Chennai Express New Posters and Movie Pictures: Exclusive

With the release of the trailer last week, the promotional campaign of Shahrukh Khan’s much-awaited Eid release Chennai Express is underway. We have exclusive new content of new posters featuring the film’s lead stars SRK and Deepika Padukone. We also get a glimpse into the characters in the film – played by Mukesh Tiwari, Satyaraj, Nikitan Dheer and the item song featuring south Indian star Priyamani.

All the new posters, movie stills and Wallpapers below. Have a look and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Chennai Express PosterChennai Express New Poster

Chennai Express New PosterChennai Express featuring Shahrukh Khan

Deepika Padukone in Saree - Chennai ExpressDeepika Padukone in Saree – South Indian look

Mukesh Tiwari, Shahrukh Khan - Chennai ExpressMukesh Tiwari plays a cop in Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express

SRK - Chennai ExpressSRK – Chennai Express

Priyamani, Shahrukh Khan - Chennai ExpressPriyamani’s Item Number in Chennai Express

Sathyaraj - Chennai ExpressSathyaraj – Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan - Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone - Chennai ExpressSRK – Deepika

Nikitin Dheer - Chennai ExpressNikitin Dheer

Chennai Express WallpaperChennai Express Wallpaper

SRK, Deepika Padukone - Chennai ExpressSRK, Deepika Padukone – Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone - Chennai ExpressShahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone – Chennai Express

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  • Films that release on big holidays are mostly weak in their storyline.
    wheareas the films in first half of the year enjoy g gud storyline and less competion.

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  • stills and trailer of CE are not good.
    even the song teaser they released was not up to the mark i sense CE will be a bad movie.

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  • Chennai Express will cross minimum 150 crores. If wordd of mouth is good, then even 200 crores is possible. OUATIMD will cross minimum 100 crores. 150 possible if word of mouth is good.

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  • After remaking South movies in Hindi, they have decided to make a South movie in Hindi. :p

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  • Supporting cast has unknown actors and the movie is entirely on Deepika and Thakur’s weak shoulder which is already suffering from

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  • awesome stills yaar… train is coming… , anyone , who is expecting anything below 150 cr is a fool……definitely it will collect more than 150 cr, if wom is good…in the case, if wom is excellent, then i think even 200 cr is achievable for it…

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  • In the 9 picture it looks Shahrukh doing sumthing to Deepika, ooooooh She s enjoying it.

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  • I hope srk fans atleast watch his last film ……..
    in theatres & not on youtube!!

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  • @JM if you think that he is making a south indian movie than it is better than remake where we will see a new story, not same 3rd class story. Don’t worry, in future it will remake by other big actors like salman, ajay, akshay.

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  • It looks like a disaster movie where every known masala to mankind has been thrown in for good measure…!

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  • As sachin11 has already stated, the film is resting on the acting abilities of Deepika and shoulders of Thakur of Sholay but we all know how weak both are…!
    Great line bro

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  • These are the same sordid pics from before- nothing new. These pics are like xzone- same old regurgitated bakwaas just a different day…! :-P

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  • @zahid, for your kind of imformation Srk last lead role flop film is 8 year ago paheli. After that srk have 3 blockbuster & 6 hit film. But You are saying it will be a superflop, it will not happen even your dream.

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  • most irritating and most stereotypical trailer to come out of bollywood. and last scene with two jeeps are so dumb. even Power Star Srinivasan won’t do such stupid scenes.

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  • all the pics are awesome,promotion of ce is just starting up and there is huge buzz for ce,its definetly gonna b atbb no doubt abt it.

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