Creature 3D Review

Creature 3D ReviewVikram Bhatt is almost the zen of the Indian horror industry what with him having delivered sleeper horror hits in the form of Raaz, 1920, Shaapit over the years. He now returns with a semi-horror film in the form of Creature 3D but also manages to dabble with a new genre – that of the monster genre which has never really been tried in a mainstream film before. Bipasha Basu also seems to be sticking with mainly horror films and is hoping to build a loyal horror following for herself. Will Creature 3D help her in her endeavor? Let’s find out!

Story: Creature 3D is set in a beautiful hilly town of Himachal Pradesh (although, a bulk of the shooting was done in Ooty). The beautiful hotel owner Ahana (Bipasha) opens a hotel in the middle of the forests in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Her guests troop in huge numbers. But, trouble arises when the guests of her hotel start to go missing one by one. The dismembered bodies are found. The police is quick to declare these deaths as animal attacks. But Ahana knows there is something lurking behind those deaths that normal humans can’t comprehend. This is when she comes to know of Brahmarakshaks and goes head to head with these mythical creatures brought to life in the film. All this while she also manages to find love in Kunal Malhotra (Imran Abbas).

Creature 3D Review: Vikram Bhatt is better known as the master of horror by now and with good reason. He manages to make scary horror films without a sweat and the audience seem to like his films. With Creature, he more or less gets it right once again. He imbibes the script with enough scary moments but the main grouse we have is that it is not scary throughout. The scare quotient loses its canines and develops molars for a duration of the film. Also the use of a monster here rather than a ghost or a spirit, may not play well with the audience who are not used to the monster genre.

Vikram Bhatt plays with his atmospherics to get the tone and scare elements of Creature 3D just right and he largely succeeds in giving a rounded scare film. The production design is good, the editing is decent and the action choreography and the 3D orientation more or less works. The VFX work done on Creature 3D is impressive considering the miniscule budget. The music shines once again in a Vikram Bhatt film and the song Sawan Aaya Hai is instantly hummable.

Acting: Bipasha Basu is the main star attraction of Creature 3D and she manages to be in almost every scene in the movie. The film rests on her shoulders and she delivers. She further confirms her position as the ‘scream queen’ of Indian movies. Imran Abbas is a good looker but has questionable acting abilities and his chemistry with Bipasha is almost non-existent. Mukul Dev does a stereotypical role and sleepwalks through it.

Conclusion: Vikram Bhatt gives us a taut monster film in the form of Creature 3D with enough scare moments to keep the audience hooked even if it is a little uneven. Bipasha Basu shines in her role and so does the visual effects. If you have time on your hands, Creature 3D makes for a very watchable affair.

The film will take an average start at the box office on the strength of the single screens and if they like the film, it can turn out to be a decent success for the makers.


  • Bipasha Basu is the new scream queen of India
  • The VFX is impressive for the budget
  • The music shines
  • The 3D effects are good


  • Imran Abbas needs to work on his acting
  • It is uneven with the film losing out on scares for a duration of the film

Rating: 3 Stars



  • I dont have any problem with multiplex films. But when an actor does a multiplex film, multiplex audience shower heaps of praise. But when the same actor does a good entertaining massy film , the same people try to find loopholes and try to downgrade the film.
    I dont like this double standard.
    This is fact ! Accept or bug off !!


  • Hum naa rahein hum by benny dayal is an awesome track. .as for horror genre, the only horror movie that has scared me a lot was The conjuring. .Raaz 1 was scary when i watched it in childhood. .


  • 3 stars…impressive…..
    I thought it would be non sense movie and u would give it 1-2 stars as most of the other critics have done…
    Trailers didn’t look that good And that monster shown in the trailer was looking very amateurish… Still u said vfx part is good…
    May be the movie looks good in 3-d format…


  • low budget?? lol..
    haa can b true..of bipasha…b’cos of the fear of being out of industry due to 7 consecutive flops, she has reduced her price to 80 lakhs per movie. but VFX…its a terrifying 40 crore in it!!! atleast to become average it should collect 60 crores net.


  • not scary at all.just chugs along.. the love angle between hero heroine seems forced

    it will not be average also..its the right ingredient for a flop



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