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Q. Will Raees remain highest grosser of the year till Tiger Zinda Hai (excluding Baahubali) ?

A. Golmaal Again should easily beat Raees to become the highest grosser of the year. It’s a film that the family audience would want to watch and as long as its not a bad film, it should top the year in October. Before that we have films like Jab Harry Met Sejal, Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Judwaa 2 – with good content these films could beat Raees. After Golmaal Again, the big films are Padmavati and Tiger Zinda Hai.

Q. How much film makers spend on marketing?

A. It varies from film to film. The average marketing spend on medium to big budget film is 10-15 crore. Much lesser for smaller films.

Q. Any pre release reports of Jab Harry Met Sejal? Can it go beyond 175 Cr, if it’s WOM is positive?

A. If the film is exceptional, then anything is possible. But a lot would depend on the start it gets. Very few films these days are even doubling their weekend total, so to get to 175 crore – Jab Harry Met Sejal has to open above the 20 crore mark, grow over the weekend to get to a 65-70 crore weekend and then trend very well over the weekdays. Even after that – since it only has one open week – the kind of response that Toilet Ek Prem Katha gets will have a direct impact on the lifetime business of Jab Harry Met Sejal. We are currently looking at 170 crore range with exceptional word-of-mouth, 140 crore with good word-of-mouth, 100 crore with average word-of-mouth and 80 crore range if the response is poor. All of these numbers are only expectations,  the opening day number will be crucial. The film will be in trouble if it falls below 17 crore on Day 1.

Q. How much does cooperate booking affect the first day business?

A. A fixed number cannot be put for corporate booking, it varies from film to film. Usually block corporate bookings are made for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Q. Will Golmaal 4 have a clash with Robot 2 or not?

A. No. Robot 2.0 has been pushed to early 2018.

Q. At worst case what will be minimum collection of ‘Golmal Again’? I didn’t liked much ‘Golmaal Returns and Golmaal 3’

A. Individual opinion of liking or not liking a film does not make any difference at the box office. As long as majority of the paying public like a film, it’ll do well. Golmaal Again has competition from Secret Superstar during Diwali, but it should be the first choice for the family audience.We wouldn’t be surprised if it does 30 crore plus on the Diwali holiday. It should easily get to 100 crore plus maybe 200-250 crore if it turns out to be entertaining or the best Golmaal film.

Q. Is Hrithik going through a bad phase again? Considering his last few films have disappointed, and he takes a long time to sign films

A. The post Bang Bang phase hasn’t been good. His films haven’t been opening, but the promos of both his releases have been extremely poor too. We’ve seen how even a Salman Khan during Eid can deliver an ‘average’ box office opening when the trailer isn’t liked or when it doesn’t cater to the all-India audience / fan base. As for not signing enough films, it’s his personal choice. He isn’t very competitive and we don’t think he has the desire to be one amongst the top actors in the industry. The number game or sustaining his level in the industry probably isn’t important for him, as it is for some of the other stars in the industry.

Q. Which movie will be the biggest hit of the year 2017…?

A. Our pick in order of preference – Tiger Zinda Hai, Golmaal Again, Padmavati.

Q. What is lifetime box office prediction of Mubarakan?

A. Our final prediction for the film is 45 crore. Monday will decide the fate of the film. Anything below 4 crore will be end of the story. It needs Friday level collections on Monday to ensure that it gets fair amount of shows at multiplexes in the second weekend when Jab Harry Met Sejal releases. The overall response is better than Munna Michael, but due to the extremely poor start, it has a lot left to do over the weekdays and after the release of the SRK film.

Q. @indicine I’m visiting your site since 2012 and i have read almost all of your articles q/a session etc… i know team indicine is very hard working and you never post fake news till now, and thats why i’m your biggest fan.. please answer me this time.. do you think pakistani movies can release in india in the near future because indian people appreciate pakistani movies.. do you think any pakistani hit movie can survive like bollywood movie in india.. Big Thank you..!!

A. Thanks for visiting. As compared to the popularity of Hindi films and its stars in Pakistan, there’s very little awareness about Pakistani films in India. We are not too sure about the overall quality of Pakistani films either. Our own industry is struggling to get decent initial for our films, 9 out of 10 films are failing. Films like Mubarakan and Munna Michael are collecting 5-6 crore with successful directors and rising stars. So even if Pakistani films start releasing here, it’ll take time for it grow in popularity.

Q. Which actor and actress has the most Top Grossers of The Year in Bollywood history?

A. From 1989, Salman Khan has topped the year 9 times (not including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) last was Bajrangi Bhaijaan in 2015. Aamir Khan has delivered the highest grosser of the year 7 times, last was Dangal last year. SRK 5 times, last was Om Shanti Om in 2007. After that it’s Hrithik, 3 times, last was Dhoom 2 in 2016. Sunny Deol twice, last was Gadar 2001. Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and others have never topped the year.

Q. Is Battle Of Saragarhi starring Akshay Kumar happening with Karan Johar and Salman Khan ?

A. It’s not happening in the near future. Salman Khan has backed out, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Q. Is Ajay Devgn really making Sons of Sardar ?

A. Not happening now. He had planned the film first, but the same subject was taken by Karan Johar / Akshay Kumar for Battle of Saragarhi. Ajay will now make Taanaji.

Q. What are your expectations from Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Baadshaho?

A. Toilet Ek Prem Katha Trailer got a good response, but there’s been nothing exciting since. The songs haven’t really worked. They’ve also revealed a lot about the film in the promos, so it’ll be down to word-of-mouth. At this moment, we expect a slightly better opening than Jolly LLB 2. Baadshaho has got a mixed response.

Q. Gentleman vs Judwaa 2 vs Padmavati vs Dutt. Which among this movie will be biggest hit for younger actors?

A. Our pick would be Dutt. It has both the best actor and best director.

Q. How is the buzz for JHMS?

A. Good, but only at major cities.

Q. What is the difference between theatre and screen?

A. One 3-screen multiplex counts as one theatre, but screen-count will be 3.

Q. Seeing the recent work, success – failure, age who will be in Top 5 and Top 10 in coming 5 years among the actors?

A. Ranbir, Varun and Ranveer have found acceptance. But it’s still difficult to imagine this industry without stalwarts like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar.



  • trade analyst have predicted that if jhms is a good movie then it will collect max 170 to 200 cr.. so do u still want to stick with ur prediction ? you oversetimated tubelight and see wt happened and now you are underestimating jhms…!


  • whats the budget of mubarakan and what went wrong with it? Does it still have chance to be a hit considering release of two biggies in two consecutive weeks ahead??


  • How much will be the difference in opening day of JHMS and TEPK? Also how is the buzz of JHMS now after Hawayein?


  • Do think that year 2017 is the worst year for bollywood considering no major blockbuster movies at B.O and 7 months are already passed? And what are the upcoming movies of Hrithik? Among ranbir kapoor,ranveer singh and varun dhawan who has most balanced fan following among both masses and classes? Do think that robot 2 has the potential to break baahubali 2 record if content comes out be excellent? And also it has a better chance to collect more in north india due to akshay kumar presence?


  • Do you think akshay kumar can pull off a 300+ grosser if he gets a universal script like bajrangi bhaijan or pk and a solo festive release?


  • Will Padman release in 2017 or no? Why are the makers not announcing the release date? I’ve asked it lot of times before pls answer.


  • How much does jhms and toilet need to recover costs? And how much to emerge a clean hit? What are the econimics of A gentleman? Bahubali 2 got the advantage of a mega hindi release… dangal capitalised on china release. 2.0is said to have both these advantages with a much bigger budget and a dream starcast. How much can it collect if the content gets appreciation, in hindi version as well as all India and overseas. Thanks


  • How do you think the post-Bahubali effect the business of Jab Harry Met Sejal and Toilet-EPK. Considering the fact that audience is willing to buy the ticket only if the film is something extraordinary. JHMS is made on a big scale but has routine story while TEPK has a unique concept but is made on a small scale. Your take on this.


  • All the critics are saying that padmavati will do in the range of 225 to 250 and what is your’s opinion on this…
    and will it release it in 17th Nov…as we know SLB is a hard task master and he ensures everything in minute details….will he be able to complete the film and all VFX within 17th Nov….


  • The buzz to watch TEPK isn’t very high at the moment, will this effect the film only on Day 1 or in lifetime as well? Can the film find its audience if the content clicks and perform upto it’s potential in the long run?


  • Mubarakan despite getting good reviews (something which is rare for these genre films) isn’t putting big numbers. Why is this happening?



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