Budget of Akshay Kumar’s Housefull

The budget of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film “Housefull” has been revealed by producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

Talking about the film and its budget, he says “My last release Kambakth Ishq was expensive but that was because it had so many foreign actors. I have been making films for 25 years now and I am not mad to invest in something from where recovery becomes an issue. Let me state the budget of the film on record here. Housefull is just a 40-45 crores film. It was never an expensive film to begin wit”

On the exorbitant fees that Akshay charges for his films, Sajid says “Akshay’s fees didn’t have to come down for Housefull due to any reason whatsoever. His fees has never been so exorbitant; it has always been only in papers”

With good content, Housefull should be Akshay’s first HIT in more than an year.



  • Budget of the movie is similar to VEER. I think if content is good easily it may recover but god knows wht is going to happen

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  • If the movie is good it will be Super hit, but if it is bad it will have a good weekend but after that it will be dead. Akshay does bad movies, but i hope Sajid Khan can bring a fun movie here.

  • akshay is the real kinggggggggggggg
    House full wud be housefullllllllllllll
    Akshay king rockssssssssssssssssssssss
    akshay and amir is real king or operator of bollywood

  • Nice of Sajid Nadiadwala to reaffirm Akki’s fees. Bad publicity / reports can cause huge damage especially if untrue!

    I hope for Akki’s sake this movie works – the guy really tries and no doubt has immense potential – just needs to be more selective of his scripts I would think.

  • ak is kinggggggggggg of hearts even if he is not a king of box office…fans love ya..v love u akki

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