehwag, everybody knows that sehwag has less hair on his head that means not that anyone disrespect him.

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  • @12:54pm

    Everyone knows very well that how gangu teli produce babies with the help of others.


    Similarly if one get married that doesn’t mean that he is not a gay. Eg- look at your gangu teli.😂

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  • Bhai gets opportunity to test the mojo of most beautiful women of the planet. Then WTH he should get married to stick to only one lady?😂😂

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  • @mekanik

    “Finally it’s a tight slap to haters from KJO SIR”…. Abey illiterate dehati, read the article again call her ‘gyjo madam’ not ‘gyjo sir’😂😂

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  • @Boyzone,dumpos like u won’t understand that SRK was actually trolling people like u spreading the rumour about him and KJO.

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  • @The beast
    LOL I dont like SRK. Its just Indicine who made me furious by saying Salman>Srk> Aamir

    Anyway I wont bash Salman from here on!!!!

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  • Look at the insecurity of SRk fans,the first three comments are against Salman Khan why? And btw if KJO and Srk were together then would you think he would tell about it in Public.

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  • @complan Boy

    Dunno about bhai but I do know Gauri Khan had to take up the shahrugacy option in order to have AbRam conceived bcoz her hubby/ your dadajis mojo was no longer functional…!

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