Akshay opens cancer shelter for cops, names it after his father

Akshay KumarActor Akshay Kumar has inaugurated a cancer shelter for policemen and named it after his late father Hari Om Bhatia.

The 45-year-old already has a production house Hari Om Entertainment with wife Twinkle Khanna. The actor’s father was an ex-army man and had undergone chemotherapy in the past.

According to sources, the actor wanted to build a shelter home for policemen in memory of his father’s difficult times during the treatment. Any policeman, who is undergoing cancer treatment here, can avail of the shelter’s services, including food and AC rooms with TV sets, by paying just Rs.400 per day.

“It has been a long-standing dream for me. Besides Mr. Arup Patnaik (ex-Mumbai police commissioner), I am very thankful to Satyapal Singhji (current commissioner), deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar and Maharashtra home minister R.R. Patil, for helping me make my dream come true,” Akshay said in a statement.




  • Aksahy’s days are over, now he can start a circus with his joker fans in Paglaapur.

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  • boss tu toh gaya… we taught to support aki on eid clash but now we will see hw qutim2 will get superhit tag forget bb..

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  • RG Verma: Akshay days are not over, lot of blockbusters to come

    Selfish: what do u mean mean by tu to gaya, i didnt understand?

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  • @selfish : give him more, I was right. Akki fans are like chameleons, you will never know when they will change their track.

    @boss : Salman will show your Akki who is the real Boss !!!! :p

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  • LOL at selfish and hrithik..
    just because of you two won’t support us,ouatima will not work big???????????????
    just because of a fan’s comment,you will support your biggest enemy(srk)??????????????

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  • wether anyone support or not akki will prove he is the real king
    without any background,publicity stunts

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  • Real indian. All indians should proud ov him. Say whatever haters want to say. I don’t care. If sallu has power than he should release his film on eid and make it bb then i will admit he is good. Srk CE is releasing with ouatim2. I will admit srk has power if it collect more than 150 cr. My challenge.

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  • @Samar and @BOSS i am a both srk and aki fan and i am sure that ce and ouatima never clash. Ouatima is a multiplex film and srk has a huge multiplex fan and doing a massala film and eid is a festivel of muslims. So aki never clash his film with srk.

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  • Ramance express:i am also saying that clash wont happen,just for the information,srk wont clash with akki,because akki announced release date 6months back,and your dream ,srk wil release on eid and akki wil postpone his movie,it wont happen.what do u mean by eid is a muslim festival,then why srk had a release on diwali

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  • Again u all have started, grow up how can u compare cinema with this charity keep these Thomas aside and support whoever is doing great work, plz stop dragging other star

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  • Great gesture by Akki and hope his father is proud of his son for naming the shelter after him. Im sure all of us who are sons and daughters too dream of a day when we can put our parents names up in lights to showcase our love for them and say a Big Thank You for bringing us into this world. God bless akki and to the police service personnel who will subsequently benefit from this gesture.

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  • @ SAMAR : did i say we support srk? It was reply for the guy with id name boss. I know no fans can help other (except their own) stars’ movies to be flopped or hit but Salman is bigger than Akshay when it comes to Box Office, i have nothing Akshay but some of his fans are irritating.

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  • Now SRK wants Ajay Devgn’s assistant Rohit Shetty to make his film hit & Ajay Devgn’s Himmatwala to book screens on this Eid. Last year what bad things SRK fans told about national award winner Ajay.

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  • @romance express,”ouatima is a multiplex film and srk has huge fan following in multiplex”,,oh really??
    i think you forget that chennai express is single screen related film(for the masses),,and akshay is second biggest mass maharaja after salman.so srk should not even think of clash.

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  • akki wil never change….he is copying salman more…..if johhny lever sucessful he wil copy him also….started copyin srk initially….

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