• Considering PRDP to have a great script and content, and has a release date on post Diwali… What will be its 1st day, 1st weekend, 1st week, and lifetime domestic collection ??
    Also it having bigger promotional strategies than HNY what will be its overseas collection near to ???
    (idw to hear ur normal replies like its tough to predict even wdout a trailer, only if youths like it, if the promos are interesting blah blah.. That’s y I have asked u to consider it to have a good content, a perfect release, anticipating trailer, and good songs. So please give me some real answers this time.. I just need to know how the market is predicting it to be like)
    Thank you!

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  • I don’t understand what I have to say. So please don’t mind

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  • yore prediction was not right in the case of bombay velevet…before it release you guys predicted above 60 cr….so why this kolaveri….

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  • Akshay kumar
    Khilady kumar
    Stunter kumar

    Iske aagey koii nhii….akshay jaisa koii nhii….

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  • Dilip Kumar (Muhammad Yusuf Khan) is best actor and number one………… 1

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  • SRK – the only actor in India, which can look civilized world, not savages third world countries ..

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