Ashutosh Gowariker signs Karl Walter, Glenn Boswell for Mohenjo-Daro

About a couple of months ago, before finalising Hrithik Roshan, Ashutosh Gowariker had signed renowned cinematographer Karl Walter Lindenlaub to recreate the Indus Valley Civilization of 2600 BC.

Karl has previously worked on award-winning films like Independence Day, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The Haunting, Stargate and many more.

A source close to the director says “Ashutosh sir was keen on working with the German cinematographer (Karl Walter Lindenlaub) on his last film ‘Buddha’ which was later shelved. So when he planned to make Mohenjo-Daro, a film that he has been writing for more than 2 years, he wanted a strong technical team to recreate the 4600 year old civilization. The visuals in the film will be nothing like what you’ve seen in an Indian film ever before.”

MohenjoDaro Civilization

MohenjoDaro Civilization

Ashutosh has also signed Hollywood stunt co-ordinator Glenn Boswell, who choreographed the stunt sequences in Hollywood films like The Matrix series, Ghost Rider, The Hobbit Series, just to name a few.

Mohenjo-Daro is likely to be one of the most expensive films of our times and Ashutosh has an incredible team with him – Hrithik Roshan a dependable superstar as the lead, multiple Oscar-winning music director A.R. Rahman, German cinematographer Karl Walter Lindenlaub, acclaimed stunt coordinator Glenn Boswell and Gowariker himself who has directed award-winning films like Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar.

Mohenjo-Daro is expected go on floors in the month of September this year and should release in the first half of 2016. The leading lady of the film is yet to be officially confirmed.



  • wow my fav actor Hrithik is doing this movie..i m really excited..eagerly waiting..I m from pakistan larkana.. Moen-jo-daro is in my city… can’t wait to c this movie. Hrithik Rocks

  • Just like roshans signed Barabara mori for Kites. No matter boxoffice verdict will be like guzaarish not Kites. Mohanjodaro will find difficult to cross Kites box office.

  • Mohenjodaro’s script and story work looking best forever… I am too excited too watch dis movie, as i like Historical genre movie most, i look forword for dis movie, surelly i will never mi$$ this one… Belows point make dis movie greatest.
    “Ashutosh sir was keen on working
    with the German cinematographer
    (Karl Walter Lindenlaub) on his last film
    ‘Buddha’ which was later shelved. So
    when he planned to make Mohenjo- Daro, a film that he has been writing
    for more than 2 years, he wanted a
    strong technical team to recreate the
    4600 year old civilization. The visuals
    in the film will be nothing like what
    you’ve seen in an Indian film ever before.”
    love it

  • Wow this is a brilliant news Mohenjodaro is getting bigger and better day by day . After signing Hrithik and Ar Rahman this is a huge announcement . Karl Walter Lindenlaub and Glenn Boswell are two genius in their own respective fields . This will be a timeless movie just like Jodhaa Akbar . I don’t think any movie of Hrithik will release in 2015 because he will give full time to Mohenjodaro and the result will be fruitful both critically and commercially . Hats of to you HR for always trying something new and always taking risks and doing out of the box films . # Respect .

  • Woww.. Couldnt xpect more
    Go hrithik.. its ur film all the way..!!
    This wil smash all records left right n centre..!!

  • @Damnnnnnn…!!!, i appreciate ppl lyk you, Hrithik may nt be ur first fav but u dn’t hate him coz ur srk fan. i think haters lyk Loki shud learn a lesson or two frm sensible fans lyk u. Why to hate any other actor only coz he is a contemporary opponent of your fav star at box office. We can appreciate all.
    @Loki, Its always wise to ignore comments of clueless haters lyk u. Keep on hating, Hrithik vl keep shinning n take indian cinema forward by doin awesome films lyk dis.

    Feels grt to be back here! This news is pure awesum!!! MOHENJODARO is going to b CLASSIC MASTERPIECE of epic proportions!!! dis film vl be of Hollywood standard in true sense n we all shud b proud dat it is goin to show d Indus Valley civilisation of our India which has nvr been shown bfr.

  • wow wow wow and wow, looking richest movie of Indian cinema from every aspect :) good luck to team


    Hrithik+Ashutosh+Rehman+Karl Walter Lindenlaub+Glenn Boswell=MIND BLOWN !!!!!

  • wowww thats called class of versatality at sky high level, Hrithik ur the best baby, love yeah :* duggu everybody know, u will do it fabullously extremely awesomely mindblastingly best… Ur top of the world swthrt <3

  • @LOKI, you are a pathetic hater just like romance disaster or may be you both are same person. you waste your time making negative comments about HR, but you sure watch his movies with your mouth wide open.

  • Mind Boggling News !!!! I am superrrr excited now for this movie. Its going to be the BIGGEST movie of all time!!! HR roxxxx

    @Lauki ki sabzi, shut up. May i remind you of your srk’s where he tried to match the hollywood standard ? you are jealous because your star can’t make risky films.
    I hope retarded haters like romance fool,vicky etc stay away.

  • Wowwww i can’t wait to see my Duggu in this huge film…………Thank You Ashutosh sir for making this epic film. this will break all records. haters can’t be tamed.

  • really hrithik sir has a great mind to do that type of movie that can challenged him and he the man who can accept any challenge ….
    and did the work with his full determination..and make me proud,i m a great fan of him..
    and this movie will the greatest movie that we were never watched in bollywood…
    i m waiting for this..and i m proud to be a fan of hrithik..luv u sir

  • Wow!! Really cant wait! more excited for this than bang bang. Hrithik in a completely different role with AR Rehman giving what will be the perfect songs and background score and a talented film maker like Ashutosh who can be trusted to helm such a huge project. Cannot wait at all!! Can someone tell me when this film is set to release? If its 2015, then its going to be one hell of a ride next year with movies which are expected to shine in quality- Mohenjodaro, raees, PRDP, fan. All major actors trying something new next year. Even Ranbir is doing a road film with Imtiaz Ali. All the best to all the superstars for next year. Hope we get to watch something new on the silver screen!! And lets hope that the quality of each film to be released will be so high, that it will shatter the records set by the previous!

  • Saying mohenjodaro is disaster like khjjs is saying like hny will earn below 1cr like srk’s yeh lamhe hai judai k :D
    well Mohenjodaro is based on historical period film, it will be classic none other than it will also one of biggest at boxoffice

  • My excitement for this movie is increasing day by day! Now, I am sure its going to be epic! These two men will not leave any stone unturned to make this movie greatest historic drama ever.

  • @Punk at least, inspite of so much negativity did 125 crores and had best vfx of India, while guzaarish inspite of critics good reviews couldnt cross 30 crore and won zero awards. where are hr fans Lol

  • @Lauki ki sabzi, lol you must be remembering very well when your fake king made a period film, asoka how big disaster was that ? it was such a huge disaster that the director and producer went bankrupt lol.
    also swades got great critic reviews but what happened ? HUGE FLOP!!! Hrithik made film with same director Ashutosh, that too period film and made it a box office SUCCESS and Masterpiece!

    Don’t argue here with vague comments, i am least interested in wasting my time countering your stupid comments. go watch maya memsaab and have naughty dreams of srk LOL!

  • ripped off batman begins poster,tron’s suit and bike,iron man’s chest design and still was a failure and distributors were in loss lol

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