Shahrukh Khan to host 20th Screen Awards 2014

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will host the 20th Annual Screen Awards to be held in Mumbai on January 14th 2014. 

In an official statement, SRK said “I’ve always enjoyed hosting award functions and making people around me happy and Life Ok Screen Awards gives me that opportunity, the chance to return all the love and the wishes that my audiences have always blessed me with”

The 20th Annual Screen Awards 2014 will be aired on ‘Life OK’ channel on January 25th.

The awards ceremony, with Govind Nihalani, Atul Agnihotri, Homi Adajania, Moushumi Chatterji, Sonali Kulkarni and Shreyas Talpade as the jury members, will vote for excellence in various departments of Hindi and Marathi cinema.



  • @navin, so now you are officially hrithik hater too. great, i wont be surprised if once any tussle occurs between aamir and salman or aamir fans slam salman for his acting, you two faced salman fans who are now keeping aamir on your head will make fun of aamir too. thats the fact!

    before making fun of hrithik, can you please elaborate the acting abilities of your bhaijaan ?? i don’t want to slam salman but since you have shown your two faces, i think i should.

  • @sumeet My rivalry with nipun compels me to mock him and to do so I have to use Rohit to get to him…!
    He is slamming both Aamir and Salman and I suspect he may be a lungiwala trying to antagonise both sets of fans and also he is just being a Rohit fan to cause disharmony… Eitherway I have caught onto his snide actions and so Im trying to uncover his kiddie mask to unveil the lungi hidden beneath…! Dirty job indeed but needs must as they say…!

    As for you- I think you have been anonymous here for several months since Rohit 3s record breaking collections and subsequent controversies over gross and nett figures so I really dont know what to say about you… But from what I vaguely remember you yourself were a joker boy when it came to Bhais articles and Dhoom 3 articles…. I aint got the stomach to revisit those pages were hoardes of Rohit fans mocked Aamir for not being upto Rohits stature to pull of a Dhoom film but I guess the egg is now on your faces…! ‘Nipun’ is a big boy, correction he is an amateur/ nursery kid at best but he can look after himself so he doesnt need big sister Sumeet coming to his rescue in her cape and kiddie mask…! :-p
    Jai ho

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