Singham Returns vs Bang Bang: 2 Weeks Box Office Comparison

Bang Bang and Singham Returns took similar starts at the box office, but unlike films that have managed to cross the 200 crore mark, both films failed to sustain over the weekend.

However, Bang Bang has sustained well in its second week, the collections are much better than Singham Returns.  The business from all versions of Bang Bang is about 25 crore more than the Rohit Shetty film.

The Hrithik Roshan – Katrina Kaif film is now the 2nd highest grosser of 2014 after Salman Khan’s Kick.

Some points:

  • Both films released on a holiday, Singham Returns on Independence Day considered to be one of the best days for business and Bang Bang on Gandhi Jayanti. The Hrithik starrer had plenty of holidays in its first extended weekend.
  • Singham Returns got a solo release, while Bang Bang was released with Shahid Kapoor’s Haider.
  • Singham Returns has tremendous brand recall value as the first film ‘Singham’ not only did well at the box office but was also a massive hit on television.
  • The budget of Singham Returns was much lower than Bang Bang.
DaySingham ReturnsBang Bang
Day 132.0927.54
Day 221.0524.08
Day 324.5520.1
Day 414.7822.41
Day 58.2115.36
Day 66.4410.31
Day 75.478.23
First Week112.59128.03
Day 83.427.42
Day 95.034.9
Day 107.046.3
Remaining Weeks11.624.84
Lifetime Collections139.68 cr165.19 cr (in 14 days)


  • I m happy to see my bb predictions going wrong.hope I make such mistake even during mohenjodaro and it bcms hrithiks 5th consecutive hit

  • Oh man I expected BB to cross 300 crore in India :( .. There was so much hype about the movie and every self made critic was saying that it would definitely cross DHoom 3 with 5 back to back holidays :(

  • 175 Crores Lifetime now it seems!
    My Love and Admiration to Duggu, a superstar with honesty, humbleness and humility!! All the best Bang Bang and also for your next film, Mohenjo Daro!!
    And Kick to two of his treacherous fans: Babaji Ka Thullu and Critics Obsessed Nipun!!!

  • 175 crores plus is on the card now for BangBang. But i want it to do more than 180 crores. Some sites have given Superhit verdict to BangBang.
    @aanand: you comment reminds me of krk’s tweets who always say kick to haters and so on.

  • You Guys are talking abt 5 back2back holidays ( PS : actually its 4 , sat was nt a holiday) but what after that ?? it was a Pre diwali rls the worst release period ever . not even a single holiday BANGBANG gt after 6th oct ( Except Sunday ) . so please understand the Facts , even if u call BB is under performed , movie is doing phenomenally well in overseas and Good at Domestic box office too ! collecting 300cr WW is nt a joke

  • @nipun plz yaar…superhit!hit verdict is more than enough for bb.I m extremely happy with it and u shd also b satisfied

  • @ indicine – i want your comments with like/dislikes comment cuz nobody is perfect it will help u to become more neutral for all stars. love your comment section.

  • Anyway there is no comparison between Hrithik and Ajay. Hrithik has a huge fan following and star power as compared to Ajay and his movies may collect better than Ajay’s at any point of time.
    Moreover what I dislike in Ajay is his inconsistency. If a star gives a 100 cr movie despite of a clash with a biggie and his next movie crash at BO dramatically then there is something fishy with his star power. He can’t pull audiences and give back to back hits consistently as Hrithik does.
    Moreover he is not experimenting as such with his movies as Hrithik doing now a days.

  • Superhit. Overall d film has done pretty good. If bang bang ws a solo release ,it would have pretty easily beaten d lifetime collections of kick.. Bhaijaan got lucky here.

  • The power of superstar hritik roshan… got only 3350 screens in india,competition with haider,negative review from most critics…still it is going to collect around 175 crores only in india…ar kya chahiye ab hritik se@sallu nd haklu fans…

  • HR’s underperfoming movie collected almost 50% more dan bhai’s jai ho(btw bang bang was a much better movie here). Such is d stardom of Hr. Hr is d combination of good looks, talent n personality. Hr does all kinds of role with ease. Bhai is nowhere near Hr.

  • it’s ok bang bang is over now. srk fans ur favourite site not promoting
    this is what I’m saying hny has very low buzz.

  • This collections also speak loudely dat Dhoom 2 worked bcoz of Dhoom brand which came just after 2 years of Dhoom and Dhoom was such a RAGE back then in 2004 for me the and also for most others JOHN WAS THE ULTIMATE DHOOM BADDIE-NO HEROIN,NO ROMANCE JUST HIS BIKE ,HIS STUNTS HIS KILLER ATTITUDE the rage dat Dhoom created was never created by Dhoom2 and Dhoom3
    (yes I am aamir fan)
    For me I like Dhoom then D2 and then D3
    But dat doesnt mean D2 worked only coz of hr it was the brand the villain same wid D3 brand villain

  • 5 back 2 back holidays really helped to put up decent total otherwise the film would have flopped badly… Considering 4300 screens release size confirm by Fox star and 140 cr budget it is still an underperformance n average verdict at best

  • Hopefully everything went right.congrats to hr and fans.
    Hope same goes with#Baby with ve wom to excellent collections.

  • @dark boy agree with u
    it’s John Abraham who made a dhoom as huge success.
    yes I like 1st one more than 2nd and 3rd.
    John is best man killer look
    best villain in dhoom series is goes to only and only John.

  • All Time records for bang bang
    1.Biggest Grosser ever in KERLA
    2.Biggest Opener of all time in Pakistan
    3.Biggest grosser ever in UAE

  • @Nivin_Pauly is a duplicate version of @Bulli. Even though Bulli obsessed with his king, he comments are hilarious, funny and entertaining. On the other hand, @Nivin_Pauly is ultra obsessed with Bhaijaan but his comments are ridiculous and disgusting! He can’t have any comment without mentioning our Bhai!

  • • Bang Bang has suffered badly in Mumbai circuit and that is the reason why its collection will be be below expectations..
    • Bang Bang will collect in 20 crore nett less in Mumbai circuit than Singham returns and a huge 30 crore nett less than Kick.
    • Bang Bang grossed 7.75 crore nett in Mumbai city in week one (8 days) while Singham Returns with a more mass feel grossed 9 crore nett in just seven days.
    • In a centre like Mumbai city it should have done better than Singham Returns.
    • Ahmedabad the second biggest centre in the circuit would not have been expected to be at Singham Returns level but the gap in business was unthinkable before release.
    • Basically the lifetime figures in Ahmedabad of Bang Bang will get no where near the the week one figures of Singham Returns.
    • In the first week (8 days) Bang Bang grossed 3.15 crore nett in Ahmedabad while the business of Singham returns was 6 crore nett. Singham Returns is an unbelievable 90% more.
    • In Mumbai circuit, Bang Bang grossed 31.97 crore nett (8 days) while Kick grossed 49.15 crore nett and Singham Returns grossed 46.55 crore nett.
    • The gaps between Bang Bang and the other two big films are huge in Mumbai circuit and it is due to this circuit that Bang Bang is an under performer. If the film had emerged with even 10% less business than Kick or Singham Returns in Mumbai over its eight days it would have made a huge difference to the final outcome of the film.
    • Business crashed further in mass circuits as a circuit like Rajasthan could not even collect 1 crore nett in it second weekend. It was even worse in CP Berar and CI. Gujarat also continued its poor run. The film was somewhat better in the cities but that is not enough for a big budget film like Bang Bang.
    • Bang Bang in Hindi grossed good 132 crore nett in two weeks, but in week one with so many holidays the collections were not what they should be.
    • The film had the best collections in South India and when this happens that means the core markets have not performed and drops in all India business are inevitable. The ratio for Mumbai and Delhi/UP was less than 30% and 20% respectively and a big budget film has to go over these ratios at least in one circuit to score well in long run. The other area which performed well was East India but that was due to holidays due to Puja.
    • Bang Bang collections have dropped badly after holidays.
    • Second week figures will not even be amongst the top five second weeks this year.
    • Second week business is looking to be around 22 crore nett and the lifetime business at around 140 crore nett for the Hindi version of the film.
    • Overall Bang Bang will finish in the 148 (including Tamil and telugu versions ) crore nett range.

  • Bang bang bugdet – 140 crores…

    Recovery TILL NOW (14 days) – 165 in india + 75 in india..240 crores….Monstrous HIT..
    Dont understand why haters forget to add Overseas business when the production cost of 140 crore includes 30 crore overseas distribution cost with 110 crore indian cost plus adverstising. Bang Bang will close at around 185-190 in india and 90 abroad. Total – 275- 290 crores Nett..VERDICT – Super Hit in India and Blockbuster in Overseas. Hope haters will use some sense, logic and some economics.

  • Best and sexiest villian of Dhoom series: Hrithik Roshan
    Most critically acclaimed movie of Dhoom series: Dhoom 2

    before Dhoom 3, Dhoom franchise was already considered as the biggest franchise of Bollywood.
    But before Dhoom 2, Dhoom was never considered as the biggest one. Why? Because Dhoom 2 raised the bar of Dhoom. Hrithik was the soul of the movie.

  • @Goutam, it might be true that Hrithik has more fan following than Ajay Devgan and Ajay is not same league as three Khans but still he is one of the most succesfull actors today..he and Akshay are only one who survived..look where r Boby doel,Sunil Shetty and more.
    dude you are forgetten one thing and it is every actor sufered what exactly happened to Ajay..lets say even Hrithik in Guzaarish and Kites times.
    I understood you are wondering about SOS and Himatwala….well it was Ajay’s mistake and he admited that it was one of his biggest mistake to listen Sajid Khan..Still Himatwalla did more business than Besharam and other big movies who got released on festivals…and still he is the second actor who have the most movies in 200 cr club after Salman Khan.

  • Bang Bang has trended better than Singham Returns in second week.
    btw the most important thing is the verdict…congrats both movies since the became hit and superhit.

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