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Chashme Baddoor Review by Indicine critic Joginder Tuteja

David Dhawan has done it again. Returning to his roots and creating an affair that is vintage 90s, he brings to fore a film that ensures that smiles stay on for most of the duration with quite a few chuckles and full on laughter coming along as well. Ok, so the film may not be going all the way as one his best, Deewana Mastana, but it has enough spunk and energy in it to revive the memories of the likes of Haseena Maan Jaayegi or Jodi No. 1. In the times when one is hunting for a genuine humour filled film, this one indeed comes as a good enough respite.

Though the film is an official remake of Chashme Baddoor, the promos were a clear indication that it was miles away from the Farooq Sheikh starrer in terms of treatment and narrative. This is indeed the case which is established in the first few sequences itself. With the three leads (Ali Zafar, Sidharth, Divyendu Sharma), the leading girl (Taapsee Pannu) and supporting characters (Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Lillette Dubey) being introduced in a jiffy, you are pretty much made aware of the route that the film would take.

Chashme Baddoor
Chashme Baddoor Movie Review

Yes, there are times when one does look forward to the humour quotient increasing manifold. Of course smiles do come along with the numerous ‘fake’ flashback sequences being narrated. However one expects a little more than just that. Development of Rishi-Lillette love story has it’s moments as well. Still, what you want to see is friends turning into real ‘kameena’. Though it takes a little while to get there, eventually there is no looking back when the Ali-Taapsee love story starts gathering steam. Quite a few side splitting moments follow and you are thoroughly in the mood set by David Dhawan. The veteran of 40 odd film comes in a good form here and you realise that he hadn’t gone away anywhere. With his team of young actors, he spins around a tale that has ample fun quotient to keep you thoroughly entertained.

This is evidenced at it’s best in the manner where Sidharth and Divyendu, after breaking up Ali and Taapsee, try to bring them back together. The SMS followed by the sequence where the duo contemplate picking up a saree v/s lingerie is indeed the highlight of the film and gets the house down in a major way. Add to that the dialogues mouthed by the trio of friends and you know that David Dhawan indeed understands the pulse of today’s youth like any other younger filmmaker.

All of this gets good support from Taapsee who brings a good spark on screen. As a hottie girl next door, she is natural, plays to the gallery, keeps a loveable smile on her face and comes across as a quintessential David Dhawan heroine. In fact at places, especially during the dance moves, she also reminds of Karisma Kapoor who demonstrated similar spunk in many films that she did with David Dhawan.

Amongst the trio, Sidharth and Divyendyu match each other step by step. They stay true as per their projection of being the backbone of the film and one has to admit that with a lesser act, Chashme Baddoor wouldn’t have been half as entertaining. Ali plays the main lead role well and is earnest as a simpleton. He comes up with a very controlled and likeable act.

What one misses though is an equally entertaining climax that could have further elevated the fun quotient of Chashme Baddoor. Though the kidnapping idea is good, it is hardly funny and lacks the kind of punch that one had expected from the finale of an overall fun film. Coming back of Anupam Kher on the scene with his own choice of ‘damaad’ is just an excuse towards wrapping up the affair and only closes the chapter rather hastily. Thankfully, the song ‘Har Ek Friend’ is reserved for the last which ensures that you go back with the memories of the three friends more than anything else.

Eventually though, the film turns out tbe an out and out David Dhawan show. Right from the framing of every shot to the overall editing in the film to the madcap feel that the narrative carries, Chashme Baddoor carries the stamp of a filmmaker who has delivered maximum number of entertainers over last quarter of the century. Add one more to his name now.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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