Biggest Bollywood Grossers of 2012: Top 15 Analysis

It’s here finally, the TOP 15 Grossers of 2012! The table below illustrates the total net collections of films (all figures from Boxofficeindia) and their final verdicts.

With the multiplex culture expanding exponentially over the last couple of years, we’ve also included two parameters which hold maximum importance while judging the fate of a movie at ticket window:

1. Release Date [Holiday/ Non-Holiday]

2. Number of screens the film was exhibited at. [This is an approximate figure. Actual may vary by +/-100 screens].

TOP 15 Biggest Grossers of 2012

Top 15 Highest Grossing Films 2012

Top 15 Highest Grossing Films 2012

  • Contrary to 5 films in 2011 (Bodyguard – 141 cr / Ready – 121 cr / Ra One – 115 cr / Don2 – 105 cr / Singham – 99 cr), there were as many as 8 films in 2012 which joined the 100 crore elite club.
  • Two most vital ventures which couldn’t find a place in TOP 15 are :- Kahaani (SUPER HIT) with collections around 60 cr and Vicky Donor (SUPER HIT) which made business in excess of 41 cr.

Most Profitable Superstars

Percentage Share of Superstars

Percentage Share of Superstars

  • In 2012, all bollywood films collectively generated a grand total of 2600+ crore nett. The chart shown above depicts the percentage share contributed by all actors individually.
  • Akshay Kumar leads the sprint with maximum contribution of 15.9% as the cumulative business done by his five films count to RECORD 413 cr. Salman Khan is at 2nd spot with his two biggies collecting in excess of 336 crore (12.9%) and thus he also managed by far the best average of 168 crore. Similar calculative theory holds true for every other superstar.
  • Two most prominent stars in “Others” category are Emraan Hashmi and Saif Ali Khan with cumulative collections of 130 crore (5%) and 120 crore (4.6%) respectively.
  • An astonishing statistic that the above case study throws is that the TOP 7 superstars collectively added 52.6% of the total business and the industry relies on OTHERS for the rest 47.4%. Thus it is once again established that our industry works as a team and every actor, star or not a star, has a proportionate share in it.

Favorite Genres

Most Popular Genre 2012

Most Popular Genre 2012

  • In order to analyse the distribution of genres in Bollywood, we’ve taken into account the TOP 15 films mentioned in the first section of this article.
  • Although, almost every film belongs to more than one genre, to facilitate our study we’ve considered most eminent genre for every film. For example, Agneepath is an Action-Drama but we’ve taken it as an Action movie.
  • ACTION — Ek Tha Tiger / Dabangg 2 / Rowdy Rathore / Agneepath; COMEDY — Housefull 2 / Bol Bachchan / Son of Sardar / Khiladi 786; ROMANCE — Jab Tak Hai Jaan / Cocktail / Student of the Year; DRAMA — Barfi! ; SUSPENSE — Talaash; HORROR — Raaz 3; SOCIAL — OMG! Oh My God.
  • The prominence of Action genre is quite evident as all TOP 4 grossing films belong to this category. Comedy is the second favorite with an equal number of 4 films as Action while Romance takes third spot with 3 movies. Out of TOP 15, Drama, Suspense, Horror and Social categories have one film each.

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Article by Archit Mishra (tweets @architmishra_06)



  • indicine team..i think either u gone mad or u have done some mistakes—-

    1.The no. of screen counts of JTHJ was 2500 and SOS was 2000, but here u given as 2700 and 1700.
    2.You have declared the collection of JTHJ as 120 cr, even BOI has declared as 102 cr, but here u mentioned it as 101 cr.My ques is that if u r relying on other websites to get the exact B.O. collection, then what is the need of making ur own prediction and collection list bla bla bla.

    So first correct above things and if u r copying from others , then copy it properly not like a kid.

  • This Genre theory is realy vry nyc,action surely rocks.but i want more social & thriler films. Anyways gud work Indicine

  • indicine…Date : 27th november Page : JTHJ vs SOS final comparison..

    at that page, u urself declared the collection of JTHJ as 109.44 cr and SOS as 94.66 cr..
    and till the release of K786, JTHJ has run on considerable no of screens..
    so its clear that some amount must have added into its collection. Then, why now u guys are dclaring its collection as 101 cr.
    Accept ur mistake that u were wrong at that time or correct the collection of JTHJ in ur article.
    i m waitng.

  • Salman Khan again on the top. his average is 168 crore and could go even above.
    Akshay released 5 films that’s why he is on the top but the avegrage is just 82.6 crore.

    I know akshay’s net gross have been more but he after all released 5 films this year.(rowdy rathore, housefull 2, OMG, khiladi 786, Joker). But out of these only rowdy rathore cold really be said akshay’s film. Housefull 2 had a multi-star cast, OMG had paresh rawal as the lead, Joker was a huge disaster and as for khiladi 786, it was expected to do at least 90 crore but it didn’t.

    I know it’s hard to release so many films per year and all of them should be a success but we have to accept that 2012 was again a SALMAN KHAN YEAR!

  • @Archit mishra..if u don’t belong to indicine team, then i am requesting a clarification from ur side also, that y u have used these double standard data.
    If u r writing an article for indicine, then u ought to use the data of indicine not of other sites.
    And if indicine told u to do so, then it means that they have no any fix source of info, they just copy the datas from other sites.

  • The following are the corrections & clarifications from the above data are
    1.Ek tha tiger is declared as an all time blockbuster by BOXOFFICEINDIA if it does a business of 185 crores but it did 187 crores according to boi.
    2.Jthj’s lifetime is 102 crores by boi.
    3.SoS lifetime is 93 crores by boi.
    4.Although ajay devgan tried to occupy 2000 screens for sos but jthj released in 2700 screens but lifted from 500 single screens in its 2nd week which were later allotted to sos in its 2nd week.
    5.Agneepath was released in 2730 screens.
    6.At the last moment of its release barfi got released in 2000 screens.

    This information is provided for the correct information & data but not to point at anyone.Thank you.

  • If oh my God is akshay’s film, then SOS is salman’s film and student of the year is srk’s film. Dear writer when it comes to boxoffice, cameos or extended appearances doesn’t count.

  • Its wrong
    jthj screens are 2450
    collection boi are 108 cr
    sos screens are 2000
    agnipath collections boi are 104cr
    barfi collection are 105cr
    so dont give wrong infomation
    you give correct table on 31dec2012

  • The Super Emperor khan just rocks, with just 2 movies, more than 360+ crores net in india & 560+ gross worldwide i.e average of 185+ crores net in india & 280 crores worldwide. Lord of the bollywood!

  • Jthj did 121 cr. Son of sardar did 105. And clash betn 2 neutralized holidays this factor shud be mention in remarks column. Both movies r super hit plus jthj is only block buster in overseas with highest grosser. Overall verdict shud be superhit

  • JTHJ=101,SOS=88 / evry 1 else who r increasing num hv got brifcase ful f notes. Kudos indicine fr giving valid data.keep it up archit

  • An illiterate fan is caling SOS a sallu’s film.hahahaha.joke f d century. Obviously Paresh is main actor in Omg bt Aki too had gud role,2 songs & coproducr f OMG & salu hd 1 song.if noentry is salu’s film omg is aki’s

  • finally an article wid proper data !! idk hw d collections of ett,jthj,sos,barfi got exaggerated !! omg,rowdy rathore,agneepath,talaash ka toh exaggerate nhi hua !! dere shud b transparency in info !

  • akshay has 2movies in top5
    3movies in top 10
    4 movies in top 15
    this shows who is big star
    when others scared to release 2 or 3 movies in a year

  • all of the akshay’s movies r non holiday releases
    others just saved because of holiday releases
    next year we will see the real strength of srk and salman
    they dont have the holiday releases
    all the holidays booked by others

  • Excellent analysis by Indicine team. But some other website is showing different collections for all the films mentioned in your list. For ex: JTHJ is pegged at 120.65 cr while you posted it at 101 cr. What is the correct picture.???

  • plzz stop fightin ovr stars lyk children , as rightly said, d industry wrks as a team, we r entertained by all , frm huge stars to small side actors !!

  • Bollywood superstar Salman Khan defended his rival Shah Rukh Khan on Bigg Boss after Imam Siddique, a contestant on the show, claimed he was the one who made SRK a star.

    Siddique, a casting director, got into an argument with host Salman last night after he nominated the house’s captain Niketan.

    The actor told Siddique to nominate someone else as Niketan was the captain of the house but Siddique stood by his decision, saying he knew what the audience want.

    After Salman mocked him, Siddique replied, “I cast Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan for ad films that worked very well with the audiences.”

    Losing his cool, Salman said, “Shah Rukh is in the industry because of his hard work and the support of his fans. It is because he has pursued his career with determination that he is a big man and not because you cast him in an advertisement.”

    The 47-year-old ‘Dabangg’ star also revealed that Siddique was desperate to be a part of the show and would text him everyday begging to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss’.

  • is well known that both of them respect each other and their families, as they told it time-to-time in their interviews, but i don’t think why fans of both superstars fight with one another.
    Guys..we r lucky as we got such legends in our youth phase of life and we r enjoying their work live.
    Think ..when the next generation would decide to watch the movies of these superstars, then they have to arrange CD or DVD of these movies.But we r lucky, that at an interval of 4-5 months, they are dilivering their movies for us.
    So, don’t fight with each other and talk abusive about them, bcoz they all r living legend and we shud respect them.
    I, indeed, used some negative lines for salman( bcoz i don’t like him).but this is only bcoz i am urged by some salman fans.So, frnds..don’t blame each other, just enjoy their work.

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