Udta Punjab Review

There has been a lot of trouble plaguing the release of Udta Punjab, which has mainly occurred due to the convoluted and old mindset of the censor board. There’s a lot which has been said about it and we don’t really want to get into the controversy here. The trailer of the movie has given a very realistic and gritty vibe to the movie. Does Udta Punjab live up to expectations? No better time to find out.

Story: Udta Punjab follows the lives of 4 different people. There’s Tommy Singh (Shahid) who is hooked to drugs and can’t make music unless he is coked up. There are hundreds of youth in Punjab who look up to people like him. He gets caught by a rogue police officer turned a good Samaritan Sartaj (Diljit). He almost lost his brother because of drugs. He is friends with Preet (Kareena) who is a doctor working to rehabilitate drug affected patients and is also a part time reporter. Then there’s Pinky Kumari (Alia) who is a migrant hockey player from Bihar who chances upon a packet of drugs.

Screenplay and Direction: Abhishek Chaubey has masterfully addressed the menace of drugs in Punjab with a sense of realism and urgency that has never been achieved in a mainstream form. His victory lies in the fact that he manages to show us a world which we are not used to seeing, but keeps it entertaining throughout. That’s how a good director takes a good story in the written form to a good movie in the cinematic form. The screenplay does get a big prosaic in the second half, but by then all is forgiven as Abhishek has already managed to win us over by then.

Udta Punjab Review

Udta Punjab Review

Another one of Udta Punjab’s victories is how the story seems rooted to the ground because it is so well brought together by all the departments. The production design and the costume design get full marks for their consistency and effort. The editing is quite fast, moves along really well and makes the film a brisk ride. The music by Amit Trivedi suits the nature of the film. The title song, Ik Kudi, Da Da Dasse all take the film to the next juncture without making the songs seem unnecessary.

Acting: All the 4 main actors of Udta Punjab deserve praise for their performances but the standout performance in the movie is that of Alia Bhatt. She showcases the vulnerability and ignorance of an illiterate hockey loving Bihari migrant girl beautifully. We are amazed by her sheer talent. Shahid Kapoor also lends a sense of masochism to his character and makes it easy to despise a character like his. Then there’s Diljit who is abnormally subdued in this movie and does very well to showcase the change in his character from a rogue money loving policeman to a good cop. Kareena lends a sense of credibility to her part as the doctor and manages to tie the film together.

Conclusion: Udta Punjab is a very brave attempt at showcasing one of the many problems that is affecting our society today. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t shy away from the main issues but neither does it toe the line of diplomacy. It deals with such a strong issue and the abuses give it a sense of realism. Abhishek Chaubey has mastered the art of delivering such strong movies related to such immensely important social issues. Udta Punjab is a must must watch.

  • The tackling of an important social issue so maturely
  • The amazing casting of the main leads
  • Alia Bhatt is sensational
  • Shahid is good too
  • The costume design and production design
  • The editing is brisk
  • The entertainment quotient hardly goes down
  • The second half gets a bit indulgent
  • The music could have been better
  • A section of the audience might not like the abuses that are included in the film, almost every dialogue has a abuse.
Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Finally a much deserved hit for Shahid.Indicine one small request please don’t reveal any spoilers like Diljit having a change of heart like Mr komal nahta who reveals the entire plot including half the climax at times.

  • Strong Performances all actors
    Specially Alia Bhatt
    1st Entertaining
    2nd half Boring,fuddu,useless

    Life time 40 cr
    Budget 50cr +


  • Udta punjab is one of the best movie I have ever seen. Great story, Great performance of leads cast and great direction. Hat off to makers.

  • Very nicely written!! Didn’t find the third point in the cons necessary to include when you are reviewing a film!!

  • @Ultron You stupid fool don’t you have anything better to do in your life apart from making the same old irrelevant comments on every article which doesn’t have the mention of Srk in them.I feel pity on Indicine who are subjected to all these classless comments of yours which they have to moderate giving them headache.

  • So movie is receiving extremely positive and extremely negative reviews. ..I side with those calling it extremely negative like koimoi as their reviews are far more credible than indicine…no offence but u have a history which is kind of like dilgits character.

  • I knew Aliaa was going to deliver the best performance in the movie.. She was fab in the promos too.

  • I agree with your review Indicine but rating should be around 3/5. There are other websites like koimoi who has rated this movie as 2/5, that’s just shocking how much they disliled the movie.

  • Superb movie!!!!!! This movie is one of best movie in recent time. Shahid and alia is outstanding. Others casts all did good job. 1st half is superb!!!!!!!!! . 2nd half little bit slow but pick up strongly at the climex. Worth to watch. Don’t miss.

  • I don’t know it will be hit or flop but I have really really enjoyed it. This movie deserves blockbuster verdict. But piracy di maa di.

  • 4 stars on Indicine is not always positive sign . I hope UP turns out to be a brilliant movie . Abhishek Chaubey has made Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya both were very good movies and that makes UP more interesting . The trailer was also really good and the songs have been good considering the genre of the movie . The Censor Board Controversy gave huge publicity but the online leak has nullified the impact to some extent . The people who have already seen the movie will not see in theatres even if they find it brilliant . Those people who have always been determined to watch it in theatres will watch no matter what happens . So the situation becomes interesting for UP . The opening day collections will be affected to some extent because many people must have seen the movie by now . I have not decided whether I will watch or not but good luck to the entire team and wishing everyone all the best for their work !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why have indicine team not put the initial opening report of Udta Punjaab like you do for other films? BOI report indicates that it has taken excellent opening and can go well beyond 10+ crores first day.

  • @ianBollywoodFan what is your problem? Why are you always against udta punjab? Only koimoi give -ve review. All other reviews are positive and some are highly positive.

  • Wonderful review Indicine.

    Just what I was expecting from the movie :
    great performances, well directed and a movie effectively addressing a very important social issue.

    Have been waiting for this movie for so long now. Planning to watch the movie tomorrow. Just cannot wait for it.

  • @ Indicine: From what I have been following on twitter it apparently has a very good chance to cross 10 cr. Any chance if it can cross Airlift opening or is that expecting too much?

  • Reviews are not that great for the movie which was expected from it . @challa u r saying not to reveal spoilers but u also revealed it .lol

  • Udta punjab fly high

    Just one word ‘SUPERB’. Brilliantly written and directed. Outstanding performance by lead casts. What are you waiting guys go cinema hall near you and enjoy. Kill piracy support quality movie.

  • http://wp.me/p7qO7k-4u
    @Team Indicine and all the readers of Indicine. Com,this is the link to my Review of Udta Punjab. Please read it and give me your valuable feedback. I request @Team Indicine to post my comment this time as I hadn’t been able to post the link to my review of Housefull 3 last time.Thank You!

  • “Shahid is good too”

    Everytime the guy gives a good performances, someone else gets more mileage.

    Jab We Met – Shahid was good, but Kareen lived the role.

    Haider – Shahid was good, but Tabu was brilliant

    Kaminey – Shahid was good, Amol Gupte was great, Priyanka was brilliant

    Udta Punjab – Shahid is good, Alia Bhatt has given a brilliant performance.

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