Sultan records 7th highest single day collections

Salman Khan’s Sultan has recorded the 7th highest single day collections of all time, as the first day collections of the film is similar to what Bajrangi Bhaijaan collected on its second day.

Happy New Year and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo are the only two films to collect more than 40 crore on a single day.

Dhoom 3 is the only film to find a mention 3 times in the Top 10. It remains to be seen if Sultan can achieve that record.

MovieSingle Day CollectionsStar
Dangal42.35 cr (third day)Aamir Khan
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo40.35 cr (first day)Salman Khan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan38.75 cr (third day)Salman Khan
PK38.24 cr (third day)Aamir Khan
Sultan38.21 cr (fifth day)Salman Khan
Dhoom 338.03 cr (third day)Aamir Khan
Happy New Year37.65 cr (first day)Shahrukh Khan
Sultan37.32 (second day)Salman Khan
Sultan36.62 (fourth day, non-holiday)Salman Khan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan36.6 cr (second day)Salman Khan
Sultan36.54 cr (first day)Salman Khan
Dhoom 336.22 cr (first day, non-holiday)Aamir Khan
Dangal34.82 cr (second day, non-holiday)Aamir Khan
Dhoom 333.36 cr (second day, non-holiday)Aamir Khan
Chennai Express33.12 cr (first day)Shahrukh Khan
Ek Tha Tiger32.92 cr (first day)Salman Khan
Chennai Express32.50 cr (third day)Shahrukh Khan
Krrish 332.20 cr (fourth day)Hrithik Roshan
Singham Returns32.09 cr (first day)Ajay Devgn
Sultan31.67 (third day, non-holiday)Salman Khan
Dangal31.27 cr (tenth day, holiday)Aamir Khan
Happy New Year 31.20 cr (third day)Shahrukh Khan
Happy New Year30.60 cr (second day, partial-holiday)Shahrukh Khan
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo31.03 (second day, partial holiday)Salman Khan
PK30.34 cr (second day, non-holiday)Aamir Khan
Kick30.18 cr (third day)Salman Khan
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo30.07 cr (third day)Salman Khan
Dangal29.78 cr (first day, non-holiday)Aamir Khan
Kick28.89 cr (fifth day)Salman Khan
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo28.30 cr (fourth day)Salman Khan
Chennai Express28.06 cr (second day)Shahrukh Khan
PK27.55 cr (seventh day)Aamir Khan
Bang Bang27.54 cr (first day, clash with Haider)Hrithik Roshan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan27.25 (first day, non-holiday)Salman Khan
Kick27.15 cr (second day, non holiday)Salman Khan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan27.05 cr (fourth day, non-holiday)Salman Khan
Kick26.52 cr (first day, non holiday)Salman Khan
Krrish 326.26 cr (fifth day, non holiday)Hrithik Roshan
Dangal25.48 cr (fourth day, non-holiday)Aamir Khan


  • LOL…mega stardom
    The so called biggest superstar is failled to beat The actor who’s career is considering on the lower side…

  • So what…..???

    May be it will cross 250 cr but in Quality Sultan is less than “Brothers”.

    Rustom will crash Mohenjodaro.

    Tere sang Yaara is best song of the year.

  • BANG BANG ! is the only film that got mention in the list despite HUGE CLASH


  • Megastardom is releasing your movie on more than 4000 screens with increased ticket price (without any clash) and collecting 36 CR on opening day.
    If that is so called megastardom then I’m ok if SRK is deprived from it.

  • Breaking news :

    For entire month of July, Government of Lalluland has declared “Chhann se Jo toote koi sapna” as their national anthem.

  • So extraordinary buzz.. Only release.. Eid vacation, excellent reviews, so called biggest megastar, God of Indian cinema, one man army.. Bla Bla Bla… But guess what? Collection was 36.6 cr.. Couldn’t even break HNY & PRDP.. BIG SHAME!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BANG BANG ! is the only film that got mention in the list despite HUGE CLASH and without EDX holidays


  • prize 900 and many more screens and still not able to touch 40 cr I just watched today and it’s similar to brothers.

  • According to non-actor fans, July 6 was a ‘partial’ holiday and pre-Eid period hence Sultana couldn’t cross 40 CR mark. But July 7 is a holiday (according to them), so let’s see how much difference it makes to the collections.

  • hahahahaha
    I can’t stop laughing
    n u guys said advance booking of sultan is historic 😂😂

  • Sultan WOM is positive so I think it can gross 250 cr easily.Hoping Dangal & Raees will also do wonders at the box office.

  • Ha ha ha ha ghanta MEGASTARDOM.this is called chuha stardom.

    On EID,sallu failed to beat 2 YEAR BEFORE HNY’S less screen count+less ticket price based salman should retire from BOLLYWOOD,as during his peak period too LONG SRK remained THE BIGGEST CROWD PULLING MEGASTAR.salman please retire,your time ended,join the bhojpuri industry as you’d not worthimg BOLLYWOOD anymore due to your non acting.

    Even KING SRK allows this darpok star due to YRF connection still this recordless non actor can’t take the advantage of EID.

    recordless khan will always remain recordless loser,rofl.

  • @King Akki

    Quality wise? in one particular day a ufc fighter particpate in 4-5 brawls??

    Any real Ufc fighter or Wrestling Icon made special appearance or cameo? nah they knew the film sucked!!

    In.Sultan atleast you can have a glimpse of aimed real Ufc fighters and an Olympic icon like Kurt Angle was a big treat.

    Check critic reviews and indicine user reviews on Brothers 1st. Funny akkian

  • In the top 30 collections, the break up is as follows

    Salman = 14
    SRK = 6
    Amir = 6
    Hrithik = 3
    Ajay = 1

    By Sunday, Salman’s count will go up to 15 and Hrithik’s down to 2 as last 2 entries will move out due to Sultan’s collections.

  • In his so called ‘bad phase’ 6 SRK movies registered their presence in the list.
    I’m happy that he is not in his best phase else half of the population of Lalluland would have traumatised due to excessive shock.

  • Haters are still not realising how big the start of sultan is considering partial holiday
    Come tmrw and see how the flim does today , for weekend , week and life time your so called queen/ bhagora fans will come to know what are records if they have already not with bajrangi bhaijaan and PRDP

  • Sorry Salman Khan, you are not number one superstar, you were never. I know you can’t give all time Highest Grosser, wo tere aukat ke bahar hain, but you can’t even break opening day records, that is shamefull!
    Biggest superstar? its one and only Aamir Khan.

  • Indicine

    If you are putting lower than even trade collection for Sultan I don’t even expect you to put producers + you guys extra collection for both Sib and Besharam. Everybody knows no Akshay movie has ever opened 20 crs same for Ranbir.

    I know HNY record still is intact( big credit to Srk still) but @ least put the real trade figure of Sultan it makes no difference and will still be the 3rd highest opener.

  • There are some people who mock the Raped Victims by giving useless statement and do harassment and abuse the women and don’t know how to feel shame on themselves and how to respect women in the world… After All, They have forgot that it was a woman who gave birth to them…

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    I hope, You all understood what I mean?

  • First of all it was non holiday release…go n see the official announcement of government where they mentioned that Wednesday will be a working day so it is the highest opening on a working day…
    2. Happy new year collected 36 cr, prem ratan dhan payo collected 39 cr so plz avoid the manipulation… If yrf wanted then they could have said that sultan collected 45 cr on day one n noone can deny that….go n see BOI
    3. Pre eid period is called bad for movies as Muslim audience doesnt come to theatre to see the movie considering this fact Sultan is huge for first day…
    4. Overseas collection on day one are approx 3.5 million which is huge

    # plz haters go away n get a life

  • A big lol on those who were barking 45cr bla bla bla. despite holiday or a huge partial holiday(much much bigger than Fan, people thought today will be EID, so advance booking was huge), it has hardly beaten Dhoom 3’s complete non-holiday opening day number, which is 3 years older! SHAME!!!
    Salman wasn’t, isn’t and will never be the biggest Khan. You have to have acting talent to be that.
    Aamir rules, as always.

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