What’s Your Rashee Movie Review

The Oscar nominated director of Lagaan returns after working with 3 of the biggest stars in the country Aamir Khan (Lagaan), Shahrukh Khan (Swades) and Hrithik Roshan (Jodhaa Akbar).. comparatively What’s your Rashee is a much smaller movie starring Priyanka Chopra in 12 different roles and Harman Baweja as the most eligible bachelor. Yet the expectations are sky high and understandably so.

But what unfolds in this terribly long movie on Sun Signs, is Gowariker’s worst work in a long long time. A movie that not just falls way below expectations, but surprises you with its mediocrity. Is this really, for real, an Ashutosh Gowariker directed movie?

Read on as we dissect the positives and negatives of What’s your Rashee. 

Whats your Rashee Review

Some reasons why you could watch What’s your Rashee on DVD (visit to a theater not recommended)

  • Priyanka Chorpa – Does justice to each of the 12 characters she portrays and ensures almost each of them feel distinctly different.
  • Some dialogues and comic scenes work, but are way too few and far in between.

Why you would absolutely regret the Rashee experience if you indeed decide to watch it

  • The movie is way too long and what makes things worse are those 13 songs, 12 for each Rashee and the title song in the end. Why include a song, just for the heck of it? None, absolutely none of the songs were necessary. Dont get me wrong, length is never a problem as long as the content is strong, unfortunately the screenplay and its execution (read direction) ensure the 3 hour 30 minute movie remains terribly weak on content throughout.
  • With due credit to Priyanka’s performance, she is let down by some of the most irritating and weird characters you will ever get to watch on screen. They dance without a reason, their dialogues are outright pathetic and while most seem different from each other, the effort to make them so different seems to have back-fired big time.
  • Harman Baweja is completely overshadowed by Priyanka here. His performance and dialogue delivery has improved considerably since his Love Story 2050 days and Gowariker has ensured there is no trace of Hrithik left in his performance, yet there is something missing. Could be the energy, intensity or the lack screen presence? He seems to have the necessary talent and looks but if Gowariker could’nt extract the best out of him we wonder who could..
  • After the drag that the movie is, you look forward to the last possible saving grace – the climax. But what unfolds in the last 20 odd minutes has to be one of the most stupid and unconvincing climaxes ever.
  • Darshan Jariwala’s extra marital storyline that adds to the runtime gets increasingly annoying. It was meant to be funny, but isn’t.

Overall, from a director with epics like Lagaan and Swades behind him, its a shocker. Hard to put it in words, but being one of the biggest fans of Gowariker since his acting and CID days, it hurts to say this – What’s your Rashee is one of the worst films this decade. A powerful sleeping pill, that isn’t recommended even for chronic sleeplessness.

Half a star for Priyanka.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

Other notes –  The review was actually supposed to cover each of the 13 different stories (12 of each Rashee and the main storyline), but why make it terribly long and boring for readers when not more than one or two deserved a mention?

We loved Priyanka’s look in certain characters, she looked stunning as Sanjana (Aquarius), Kajal (Gemini), Bhavna (Sagittarius) and Pooja (Virgo).

Coming to the box office, the advance booking has been poor, morning and afternoon shows were literally empty on Friday.. Don’t expect much at the box office, as the word of mouth is terribly negative.

Seen What’s your Rashee? Post your reviews below.



  • I have seen this smovie twice and did enjoy every part of it…though i agree the movie is too long and slow too….as it has 12 very good songs which makes the movie a big long..anyways i would say movie is good and can be watched once …

  • i absolutely LOVED What’s Your Rashee?.. i loved priyanka’s work but i loved harman’s more..

    comon people! hum apkay hain kaun was a big dubba movie.. it was as far as i could remember THE MOST LONGEST MOVIE in the history.. it had soooooooo many songs and the execution was very poor.. and even THAT was a hit! i couldn’t believe that.. there are soo many big time flops that were – GOD knows how and WHY – declared HITS! i just feel like there’s a big lobby makin against harman.. cuz he is more good lookin than hrithik.. and besdies.. harma resembles hrithik’s dad not him..

    there were so many feelings in it.. full of feelings i say.. and priyanka and harman make a great couple too..


  • i never go to movie with my parents.I dont know wat happen dat day, i ws eager to watch chopra in d film.Then i realised was it me who left my priya whom i promised for a date for the sake of chopra in the film……titles backtrack were awesome then slowly it made my cry…shout…like anything.dont evn try to bunk clg for this kind of muv.

  • Most junk movie from Ashutosh, boring and without any story. I can’t believe he could make such pathetic movie, he must be drugged or something..

  • the songs in it were awesome.but the story was not so good.harman and priyanka acted very well.it is not so boring.ashutosh sir,you r the best


  • I like this movie. Better than some other bollywood crap. A bit dragging at places but then its fine. I loved all the characters in the film. The ending (15 mins) was wierd but not bad. Its a ‘hatke’ bollywood film. Its clean, its for family.

  • And yes, I in my family arrange marraiges only take place. So, I can identify a hell lot with that movie. Plus how well it shows a family bonding between Chachas and chachis and brothers and Bhabhis. There was so much in this film where I could relate to and surely many Indians WILL relate to. Especially Marwaris and Gujaratis..

  • It’s a nice movie. I watched it many times. Length doesn’t matter as long as you don’t get bored with any film. Priyanka’s action was superb. You believe it or not, I didn’t know that it was Priyanka in all the 12 Rashees. One of my friend told me later. It was aired on television, so I couldn’t know that all the roles were played by Priyanka.

  • Its a full entertainment movie, not for nerds who want to poke, split and rip apart every action, dialogue and scene…..c’mon guys its a movie to entertain….not a lagaan and defnitely not 1 star.

    I give it 4 stars for pure time pass and entertainment….the songs music is catchy and the concept is really appreciable….

    and finally watch it for Priyanka … proves she has very gppd talent and of course looks !!

  • Absolute rubbish and to think I waited so long to watch it , the idiot brother gets away with everything and still gets bailed out in the end. Harman marries the girl who rejected him for another dude and poor hansa and the other funny girl in the beginning don’t get rescued by the handsome prince. Junk junk junk. There is no love story and harman is like a robot. Prianka is absolutely beautiful and all her different characters were totally different and believable.

  • the film is nice just its a bit longer while priyanka sizzles superbly in all her avatars n her name has been listed in GUINESS WORLD RECORD BOOK due to her portrayal of 12 roles which no one has ever done in cinema worldwide

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