Battle pain to give my best for every scene: Salman Khan

Salman Khan doesn’t like to talk about his facial disorder, Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is also known as the ‘suicide disease’. But during the launch of the ‘Radio’ song from his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ in Dubai, the megastar said he battles pain to give the best for every scene.

“No matter how much pain you are going through, it made me realise that you can’t put any subtitles; your ligament is torn, you have the flu or that your knee is hurting, in any of your scenes”

“Your fans don’t care about it and you really need to give your best on screen. Once it’s printed (in film), it’s lifelong” he said.

The pain of the facial disorder, Salman said, has led people to even commit suicide – which is also the reason why it’s called the ‘suicide disease’.

Salman awaits the release of ‘Tubelight’ on June 23 this year. The film has been directed by Kabir Khan.



  • When you’re loved by so many people across the country you can battle any disease😊

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  • But some media reports were claiming that the disease was cured

    Shame on Indian media spreading false news
    Yellow journalism destroying India

    Anyways Salman is inspirational

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  • I had no idea Salman had this condition. It must be making acting really difficult and painful for him.
    We cinegoers bash him for ‘non acting’, but Salman does the best he can.

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  • Oh LORD,,,make him free from every trouble….if ur presence still exists.
    WE cannot bear his intense unbearable pain. Prabhu please….

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  • The pain of facial disorder was quite visible in Ek Tha Tiger. Probably first time it comes in news that Salman is going through this disease. You can see that his expression were not appropriate in the movie that time. I thought he recovered from this as i haven’t noticed the same from any other film so far now. Anyways wish he will recovered it soon.

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  • Salman Paji is only superstar who has never been considered 2nd choice to do movies. For once never heard An actor rejected role than it was given to Salman Paji. Unlike our Megastar Akshay biggest fan following in Dharavi who is always considered last bust stop. Role of Villain rejected by Hrithik Neil Salman ShahRukh.
    Inspector Shekhar of Khakee role rejected by Coal mine Devgn. Mohra rejected by Sunny Deol the Punjab Shaan. Special 26 again rejected by coalmine Devgn. Dhadkhan rejected by Anil kapoor. Bajirao Mastani first rejected by Coalmine Devgn again before Megastar was approached but demanded very high before his train partner in terms of highest opening day Ranveer finally signed. Hats off to the only Real megastar Salman paki who was never approached because a no the lead star rejected that movie. Power Plant Salman Khan.

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  • Shocking to hear that. I never knew that Salman was going through a disease.

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  • but I hve to say salman is mst generous & humble superstar…long live! he greets evryone equally whther someone is big small..he appreciate hard wrk of evry individual.

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  • Yeah, you struggle through the pain out. Respect#a true jihadist.

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  • That’s the reason due to Salman cant Give Facial expressions ..And stupid people says he cant act like aamir khan .
    If he had no problems of facial then he might be next to Tom hanks in acting performance .But due to Facial problems due to drug overdose that problem has arisen to bhaijaan .Otherwise he should have got 15 16 Oscars for best actor

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  • Don’t worry Bhai. You will be all right.
    Another 300 crore ATBB on the way.

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  • Don’t worry Bhai. You will be al right.
    Another 300 crore ATBB on the way.

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  • If your face can look that good after having a “facial disorder”….i’m sure everyone would happily have that disorder…

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  • Hatts Off to his dedication, he truly inspires us through his dedication and hardwork…..

    Keep doing good work sir, we are with you….

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  • Look at the comments of some Idiots, they are nothing but full of hatred who cannot see the pain of person and still abusing him…..funny thing is these are the same people who give lecture on humanity to Salman Khan…….Get some life losers…….

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