Sanjay Dutt Biopic Release Date announced

The keenly-awaited biopic on the life of Sanjay Dutt has officially moved from the previously announced Christmas release to the ‘Good Friday’ weekend of 30 March 2018.

The month of April has been favourable for film releases in the last couple of years. ‘The Jungle Book’ went on to collect nearly 190 crore at the India box office, while ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ (Hindi) has now collected a record-shattering 500 crore net.

Fox Star Studios will be collaborating with Vinod Chopra Films and Rajkumar Hirani Films for the worldwide release of the film starring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.

The clash with ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has also been averted, giving the Salman Khan starrer a solo-release during Christmas this year.



  • I have been saying this since months that Dutt biopic will run away from Christmas…When global king aka Duniya ka sabse bada gigastar runs away in fear of Bhai then WTH are others to clash with a Bhai film!

  • Salman haters have to change their BAAP time to time…srk was their BAAP when Raees supposed to clash with Sultan…Then Ranveer Singh bcm their BAAP cz Padmavati was declared for Christmas release… But Padmavati was preponed. Then Ranbir Kapur bcm all the Salman haters official BAAP for Dutt biopic. Now Dutt biopic is postponed.. Hence, Salman haters are definitely looking for a new BAAP..

  • @dumbuddha Arjun Kapur

    Wo sab tih thik hai….But what about your prediction? Didn’t you predict that Dutt will thrash TZH and bcm HGOTY???

  • @sayar

    Finally you have accepted that srk runs away from Eid in fear Salman Khan…#I like it!

  • Ee toh saala hona hi tha ..
    Salman is too big and Tiger zinda hai is super hot …let d first glimpse release, dr will b hysteria.

  • @new era srg

    Then ask your global bhagoda to release his Raula on Christmas along with TZH… Oops! Sorry, global king toh abhitak Eid 2016 ke sadme se bahar nhi aaya hoga!… Hahaha.

  • @ tiger, Why are u not calling Aamir khan as bhagoda ? He also postponed his Secret superstar from 4 august.why he want to get good release period and open weeks when his films carry extraordinary word of mouth ? If SS proves to be a good film then it
    would have affect akki and SRK films from August 11 .

  • @sayar

    Bhai might have lost couple of clashes in past…. But he never runs away from any clash unlike your galaxy ka sabse bada gigastar… Kamse kam Bhai pe “Bhagoda” ka dhabba toh nhi hai naa!

  • @Prabhas The None star, jali jali jali? You dumbass you have not achieved even 0.01% of what India’s biggest megastar ever aamir khan has achieved and who is prabhas? We don’t know him. We all know baahubali as ss rajamouli’s movie. Non star prabhas hasn’t even crossed 50 cr without baahubali 2. And 387 cr only? First do a movie yourself and let your film do even 100th of what dangal did. Even in this article you can’t live without taking India’s biggest global megastar aamir khan name that proves his power. You aukaatless creature aamir is baap of Indian cinema and what he achieved in china with dangal your aukaatless star will never achieve even in his 10 births. So get lost. Dangal has steamrolled, bulldozed and crushed baahubali 2 in worldwide collections and now it has no chance to even come close to dangal even after china release.

  • @Prashant abhishek;

    We (Salman Fans) don’t need help from others, we are capable enough to face all Salman haters and same way for Srk too, we are enough…..we don’t need to find any filmy baap like srk fans do all the time…..We have seen so many times in past where Srk fans beg (comment) in indicine article for clash with Salman movie…….But you will never see any Salman fans comment where we say that particular actor should clash with Srk movie……Bechara Srk already har koi Baja raha hai uski, he is already facing so many clashes, so we don’t need to comment on that….

    And in the case of TZH and Dutt clash we all know who should thank GOD for this clash avert….Blind haters like you can say whatever you want, but everyone and trade people know who will suffer if this clash happen….

  • @Sayar;

    Bro anyday, anytime I am only Salman fan, for me Indian Film Industry means “Salman Khan”….Beside him I only admire Deva Anand Ji, Dharmendra Ji and Amit Ji…….Rest simply don’t matter to me…..

    Coming to your comment, I insist you to read your own comment again and you will find your answer in it…..and if you find difficulty, then let me explain it to you in very simple words…..1st tell your Srk fans to stop bashing Salman…..if haters like srk fans bash Salman then don’t expect peace from me……

    And one more thing, stop living in past……show some guts and face today….

  • @prashant abhishek

    Aamir fans are not blabbering nonsense on Bhai… That’s why I’m avoiding Aamir bashing…. You are free to call him whatever you want….I’ve no problem with that…

  • Salman now has free run. Lets see if he can even break into top 5. All the scared Bhai fans are trying to act like they have become lion while they are nothing but rats. 50 + buddha and his not so smart fandom.

  • @TIGER same here dude. I don’t bash salman as far as his fans don’t bash megastar aamir khan and i am also avoiding bashing salman. But those who bash salman are free to call him whatever they want. I have no problem with that….

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