SRK and Karan on Hrithik’s Performance in ZNMD

Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara opened to fantastic collections all over and has re-established Hrithik Roshan as one of the most bankable stars in industry. The equity of his forthcoming films has now shot through the roof!

The reason Hrithik is smiling is not this. Duggu is happy that his performance in the film has come in for high praise from trade analysts, reviewers and, of course, his coterie of friends. Says trade analyst Vajir Singh, “Few big actors have the confidence to take on films where they are not hogging the show entirely. With this film, Hrithik has once again proved how good an actor he is. His performance is outstanding and his name features high on the list of the five most bankable stars in Bollywood.”

Shahrukh Khan, who had a special screening of the film at Mannat over the weekend, says, “Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol share screen space with Hrithik, but he is the protagonist. He has the love and the story. He has emoted amazingly with his eyes and his silences convey everything. He’s rivetting, refreshing and looks fabulous too.”

Karan Johar, whose Agneepath will be Duggu’s next release, is also blown over. Says KJo, “For the first time, Hrithik has done a “slice of life” film. His body language and easy dialogue delivery makes you wonder if there is anything Duggu cannot do. If you ask me to describe his performance in one word, I would say: brilliant!”

Hrithik was born to be a star. He has a movie star quality about him that is unparalleled in the fraternity. The fact that he can be the man-next-door in ZNMD, the superhero in Krrish or the angry man seeking revenge in Agneepath tells you that his selection of roles are brave yet superbly strategic.

The Times Of India’s film critic Nikhat Kazmi also feels that Hrithik’s metamorphosis from an uptight, money-minded stock broker to a carefree vagabond is a class act. And the one who sums it all up as far as HR’s performance goes is trade guru Taran Adarsh.

Says Taran, “Hrithik takes up challenges for himself with every project he chooses. He tries to outdo himself by pushing the limits. In ZNMD, he is in terrific form interpreting an extremely intricate and exceptional character fluently, channelling every emotion in the book through his eyes.”

Now you know why Duggu’s smile just reached his eyes!



  • I agree with you Indicine. So far, Farhan has gotten most of the accodaldes from this film, but his character was more likable than Hrithik’s, especially in the first half. That shouldn’t take away from Hrithik’s performance, however. He was brillaint.

  • @Indicine Team: yes you were promoting him even in difficult times, i saw all pages of news: Hrithik’s name should be mentionned at least five times in every page, he’s the main topic here. Aren’t they any other actors in the industry?

  • It’s not about who had the best role, it’s about who performed better. I agree that Farhan Akhtar had the best role but also performed better in the comic scenes. Hrithik was also very good in other scenes.
    I think that applies more in DCH, Akshaye Khanna had the best role among the three, but he carried the same dumb expression through the film, still everyone was praising his performance calling it better however i don’t agree. I think Saif and Aamir performed better than him but had the weakest characters. Hrithik should only improve in comedy, it’ll be superb if he does. However brilliant performances by all cast.

  • Vivek, this is Hrithik’s week, so there will be more articles on Hrithik. Can’t be talking about Aamir or SRK when ZNMD has just released and is doing so well.

    And the reason we give Hrithik credit is for the BO performance of the film. ZNMD minus Hrithik would not have crossed 15 crores for the weekend and 40 crores lifetime max! :)

  • Indicine Team, u’re always talking about Hrithik he’s the main topic here, it’s not only this weak we see u promoting him but during Kites, Guzaarish…and even when he does not release any film.
    Anyways u’re free to promote whoever u want!


  • @Vivek: I think the team has already made their point clear by now. It was the week when Hrithik’s film ha been released so, it’s logical why his articles are being written quite frequently. If it was the week of RA.One for SRK, I think the team would do the same. I don’t understand why in the world you are so upset of these news. It’ like you would be so happy if ZNMD was flop and that the blog owners writing about it. Even if they are promoting Hirthik, its none of you business. They can promote anybody they want. Who are you to point out fingers at them?? To give you more pain, let me tell you that ZNMD has already started getting profit from the world wide box office collection. So now even the team here will not be able to bring ZNMD down to the flop status. The movie is still doing very good business at multiplexes and beating Singham at those plaxes as well. May be you may ask that I am saying this because I seem to be the fan of Hrihtik, Indeed I am but now I am only talking about reality. It’s counting profit from this week.

    Someone said above that Farhan Akhter was greater than hrithik which is credulous too. Hrithik is a lead character here and he did his best which is no way comparable with others in the movie. You can even refer to critics like komal Nahta, or Taran Adarsh, they said the same.

  • Sorry Farhan acted better in ZNMD coz he’s a better comedian but that does not mean Hrithik didn’t act well or Farhan is greater than Hrithik of course. Farhan is an OK actor, Hrithik is a good actor and a superstar but he has to improve in comdey :)

  • Fuad you’re clearly deluded. The whole concept of blogs/forums/comments is freedom of speech so of course Vivek can ask why hr is being promoted so much. After all diversity of opinions is what makes blogs/forums. Clearly you’re not intelligent to understand this. And whilst hr was the more high profile of the three actors,it was farhan who provided the humour which made the film it was

  • @Ali: Putting on tagline of ignorance on someone without knowing him personally is the biggest ignorance by anyone. However, he can ask this but he can not force the team to answer to his question like I said it’s none of our business about what to publish by the blogger or what not to publish. Finally, lack of sensitivity is what made you think Farhan Akter was the anchor of the film. If comedy or humorous behavior could make someone a very good actor, then Jonny Lever, or Raj Pal Yadav would have been the best actor ever rather than all the khans and HR or Kumar. Farhan Akhter did fantastic job but he could not override hrithik’s acting by his own acting. In fact, Hrithik justified his own character so well that no one could do anything better than him. Just delete Hrithik from ZNMD, the film would not gross half of what it has already grossed. The total gross collection worldwide was 108 crore within just 10 days, which would not be possible by the other two actors alone if Hrithik was not in. My source is the following.

  • @Sawssen & Ali: Totally agree
    @Fuad: Simply disagree,
    Hrithik fans should understand that when others find Farhan the standout performance in ZNMD does not mean he is a bad actor or they want to put him down, it’s just that most of the people enjoyed Farhan’s performance the most in the movie, but also Hrithik was not bad.
    I don’t understand why HR fans feel offended when others praise Farhan as the best in ZNMD…deos that prove that farhan is a better actor than Hrithik, it’s just that in that particular film Farhan was brilliant, so natural and had a fantastic sense of humour(which HR hasn’t), it’s about personnal opinions and you have to accept that, you won’t force anyone to like Hrithik, if they preffered Farhan so let them.
    I heard the same about Aamir Khan in DCH, RDB and 3I…it happens so just chill out…
    Also I don’t think Vivek is wrong, he was expressing his POV i don’t see him bashing anyone, you should respect that!

  • C’mon guys how silly can fans get!!! Why to bother who acted the best i think all were brilliant in tehir respective roles and the chemistry was fantastic between them. Same with 3 Idiots, RDB and DCH.
    Why to waste our times arguing over the standout performance???
    The film was good we enjoyed it and that’ all!

  • @Shalu: You don’t agree to what?? the box office report I am showing?? then go and search out in Google. Secondly, who forced to others to believe what I believe? you misunderstood everything and started babbling in your enforceable belief to others. Please, go and read all the critics review about who did the best in ZNMD. Do you think all the critics are biased, moron or something? For those of you who don’t like Hrithik Roshan because of being fans of KHANS are likely to comment like this here. The three characters were given almost equal responsibility to pull the movie to the next level. Of them, Hrithik was the lead actor and did his best in his part, then how come an underrated actor can be better than him in the movie?? You already agree that Hritihik is far better actor than those two in the movie and when three of them have been given similar participation, how can Farhan surpass hrithik but again I would recommend reading the critics review for the movie to get to know who was better. Like I said before, fun maker in a movie can not be a better actor than the lead actor. But I would agree with you if the genre was comedy so this is not a comedy movie that a comedian or a clown would be called better or best. You don’t agree with me and so don’t I with you. You don’t have to agree with me, just read critics review. That’s it!!

  • @Shalu: Vivek must be the KHANS’s fan and that he feels insecured about pormoting Hrithik’s movie here and there. This is the common problem of Khan’s fan. Being the fan of Hrithik, I would never complain to this team if they start promoting RA.ONE or Don2 when these two will be released coz we hrithik’s fans are not insecured creature like this. Hope you understood.

  • @Fuad: you misunderstood me, let’s take an example Aamir in RDB did one of his best performances ever he was exellent at his part but the best lines were given to the guy Siddrath that’s why many people loved Sid’s performance calling it the standout performance now that’s because people don’t understand the difference between the best role and the best performance, i mean in ZNMD all 3 actors did their best, it’s just that some enjoyed Farhan’s performance because he had the best lines and he chose the better role for himself, so does that prove he’s a better actor than Hrithik????
    Does that mean the newcomer Siddrath is better actor than Aamir????
    It’s just subjective these are opinions, people do not care about critics they care about the best role, the one who entertained them more, hope u understand that.
    And about Abhay Deol, i find him a better actor than Hrithik and most of the current actors of this generation, the guy has a natural talent in him, he comes across the list of the nrural gifted actors like Naseer Din Shah? Irrfan Khan, KK Menoon, he’s the only one from the current generation who belongs to such kind of actors. You need to watch Manorama-six under feet, Dev D n Oye Lucky Lucky Oye…he gets the nuances of acting right even when the script does not require so natural. One of the most underrated actors in BW.
    Farhan, i think he’s much overrated as an actor, he’s OK an average actor at best, a good director though but he has choosen the best role i must say and performed very well in ZNMD.
    In my opinion all 3 were outstanding in their roles, i personnaly enjoyed the movie and the chemistry between the leads i don’t care about who acted the best. Same with DCH, 3 Idiots…But if people loved Farhan what can we do?let them, they are free maybe because tehy found Farhan’s story the most entertaing one, it’s ok nothing wrong in that just take a chill pill

  • About Vivek who cares it was his opinion that he found Indicine Team biased towards Hrithik or any particualr actor i don’t see anything wrong in this. And what do you mean by “Khans’ fans”?????
    Why are u generalizing, i’m a Khan’s fan n don’t mind them promoting Hrithik, all the best to him. Just because Vivek objected does not mean it’s a common purpuse hope u understand. Take care :)

  • Shallu: Listen whatever you told now is the biggest jocks ever. Looks like entertainment makes you more delight to decide who is better actor in ZNMD. Of course, Farhan Akter was a funstar in the movie and that he did very nicely but funny jocks or comedy doesn’t make an actor’s role more important. I think I didn’t read my previous post carefully. I mentioned it quite a lot of time that if funny character could make someone’s role more important and make him/her an excellent actor, then Rajpal Yadav, Johny Lever would have been the best actor ever. Why are you saying that people think Farhan’s acting was better than those two? it’s you who think it it this way and your personal matter doesn’t matter to anyone and so is mine. Any actor can be entertainer but that could not make him a good actor. Learn the definition of acting and the actor at first and then come to talk. It’s a mere stupidity to compare Hrithik Roshan with Abahai deol for movies like Dev.D, 6 feet under etc. I guess 6 feet under was done by Saif ALi Khan. However. Didn’t you see Lakshay, KMG, Jodha Akber and Guzaarish? Hrithk is recognized as a versatile legendary actor recognized specially for these movies. I would not talk about Krrish or Dhoom to which were bigger successful and more entertaining because in those movies, showing things off and attitude was most important but what Hrithik did in Guzaarish, KMG and Jodha Akber is impossible even by all Khans and Kumars as well, let alone Abhay Deol. Hrithik’s performance in ZNMD was also natural but that didn’t click to your intelligence as you are so taken with farhan’s entertainment stuff like Bagwati. With no bias, I am saying that if any actor was given a little more important role in ZNMD, it was Hrithik’s which he has done the best. Lots of critics and and lots of audience believed it yet. You can also read the comment by Karan Johar, Shahrik Khan and AMitab Bachchan on Hrithik’s performance in ZNMD, who know their job better than you. If all the comments of major actors and critics, as well as most number of audience seem foolish to you, then there is no point in arguing with you anymore who think only he knows acting better than anyone else. Clearly you are a fan of SRK or any other Khans. And Khan’s fans mostly consider Hrithik is bad actor or something. It was even funny for me to read a comment by a SRK’s fan in a blog that he thinks that Hrithik was lucky to have a chance to act in ZNMD. The moron may not have seen what kind of offer Hrithik got in the past and what kind of offer he already got for future. This is the common natures of Khan’s fan to disrespect a great actor who is even certified as a great actor. Anyway, I think there is no more point to be left to discuss with you, as you seem be so stubborn to keep your last word at the end.

  • @Shallu: One last point to include is that if Hrithik was not there in ZNMD, It would never gross 108 crore worldwide in 10 days only. Your so called superior actors are completely incapable to get audience sit in theaters to accumulate 108 crores at the box office. Those 2 never experienced the test of such success ever in their life and will never get such success without the help of Hrithik, SRK or Amir for sure. Well of course box office success is not the most important but Hrithik is both an excellent actor and capable actor to make huge success at the box office or at the award function held in India.

  • @Fuad: Though i don’t totally agree with Shalu i too loved Hrithik the most in ZNMD, but i feel you are too overrating Hrithik, he is good no doubt but still cannt be called a GREAT actor, Hrithik is a good actor but definitely not as excellent as he is considered to be. When we talk about great actors we say Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Irfan Khan – in commercial movies as well as offbeat ones.
    There is no denying that Hrithik is immensily talented just from the day he started acting and his looks are no less than a greek god and one remains speechless after seeing him dancing onsreen.
    But he too has a has a natural inclination to overact like in Guzaarish sorry u may not agree but i found him over the top and i found many scenes ridiculous same goes to KMG too.
    And plz don’t underestimate Abhay deol if u don’t know him or like him it’s fine but no need to insult him just for being HR fan, for me he’s the Naseer Din Shah of our days, man he’s so natural you never get the intention that he’s acting when he’s onscreen, his acting is so beliavable a very underrated actor. I know you will never understand that, coz he is not a star but in acting he is unbelievable…you laughed at the films Shalu mentionned coz you cannot understand who are natural actors.
    I believe when one’s talking about good actors- I see them as basically of two kinds
    – Those who are naturally talented or natural actors and its pretty evident when they are on screen-
    Actors like Naseer, Kajol, Kamal Hassan, utpal dutt, Irrfan khan and from the current lot probably abhay deol
    – Those who are very very dedicated and follow the true definition of the word “Actor”. These are people like Aamir, shahrukh, Amitabh Bachchan etc etc

    Hrithik comes across probably the latter category, no to take anything from him i’ve never said he’s a bad actor but he still has a long way to go as an actor. Peace out :)

  • @Aditya: i totally agree with your comment. This is how i see actors too and for me Abhay Deol is a great actor. Period!

  • @Shallu, urfe Aditya: Even I could do the same like you by changing my name into various names to argue with you to establish my opinion. Both of your sentence construction, word selection and attitude is same, so I have accepted both of you with same entity as you actually are. However, FYI, search in google if I am wrong when I said Hrithik Roshan is a great actor. Why arguing with me unnecessarily?? I didn’t ask for you opinion here. Whatever I have said is based on real info which you can get even from Google search. I am not overreacting about Hrithik. you think Amitab is great actor but Hrithik is not?? well Hrithik Roshan is the only actor who has been chosen in Agneepath for the role of vijay dinanath chauhan, originally played by Amitab Bachcha, your so called great actor whose acting in that movie has been the best in his entire career. According to Karan Johar, Hrithik has been able to justify the role as expected since the shooting of Hrithik’s part in Agneepath is a almost finished, souce-

    However, what you said about Hrithik’s performance in KMG and Guzaarish is not agreeable by any critics in the world or any non-biased audience but you can nurture your own opinion in your own pocket which doesn’t matter to anybody. I am not saying the my opinion is acceptable because here what I have already said is not my opinion, I said based on info. I don’t like delivering or listening any kind of ignorant preach! hrithik is not only known to be a great actor but also considered to be a legendary actor for his ever remember able performance in Jodha AKber.

    Now let me tell you my opinion, what I think about hrithik roshan is that he is far better actor than Amitabj, Amir, SRK. You need logic and proof?? well, look at the last all movies released from 2000, hrithik has completely changed himself to for each role he got in different movies to meet the demand of a character and that he succeeded as well enormously. You can not compare hrithik’s role in KNPH with KMG and KMG with Krrish, and Krrish, with Dhoom2 and Dhoom2 with Jodha Akber and Jodha Akber with Guzaarish, and finally Guzaarsih with ZNMD. Each and every character has been been critically acclaimed as well as appreciated a lot by audience at the same time. Each time he has been successful with his changing character and that is the strongest point of an actor. This has only been possible by Hollywood actors in Hollywood. But hrithik is the first and most probably be the last as well. Now Look at Amitabh, SRK and Amir, there movies are different bust their character and acting style has never been different until SRK did My Name Is Khan, which was successfully different. Just notice, that each time these actors have attepted to chanage their role and acting style to meet the demand of their charater being given, they have been unsuccessful. Fore example, SRK’s Asoka and Pheheli which are super flop at BO and rejected by critics. Look at Amir’s Mangal Pandey, super flop both ways. And amitabh? what to say, he is even struggling with his existing acting style, and look. Though I also believe that these actors are aslo great actors but they can not change themselves like Hrithik to meet the demand of the character they are given and still be successful. Those actors have hold their career best acting style and trying to do the same in all movies without changing their style in acting, though, they change their look. But they are completely unable to play a complete different character. this is how they are successful and this is why I think they are just kids in acting if I had to comapare with Hrithik.

  • I just would love to know which bloody non sense has deleted my posts? it seems like you people are trying to establish your view point with moderation power you have!! such a bloody losers you are who deleted the last post. Go on morons, go on!!

  • Calm down fuad,ur love for hrithik is disrespecting some of our great actors like amitabh bcchn.however ,i am also a big fan of hrithik roshan and i just agree with u and disagree with vishal and @vishal, u r simply just a loooosser, and pls dont think that fuad changed his name as gourav. We r totally different person and u can check my facebook account by my e-mail account….

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