Bahubali 2 North America Collections

Bahubali 2 has surpassed the collections of all other Indian films released in North America and the gap between the film and the second highest grosser (Dangal – $12.4 million) has widened quite considerably.

The S.S. Rajamouli film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in North America (USA / Canada) and it should finish with lifetime business of more than $20 million.

Check out the day-wise collections of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion below:

US DollarIndian Rs
Day 11st Friday4,598,33629.52 cr
Day 21st Saturday3,497,44722.45 cr
Day 31st Sunday2,334,71414.99 cr
Day 41st Monday591,1863.80 cr
Day 51st Tuesday1,069,4976.87 cr
Day 61st Wednesday531,1023.40 cr
Day 71st Thursday310,3601.99 cr
Day 82nd Friday827,5385.31 cr
Day 92nd Saturday1,509,6149.69 cr
Day 102nd Sunday1,058,3146.79 cr
Day 112nd Monday238,5521.53 cr
Day 122nd Tuesday410,4122.63 cr
Day 132nd Wednesday215,7271.38 cr
Day 142nd Thursday172,3431.11 cr
Day 153rd Friday362,6242.33 cr
TotalCollections17,727,766113.79 cr


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  • Baahubali 2 doing 100+crs in US…Dangal doing 300+crs in China in merely 9 days…
    Both movies have redefined INDIAN film industry in the overseas market…
    We are lucky to witness this history..

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  • indian moviea being truly global….bahubali pproching 20 million doller in us…dangal storm in china….comendeble…..

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  • To be frank I think realistically in Bollywood all the existing top superstars franchises are the best bet for a record breaker if we want to compete and challenge B2TC then all the top franchises and their costs should be transformed to higher level of vfx good content and an existing superstar known for his brand movie. Below is the most expensive all time franchises in Bollywood history.
    The list has excluded Bahubali series and Enthiran series.
    1. Dhoom series Budget 545cr Yash Raj Banners no of releases 3.
    2. Singham series Budget 296cr ADF banners. No of releases 2.
    3. Tiger series Budget 175cr expected. Yash Raj banners no of release by December 2.
    4. Krishh series Budget 165cr Film Kraft banners. No of releases 3.
    5. Don series Budget 135cr Red chilled banner no of releases 2.
    6. Race series Budget 125cr UTV motion banners. No of releases 2.

    Franchise like housefull and welcome budget quite high too but no chance as we saw what happened to them already.
    Indicine now this time do post thank you.

    Go go go Bollywood. love to see Ett 3 don 3 Singham 3 Krishh 4 Dhoom 4 and all their last actors retained.

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  • Lucky Makki 3 for what? Ww grosser ? Opening week or what? Get lost put him after Hrithik or even Ajay. He can’t guarantee big hit with big movies.

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  • Aamir khan and SS Rajmouli is truley taking INDIAN cinema to new heights.
    Histroy is creating.

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  • @Hey lucky makki are you crazy? Just because we have been keeping quite does not mean you start putting Akshay name at that spot. Idiot they are talking about Highest collections and records you put name of somebody who can’t even beat his 5 year old Record and overtake SSR ranbir ranveer opening day. What a loser

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  • There is saying that “Idiots sounds more”. The illiterate fans whose ass burn every time when Aamir films do well. They are calling Dangal crap, if Dangal is crap than I think every movie is crap. These idiots don’t have time to go through the collection source from China on there own.
    Those who are applauding BB2 is not because that they loved the movie but also to show their haters towards Aamir and Dangal. Someone said that Aamir will take birth to cross BB2, you guys at least thinking about Aamir to break that record even after 10birth, rest are not even considered for this. Your hatred shows how big the Brand Aamir is.
    Anybody can check Dangal China daily collection here.

    If any of guys has any guts to see the real picture behind the collection and credibility of the above site for China collection. And stop making excuses like fake collection. Only losers giving excuses, winner always focus on work. Like Aamir preparing for TOH, and Dangal doing Dangal in China. Get well soon morons and use burnol because Dangal won’t be settle any less than 120m$ in China.

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  • I think this movie has decided not to stop……Unbelievable Box Office Run…..It will cross 1500cr WW..

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  • Best of luck
    BAHUBALI not defeated any movie or star
    But bahubali gave audience the due entertainment

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  • @Lucky Akki
    your Canadian actor never close
    to top 3 its always SRK Aamir
    Salman rules in last 30 years
    akki is still behind hrithik

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  • Dangal is the sleeper hit of China this year, last year zootopia released and did massive business. It actually earn 62 times of its opening day.
    If dangal will hold that type of legs than its opening day was around 2.44million and it’s total collection can reach to 2.44 ×62 =144million approx. Which is more than 750 crores.
    Dangal will surely beat Bahubali 2 to claim the title of biggest hit of India.

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  • Indicine please post a article to compare dangal with zootopia in China box office.
    Both films are word of mouth hit of China.

    Zootopia total collection in China was about 240 million dollars. (More around 1500 crore)
    How much dangal can earn?

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  • Indicine please post an article to compare dangal with zootopia in China box office.
    Both films are word of mouth hit of China.

    Zootopia total collection in China was about 240 million dollars. (More around 1500 crore)
    How much dangal can earn?

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  • For Baahubali worldwide u r taking only Hindi version into consideration . In china too Dangal has been dubbed in Chinese not Hindi. Are u taking that into account?

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