Tezz Box Office Opening

Tezz opened to a disappointing response at the box-office on Friday, as the occupancy was as low as 20% at multiplexes. At single-screens, the response was slightly better.

The opening was expected to be on the lower side, as there was absolutely no pre-release buzz, but such low numbers for a film starring Ajay Devgan has shocked the trade. The release of Hollywood film ‘The Avengers’, which opened to a fantastic response in Urban cities, made a huge dent in collections too.

On Friday, ‘The Avengers’ which is carrying outstanding reports, was quite clearly the first choice for moviegoers.



  • Lack Of Promotion..Lack Of Good Songs..Lack Of Good Reports..+ AVENGERS.. have led to this..It would flop..unfortunately..

  • merit, but no merit of this film. people do not want to spend money for rubbish. Old thing rubbish in this case. I don’t know how Anil or Ajoy is hero. Like Amitabh, no movie before or now a days is hit only for him.

    thanks ….

  • hahhhaahah as expected agent vinod and tezz both bumbed..its tym of comedy guyss..and singham was a hit coz of its storey

  • Ajay is thinking to compete with SRK. And the public are giving their answers. How dare he to compete with the King. SOS will be disaster.

  • as expected , when tezz get postponed to 27apl i saw on tv at that time i said tezz will be disaster because of AVENGERS.is ajay is mad competing with srk in diwali ,it will bring 1 more disaster to him.

  • happy to comeback here after a time salman ajay both have same kind of audience the fact is movies like tezz needs multiplex audience too salman and ajay are single theatre actors thats mine point . we ,the multiplex audience will never like the people who give dabbang or singham only hritik akshay amir rocks in multiplexes king khan is the undisputed king in multiplexes

  • there films are not earning from multiplexes and becoming big hits as single theatre audiences are trending all single theatre fans will suck on diwali 2012 and 2013 when king khans and greek god movies will release

  • this actor needs to act as enemy in movie he should follow sanjay dutt path like in agneepath,he is bad looking even i dont let my child to watch his movies he can have bad dreams,pls srk,salman hrithik act with this guy as your enemy it will be atbb.

  • @ravi, u don’t know king khan who has been ruling entire bollywood for last 20 years. And Ajay! Started giving hits/semi hits since 2008 except U Me Aur hum which was folp. So respect SRK

  • ajay become next superflop actor after saif and aksahy…haha…singhammmmmmmmmmmm…hahahaha..next joker of bollywood

  • national awards give to those actor who did not do anything in their life thogh have potential..the films ..no one even know got national awards

  • all records will be shatter on diwali 2013……100cr in 4 days achive ….trust me…agneepath is just a trailer ..real picture come diwali 2013..

  • U multiplex audiance r so retarded man.Avenger is hollywood masala movie which is made for kids u shitheads.

  • Fact:Most hollywood audience r between the age of 8 to 16 years old.u guys watch hollywood movie to show your self cool thats it.

  • Thats the fact that ajay is better actor then khans roshan and kumar and if u dont think that then pls visit doctor.

  • I think Tezz is pretty good movie….story and acting wise both are good. every actor has his own specialty. for example if Shah Rukh work in an action fighting movie, i.e. marshal art movie..may be he wont be a suitable actor for a body builder role…in don 2 and salman in dabang actually if you go on acting they both were not suitable for those charactors, they looked like comedian in those movies….

  • Ajay is a good actor..But King khan,Salman,Amir and Saif are Star of bollywood..Without khan’s bollywood will be treated with a blank jar..

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