I don’t need more money: S. S. Rajamouli

India’s biggest director, S.S. Rajamouli, whose latest film ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ will collect Rs 1,500 crore worldwide – has said he doesn’t need anything more.

The director owns a two-bedroom apartment in Hyderabad, drives his own car to work and has been spotted taking a ‘auto-rickshaw’ to the sets of his film.

“I don’t need any more money. I’ve a 2-room flat for me and my wife and daughter, a car which I drive myself. I don’t need anything more” the director said.

On his life post the success of two of India’s biggest all-time grossers, Rajamouli said his lifestyle won’t change.

“I don’t think my lifestyle will change. This is how I am. This is where I am comfortable” he said.

Rajamouli, the son of acclaimed writer K. V. Vijayendra Prasad (also the writer of two of the biggest films in recent times, Bahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan), has directed blockbusters like ‘Magadheera’, ‘Eega’ and more.





  • These kind of people I admire. Simple and hardworking but effective. Rajamouli deserves all the applause for Bahubali series and I am waiting for his next. Though it will hard to match Bahubali again but delivering a great product is what I expecting now. Hats off Sir.

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  • I saw the interview of SS Rajamouli with Anupam Chopra on YouTube . I just love the simplicity and humility of SSR . There is no arrogance and ego in his body language which is great . I hope he makes more films which can be breathtaking in terms of content, visual appeal and screenplay . We need more directors like him who are able to devote their time on a single project with such amount of dedication, passion and madness . !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Rajamouli Sir… Respect for you from the bottom of my heart… You are a true gem… Your humble gesture is an example to be followed !..

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  • No one knew what gonna b his next biggie as after magadheera none thought he can create such historic drama again bt he surpassed tat by creating bahubali saaga , even makhhi was technically pleasing picture had it been promoted well in hindi market it would hav certainly broken many records though was not as big as bahubali so expect a next biggie soon

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  • @Sunny Yes bro we do support our Indian Team and more nationalist than people like who create such North South divide.

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  • Datz ok but we need more movies from you ….hopefully u r not comfortable or satisfied wd dat aspect of urs life yet

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  • I salute him for still being level headed n not becoming an ego maniac like Ram Gopal who having just afew hits still lives in a dream world believing ppl wanna torture their senses by watching his bakwaas movies like yesterdays Sarkar 3…!

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  • Just for the record I found Magadheera to being a compelling repeat watch movie…!

    Awesome movie

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  • Bollywood big houses should just give the man a blank cheque with free scope to direct whatever he wants n whom he wants inc where he wants…!

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  • Am I the only one who finds it highly incompetent n short sighted of Dharma Big Wigs for not doung some kind of deal with Rajamouli to direct a movie for them…!

    I mean I know they made money by distributing his 2 movies but it made sense to also try n tie him up to a film making deal or two…!

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  • @Sunny akkiholic
    You idiot!! Of course they do. They r indians
    Do canadians like flopster Kumar do that?? No
    Canadians go and lick feet of South director Shankar and do 2rs supporting role(extended cameo) in 2.O

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  • Majority of South Indians irrespective of status prefer simple life style. Other examples are Narayan Murthy, APJ Abdul Kalam and many more. Proud to be Indian & even more proudest to be South Indian !!!!!!!

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  • @sunny TOILET holic
    Mind your language u dirty moron, what do u think of south indians? Half of north India resides here in Bangalore and Hyderabad to earn their bread and butter.
    Indian cricket team also had most acclaimed South Indian Players.
    Its north India where we find cheap 2 rupees people.

    Indicine Post my Comment!

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  • @Jolly whatever..
    I think you’re a paki creating unnecessary divide here..
    Got back to your country and continue to be pointless like your nation..

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  • The only big actor that talked about success of Bahubali is SRK while he recently launched new Ionx multiplex in Mumbia. This shows he has high respect for Indian Cinema. Truly a great gentlemen.

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