Aamir Khan inaugurates another box office club!

Aamir Khan is known as the founder of all the major box office ‘clubs’ in the industry – right from the time they came into existence and got the media and trade attention.

It was Salman Khan’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun that became the first film to cross the 50 crore mark. But since then, it’s been all Aamir. Take a look, the ‘clubs’ in the multiples of 50:

  • 50 crore: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)
  • 100 crore: Ghajini (2008)
  • 150 crore: 3 Idiots (2009)
  • 200 crore: 3 Idiots (2009)
  • 250 crore: Dhoom 3 (2013)
  • 300 crore: PK (2014)
  • 350 crore: Dangal (2016)

Dangal still has a chance to become the first film to cross the 400 crore mark and whether that feat will be achieved or not – will be decided this weekend.



  • [email protected] says:

    Lifetime last 390.bcs xxx releasing on 14th

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  • Great Achievement by Mr Aamir Khan.

    Salman too doing extraordinary job these days.

    Hope Srk too come on his track.

    And will give hit pe hit
    BB pe BB
    ATBB pe ATBB. …

    Khans are the three Pillers of Bollywood. …

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  • why you bring salman in all news he is no where near to aamir and when his movies became a crowd puller ? it is srk who can give 44 cr on first day but audience is bored by his same kind of movie so is struggles to cross 200 ven he never crossed krrish 3 he needs to make good movies yeah salman is on 2nd bcoz of his good movies but when did he broke the first day collection ? so indicine stooped being biased there is only one ace of bollywood aamir khan no one can beat him then other are fighting for 2nd spot

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  • Aamir is doing balatkaar pe balatkaar on box office.oh sorry its chamatkar actually

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  • movies which done by SRK in past now in modern days become ever greens salaam to him ameer salman is dreaming for this.

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  • I really wonder srk never invented even 1club in Hindi cinema…
    He just survived on hype…

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  • Aamir was looking into future Bollywood when doing LAGaan…
    So he started doing content films 16 years ago…
    Now every1 calls srk smart..how come????
    He thought that these period of Romantic films will never end…!

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  • If it earns 360cr as expected by end of wk 3 then I can see atleast another 15cr min tally by this 4th wknd meaning 375cr with still 9 more days to collect 25cr before those 2 krapfests arrive…!

    400cr is still a fair target

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  • But our dadaji Pluto Boy opened up all major clubs in the overseas territory of PLUTO be it 10cr, 20cr, 50cr, 100cr, 1234cr etc etc etc

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  • Result of My predictions for some of THE BIGGEST FILMS OF 2016 ;
    First commented on March 2016

    I just keep older one in brackets if there’s a change in my prediction.

    Fan .. 85 Cr→Crap/Bad Film
    Excellent .. 138 Cr
    Mixed .. 97 Cr

    HF3 .. 108 Cr→Average Comedy Film
    Excellent .. 150 Cr
    Mixed .. 105 Cr

    Sultan .. 301 Cr→Good Film
    Excellent .. 307 Cr
    Mixed .. 215 Cr

    Due to Huge Eid period having three big days i.e Eid & Jagarnath Puja, Eid & Baasi Eid. With perfect 5 days long weekend, Sultan puts up 60% of lifetime collection which is similar story of many films that gets perfect long weekend like Sultan. I don’t get surprised by Sultan crosses 300 Cr because I know the EDX POWER, NOT KHANS↓ better than anyone else. Follow the sign (▲) below for more details.

    MD° .. 60 Cr→Ignored Film
    Excellent .. 310 Cr
    Mixed .. 217 Cr

    All medias & all sites were muted on MOHENJO DARO and same did by Industry. Mute Medias &  mute sites, mute Industry altogether created ignorant environment for MD & they succeed in it because due to that MD opened lower than Rustom. MD was a film that could easily cross 217 Cr but it’s a Rustom team’s Dirty game (all media & all sites get muted on any film in clash called Dirty Game) that changed whole MD standings.
    You (Many) will troll me for this predictions & I will troll you for DIRTY GAME of RUSTOM.

    Rustom° .. 127 Cr→Paid Good Film
    Excellent .. 107 Cr
    Mixed .. 75 Cr

    Reverse to MOHENJO DARO, all media & all sites were just opened up/reported only about Rustom e.g Rustom will be AK’s 3rd 100Cr film…. bla bla bla & plus Industry supports. Over the top vocal for Rustom by all medias & all sites (shows they get paid from Rustom team) and whole Industry supports altogether made Rustom big. Clashing with Huge film as huge as MOHENJO DARO made Rustom even bigger than it was. Thanks to Dirty game, MOHENJO DARO & Industry supports, A film that couldn’t earn even 75 Cr even with solo release that film earned 127Cr with clash. So, Rustom is paid success film, paid reviewed n Good Film.

    Shivaay° .. 100 Cr→Good Action Film
    Excellent .. 180 Cr
    Mixed .. 126 Cr

    Since Diwali falls on sunday means its 3 Days weekend falls on Darkest Pre-Diwali periods like KRRISH 3 which is disastrous sign for any film even in solo. Due to Darkest Pre Diwali Periods, Clash & Dirty game against it from ADHM team side, Its first 3 days are more in danger. Post Diwali i.e Monday will be huge in clash if somehow it manages 45 Cr+ in first 3 days.

    ADHM° .. 110 Cr→Paid Good Film
    Excellent .. 120 Cr
    Mixed .. 84 Cr

    Like Rustom, even if ADHM crosses 50 Cr all credit will go to Dirty game of film team. Creating negativities for one film from opponent film through paying media/taking supports called Dirty Game. In this way,  Media talks/reports about just one film & completely ignores other film e.g Media n industry are mums on Shivaay like MD & Media & Industry are open up/saying/reporting continously about ADHM like Rustom. Pre Diwali will affect ADHM more than Shivaay even if ADHM gets paid reviews from paid medias like 3* n above.

    Dear Zindagi .. 65 Cr→Average Film
    Excellent .. 93 Cr
    Mixed .. 65 Cr

    Dangal .. 345 Cr→Very Good Film
    Excellent .. 355 (243)Cr
    Mixed .. 248 (170)Cr

    Due to Winder holidays periods having penalties of big holidays n big days too like Pre-Xmas market on 24, Xmas on 25, Good bye Year on 31, New Year on 1 which always start from 24 Dec & end to first week of January. The Christmas did what it suppose to do THE DHAMAAKA and it will continue it (shows its power) in future even if it is Non-AAMIR or Non-KHANS film except B & C list STAR. So I don’t get surprised by Dangal crosses 300Cr or 350Cr because I know the EDX POWER, NOT KHANS↓ better than anyone else. Follow the sign (▲) below for more details.

    ▲FACT→There is no need to be GOOD FILM to cross 200 Cr or 300 Cr when a Film is releasing on EDX holidays because EDX is like 7 Khoon Maaf. To cross margin like 500 Cr, needs something extraordinary even on EDX holidays (Fact validation:- all films release during 2014-2017).
    ● My predictions for some of THE BIGGEST FILMS OF 2016 are based on all the factors that a film is releasing with like Solo, Non holidays, Non EDX Holidays, EDX holidays & Big Clashes=(°).

    NOTES ;
    My predictions in clash means healthy clash like BB! Vs HAIDER, not One Side Dirty Game just like Rustom did against MOHENJO DARO.

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  • Aamir be fair now- our dadaji Pluto Boy couldnt even get into the 100cr club in 2016 with 2 CONTENT(less) RICH movies ie Phanka n Dear Dadaji n here you are without Papa Hirani inaugurating the 350cr club…!

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  • All these VIP exclusive clubs are great but just to be fair perhaps Aamir should give out free invitations to other lesser popular stars so they can have a sneak peak inside some of his older clubs like the 250cr club…! Im thinking Aamir should invite our Lungi wearing Dadaji so he can see what a VIP club looks like…!

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  • Aamir doest even care this. Will he have pressure period to release Thugs? Not at all but he’ll be nervous as usual before release of his movie. Why nervous? Whether the audience accept the film or not.

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  • once again he proved that he is there to change the rules. some Salman fans were saying that max 250 earn krega, xmas ka fayda ni h isliye 300cr nahi hoga,buddhe ko kon dekhne jaega,universal content nahi h, etc and now they are crying about xmas to jab tum 200-250 predict kr rahe the tab kya raksha bandhan lag raha tha kya. praise where its due. many content movies come but it couldnt match aamir’s movie in bo. & opening weekend defines stardom in which dangal,sultan,hny,bb,pk aati h top par. just compare the facts. yeah aamir doesnt crazy fanbase like salman because he do less films,public appearances etc. Salman is popular among masses and Aamir among family aud. Salman is ahead in india,Aamir in Os. so no comparison at all. both are biggest superstar.

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  • ShahRuhk Khan- King of Romance and Acting.
    Amir Khan – King of Content and Acting for sure.
    Salman Khan- King of Entertainment and Superstardom.
    And BO belongs to them. They are also playing a major role in boosting the economy of India.

    These 3 Khans are the true Legends.

    Proud to be live in the era of Khans.

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  • Where and When did he cut the ribbon ???… He just did this work diligently and proved to the world that he’s a perfectionist and an inspiration… He’s above numbers and these so called media created foolish ‘clubs’… The media has to say something so they talk numbers instead of the powerful message this movie gives… Aamir is way too ahead of the people who just believe in clubs and measure a film by money…

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