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Johnny Gaddar Movie Review

Introducing Johnny Gaddar Director Sriram Raghavan’s debut film Ek Haseena Thi, starring Saif Ali Khan and Urmila Matondkar was average at the box-office but won rave reviews from the critics. After three years of hiatus, the director is back with yet another suspense thriller titled ‘Johnny Gaddar’. Many films that released this year are inspirations of Hollywood movies or Bollywood classics. Johnny Gaddar is no exception. The title of the film is Raghavan’s way of paying homage to veteran director Vijay Anand. Some of the script is borrowed from James Hadley Chase novels and the Big B starrer Parwana, which is clearly revealed in the movie as Johnny is show watching the movie and takes inspiration to double cross his business associates. Johnny Gaddar Story: Seshadri (Dharmendra), Prakash (Vinay Patak), Shardul (Zakir Hussain), Shiva (Daya Shetty) and Vikram (Neil Mukesh) are five business associates, who plan a conspiracy. All have one common interest and that is making fast money. The eldest of the group is Seshadri and he gets an offer to make a fortune in four days and the rest of the gang agree to pitch in their share as this would put them in the big league. The youngest of the group Vikram decides to double-cross and elope with his love Mini. What ensues is an accident that they all try to figure out. Johnny Gaddar Movie Review: Director Sriram has chosen to make it different. Unlike other thrillers where the identity of the culprit is kept a secret till the climax nears, in Johnny Gaddar there is absolutely no beating around the bush. The audience knows right from the outset what transpires and who the culprit is. Johnny Gaddar takes the audience on a journey full of suspenses. With just three short songs, no cry and drama, the movie follows things a caper thriller should. But the movie slackens in pace and hence suffers to do complete justice as a suspense thriller. The script is interesting, with twists and turns, one accident leading to many crimes but the sequence could have been better scripted by making the suspense even more intricate. Johnny Gaddar Performance: Dharmendra as Seshadri does justice to his character. But his role could have been improved to match his magnetism. The one scene that looked quite artificial is his death scene. Neil Mukesh, the debutant is commendable in a role that doesn’t demand histrionics. We can expect to see more of him in the future. Having seen Vinay Pathak in comic roles, this new avatar of his comes as a surprise. He is brilliant. Zakir Hussain is excellent. He executes the role with ease and comfort. Daya Shetty’s (Daya in TV Thriller CID) role is limited. His performance is average. Indicine Johnny Gaddar Verdict Overall, Johnny Gaddar is half planned suspense thriller but manges to entertain.The movie will be reveived with mixed reviews. It’s business at the multiplex will be good. Rating: