All songs from Krrish 3: Listen to them now!

The Krrish 3 Jukebox is out! You can now listen to all the compositions from Rajesh Roshan, with singers like Sonu NIgam, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan, Alisha Chinai, Neeraj Sridhar and Mamta Sharma.

We also have the lyrics of the all the songs on our website. Click on the title to listen to the songs with lyrics!

How do you like the songs of Krrish 3? Tell us in the comments section below!

1. Krrish Title Song – Mamta Sharma, Anirudh Bhola
2. Raghupati Raghav – Neeraj Shridhar, Monali Thakur, Bob
3. Dil Tu Hi Bataa – Alisha Chinai, Zubeen Garg
4. You Are My Love – Mohit Chauhan, Alisha Chinai
5. God Allah Aur Bhagwan – Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
6. Raghupati Raghav (remix) – Neeraj Shridhar, Monali Thakur, Bob
7. Dil Tu Hi Bataa (remix) – Alisha Chinai, Zubeen Garg



  • 1.raghupati raghav-excellent(hro’s song are remembered because hro’s dance mainly)

    2.dil tu hi bata-nice(alisha chinoy has a magical voice. are my love-excellent(reminds me “honey bunny”)

    4.god allah aur bhagwan:nice(duo of sonu-shreya)

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  • Okay,each song of k3 is different and unique.but i was expecting more from rajeshji.
    My fav songs from hro’s movies are
    1.abhi mujhme kahin
    2.tu hawa hai fiza hai
    3.zindagi do pal ki sunau pyar ki ek kahani
    5.jashn bahara

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  • But Rakesh Roshan first told that Krrish 3 will have only 3 songs…
    Music is not much important in Scifi action kind of movies.
    Only background music should be terrific! !!!

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  • Truth is that singer’s chosen pathetic,lyrics-bakwaas, music-GooD not upto the mark.
    but still krrish3-250cr possiblr hritik roxx,Dhoom3-suxxx.

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  • Now haters will comment saying that this is the worst track list by rajesh ji, common guys this is not a masala film to do halkat jawani or munni badnam, feel these songs and i bet u will love it!

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  • Ek dum Bakwaas !!! I expected so much from Krrish 3 since Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish had chartbuster songs. Big disappointment by Rakesh Roshan. First trailer was not good, now music album is let-down. Krrish 3, where are thou headed?

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  • album is worse than besharam. anyway krrish is a huge film, so it doesn’t have to depend on music.

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  • Very poor choice of songs, not even the average. Theme song was a failure too. Background music was dull, some were copied from the english tracks. I don’t know how rakesh roshan agreed to have these songs in the movie.

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  • Now after these kind of songs I don’t think krissh 3 can beat ce.even superhero films in india need good songs.

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  • @prased – Krrish had wonderful songs and no item songs. so don’t make excuses for Krrish 3 music failure.
    @x – Krrish 3 is headed towards all-time FLOPbuster status.


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  • i have a zero expectation from k3 songs because if we are making movies like k3 there is no need for songs its definitely spoil the taste while watching movies, in krissh1 there is need for good music and that film had a superb music. I have not listen music of k3 yet. apart one song Raghupati Raghav which i don’t like. but a chartbuster music will increase the buzz of K3 but a disappointed music doesn’t harm the K3 buzz so there is nothing to cheer for K3 haters again this time too.

    @nipun liked your list 1,2,4 are also my fav while i prefer Dil q yeh mera over Zindagi do pal ki & In Lamhon ke over Jashan-e bahara in my top 5 hr songs list.

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  • A big fan of rajesh roshan but this has to be the worst music album of the year by far. The god allah aur bagwan sounds like john johny janardan from naseeb. Dil hi bataa started good with alishas voice but the male singer completely messed up.

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  • Not a hater but movies with such costs should have atleast one chart topper.The reason ra one collected atleast 125cr is because of chamakh challo.I wish this movie gets back its costs.

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  • @Dear,who says you that trailer not good.dude krrish3 trailer the best trailer of the year.Dhoom3 trailer bakwaas Chotu amir looking fuddu.Krrish-250cr Dhoom3-110r mark my my word

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