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In an interview with us recently, Rani Mukherji was miffed with the media for calling ‘Aiyyaa’ her comeback film. ‘Aamir Khan disappears for two years after every release, do you ask this question to him?’ she questioned. Rani’s last film was the critically acclaimed ‘No One Killed Jessica’ in January 2011. While 20 odd months is a long time, Rani has selective but working non-stop.

Her latest release is Aiyyaa produced by Anurag Kashyap and directed by Sachin Kundalkar. The film is about Meenakshi Deshpande (Rani Mukherji), a middle-class girl who lives with her family. She has a big time crush on a south Indian guy Surya (Prithviraj), because he smells awesome. Meenakshi follows Surya, who doesn’t even acknowledge her presence. Soon, her marriage is fixed to a Maharashtrian boy. Unwilling to get married to a guy of her parents choice, Meenakshi runs away. What happens next?

Aiyyaa Review


The problem with Aiyyaa is it’s slow pace, unnecessary songs and those several cringe-worthy scenes – especially Meenakshi’s extreme obsession with scent and smell. After a point, the dialogues, the love story falls flat and even Rani’s much-loved expressions get irritating. To add to the woes, most of the characters are unreal and way too loud.

The concept is different – it’s unlikely any other Hindi film has ever explored the sensuousness in smell. If only the director and the writers were a little more imaginative. The constant stalking by Rani, her heavy sensuous breathing.. tend to get boring and repetitive.

The pace is extremely slow, and the plot is wafer-thin. Ideally, Aiyyaa should have been under 2 hours. Visually the film is very appealing with rich colours, cinematography by Amalendu Choudhary is excellent. Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography is good, some of Rani’s moves might shock the audience.

Rani Mukherji is excellent as Meenakshi Deshpande, but the script lets her down. For someone who has achieved it all in the industry over the last decade or so, it was brave move on her part to accept this role. Pritviraj has absolutely nothing to do, except showcase his physique. He only has a couple of dialogues in the entire film. The other actors are either too loud or don’t get their comic timing right.

Overall, Aiyyaa is strictly for Rani Mukherji fans who have missed her on the big screen. For someone who has loved most of Anurag Kashyap’s films (as producer or director) in recent times, Aiyyaa is a major letdown.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


  • I expected this. Trailers were stupid. Wonder why someone like Rani accepted this movie. Is it because she wanted to do any sort of a movie during a period of waning career, where she doesn’t get any other sort of movies? Or is it because she wanted to earn some money as she did not appear much of the TV shows or magazine covers recently?

    Prithviaj is a great actor downsouth. He shouldn’t have accepted such a low grade movie.

  • yeh to original hain hmmm hmmm par mera don2 toh plagiarised hain hmmm hmmm my fans pls support me hmmm hmmm

  • She also said herself that this movie is risky… anyways, she might be back with Talaash.. She needs some popular director who can rise her again.

  • Its impossible for heroines to comeback…there fore they shouldnt take such long breaks

    courtesy madhuri..karishma..priety..RANI….and list is countless

  • @Aashkaran??? why impossible?????
    this impossible has been achieved by the gr8 Sridevi.with English Vinglish……..

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