‘Salman may not be interested in Tere Naam 2’: Satish Kaushik

Satish Kaushik, who directed Salman Khan in his 2003 hit ‘Tere Naam’, has said that he has a perfect idea about the storyline for Tere Naam 2, but is unsure whether Salman would be interesting in doing the film.

“If ‘Tere Naam 2’ happens I will be the first person to jump on it. There are thousands of people asking me on Twitter and Facebook to make the film and I would love to. But I don’t know when and how?”

The director added that Salman’s superstardom in the last few years has taken him to a different zone and his popularity goes beyond the ‘superstar’.

“Now Salman is into an absolutely new zone. His success is beyond anything and he is more than a superstar. I don’t know if he will be interested. But yes something is definitely there in my mind for ‘Tere Naam 2′” Kaushik said.

Kaushik also said that he cried when ‘Tere Naam’ received 1 star from critics.

“‘Tere Naam’ got one star. I literally had tears in my eyes and then on the other side collection reports came. Box office and criticism are two totally different things. At times, the value of film is realised many years after its release. ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’ became a cult over the years.”

When asked about his upcoming films, Kaushik said “I have just completed my work in Abhishek Chaubey’s ‘Udta Punjab’. There is one English film ‘Promise Dad’ that released in UK three weeks back and will soon make it to Indian theatres as well. Script of my next directorial project is also ready, it is titled ‘Maya Nagri’ and I will start working on it soon” he said



  • I hve a brilliant idea
    Take nawajudiin siddiqui in tere naam 2.
    He iz equally popular nd far better in acting compare 2 Salman khan ..!

  • Melodramas like Tere Naam would not work in today’s Multiplex generation.

    So, it’s better if Salman ignores any thoughts of Tere Naam 2.

  • I don’t think a movie like Tere Naam deserves a sequel . Because in the ending Bhumika dies and Salman goes back to the mental asylum . Also in 2003 Salman was not a huge superstar as he is now . So i don’t think Salman will take a risk of playing such a difficult character now . Also i am not sure whether people will appreciate him in such kind of avatar now . Also there was a conflict between Salman and Kaushik so they have to bury the hatchet . Tere Naam is one of the Best Performance in Salman’s Career .

  • Bhai is doing PRDP, Sultan, NEME, Kick2 etc.. So, right now I don’t think Bhai will do Tere Naam2..

  • Salman gave tereific performance in the movie… I am definitely interested in the Part 2 rather than Dabangg 3 or anything like Bodyguard 2.
    But the story, the production design and budget must be way more and grander than Tere Naam to match the MEGASTARDOM of Salman Bhai…

  • Tere Naam was a decent or perhaps even good film but gets overhyped because it’s one of very few films where salman did something close to acting or did something different.

  • Very well said satishji.critics and bo r two completely different thing

    @nipun hope u understand it someday

  • Kamaal krte ho satish babu…..
    I am interested in tedhe naam 2 but you never told me man,instead you are crying in front of indicine.

  • Tere naam 2 wil rock at box office

    if a gud script is available then do it
    dnt just aim for collections

  • Tere naam movie one of my all time fav movie in my list…!!!! It will be interesting Salman doing TM2.

  • Prem, Radhe, Chulbul and Bajrangi- names Salman has set iconic..
    @Sunny Leone Ki Chachi, it’s the dog that acted far better than our joker boy..
    Let’s wait for another 200 Crores Storm in the form of Manjhi because he is equal to Salman..

  • SALMAN do this film instead of craps like Dabangg 3, Bodyguard 2, Kick 2 !!

    We want films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo & Tere Naam 2 from you !!!

    (as a SRK fan)

  • It is the most hyped movie ever.Since it was the only movie where Salman did some acting it is considered as a classic.It was just too regressive and depressing.Coming to acting Salman couldn’t emote emotions the way Vikram did in sethu.He was just crying in most parts of 2nd half

  • tere Naam is one of the Best Performance in Salman’s Career but sarookh fans are very Haters there star can never do moves like tere Naam too much fun

  • Tere Naam is my favourite movie still.Please make a sequel if the script is brilliant else don’t spoil the legacy of the classic

  • One of my All time favorite movie and very close to heart !!!!!!!! I dont want to see any sequel for such a movie. The movie script ends there hence there is no scope for Salman to come back and play Radhey after old age !!!!!!!!! Good idea but practically looks horrible !!!!!!!

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