Ranbir Kapoor vs Imran Khan (BO comparison)

Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor both started their careers around the same time in 2007-08. Both are considered to be the future of Bollywood.

Below is a comparison between the two stars, based on the box-office collections of their films in India. Very little to choose between the two! Have a look

Imran Khan

  • Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Superhit) – 56.41 crores
  • Kidnap (Flop) – 21.82 crores
  • Luck (Flop) – 21.58 crores
  • I Hate Luv Storys (Hit) – 43.68 crores
  • Break Ke Baad (Flop) – 17 crores
  • Delhi Belly (Superhit) – 55.25 crores
  • Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (Hit) – 57.81 crores
  • Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (Hit)- 45 crores (expected)

Ranbir Kapoor

  • Saawariya (Flop) – 23.8 crores
  • Bachna Ae Haseeno (Above Average) – 36.35 crores
  • Wake up Sid (Above Average) – 28.8 crores
  • Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (Superhit) – 62.94 crores
  • Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year (Below average) – 20.22 crores
  • Rajneeti (Blockbuster) – 92.93 crores
  • Anjaana Anjaani (Average) – 40.3 crores
  • Rockstar (Hit) – 67.63 crores


 Imran KhanRanbir Kapoor
Total Nett collections318.55 crores (8 films)372.97 crores (8 films)
Average per film39.81 crores46.62 crores
Success Ratio*62.5%62.5%
Hit Ratio**62.5%37.5%

*Above average or better
** Hit or better

Some facts

  • Both Imran and Ranbir have acted in 8 films each (special appearances not included)
  • If Rajneeti, which also featured a big star like Ajay Devgan, is removed.. Ranbir Kapoor films earn an average of 40 crores each, just 19 lakhs more than Imran Khan!
  • 3 flops for Imran –  just one for Ranbir.
  • 5 hits or better for Imran – 3 for Ranbir.

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  • Box office records are pretty much same for both the actors..but in acting i think ranbir is better than imran..also ranbir is more popular of the two…so in future ranbir has got a clear edge over imran in my opinion

  • imran khan is the best,,,,,,,,,,and he is prominent than ranbir………………imran sudnt worry at any circumstance becoz of the prime reason that is aamir khan……aamir will never let imran to tolerate flops becoz aamir khan productions is the 100% sure shot superhit organization……………..till there is aamir khan,,no one can do to imran,,ranbir is too kid in front of imran…becoz there is no flop word in the dictionary of aamir khan productions………..evidence:jane tu ya janne na and delhi belly…both r commerically and critically hit movies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,imran rocks………..

  • Ranbir iz next srk n imran khan may be next aamir-salman combination….
    Imran khan is under salman aamir duo…..but ranbir kapoor seem to with srk(as in filmfares where he acted like srk of rnbdj in 2009 while imran featured aamir of ghajini and in 2011 ranbir remained with srk of mnik n imran changed to salman of dabangg and not to forget srk-ranbir duo of filmfare 2012)

  • Ranbir is more talented than Imran for sure. He is an all rounder. Imran will get sm time to reach the place where ranbir is. upto now Imran is doing just big banner films and getting help from Aamir Khan to reach success. where as Ranbir has never got any help from his family other than the name. Ranbir is now above his contemporaries. So definitely, Ranbir is a superstar (he has come to that stage now) and may be Imran will be future superstar. The problem with Imran is he is trying to compare himself with Ranbir. ( He has told that he hasn’t seen Rockstar, but he thinks his next Maatru ki Bijlee ki Mandola’s character will give an answer to Rockstar. if he hasnt seen the movie how can he say that??) So, i think imran should stop comparing himself with Ranbir who is soo much ahead than him and try to improve his acting skills.

  • please indicine, add the number of awards and nominations also to the list.. then anyhow it wont be difficult to choose..

  • Rajneeti belonged To Ranbir…Ajay was more of a side kick…
    Ranbir is definitely next baadshah of bollywood..
    Every movie of his is different..and his acting so versatile..
    while Imran is good with Urban films..and has gifted timing…

    Nonetheless ..Both Ranbir and Imran are future pillars of bollywood..

  • Wt hapnd to the people 1stly salman khan is most successfull than bkri khan he is jst media made superstar nd copy cat of great dilip sahab recently he acknowledged it salman was always most popular in india even in his bad phase 2007 nd 08 nd now this year he will be the winner in overseas he will definitly takeovr overseas this year bkri khan nd haters will c .2ndly between imran nd ranbir my vote goes to imran khan so wt if ranbir has more fans than imran on the othr side shahid kapur still has more fans than ranbir then wt u will say about that nd shahid is far betr actor than ranbir jst like bkri khan ranbir kapur is media made star media backing hin than shahid nd imran khan othrwise ranbir is nothing

  • Ranbir is more talented than Imran.. Imran started with a bad acting in JTYJN, but Ranbir was good & talented from his debute film Saawariya.

    Ranbir wl be one of the top 5 stars in bollywood in one or 2 years, but Imran needs a long way to go.. he’s better now, but he’s not as good as Ranbir.

  • @Tanveerafridi common..stop talking nonsense..Im not trying to compare Khans now. because it isn’t what the article about and they are superstars. when talking about Imran and Ranbir, Imran is surely a media made star with the help of mamu jaan aamir khan. Ranbir is truly talented. maybe media helps him, but he deserves all those. who says Imran is a good actor.. he’s just cute looking smwhat good actor. (not good looking even). Doing same kinds of roles. soo pls, if you dont like ranbir, that’s a different story. dont let his talent down because of a chocolate boy like Imran. I cannot understand y ppl still think Imran has talent than Ranbir!! Just because they dont like Ranbir????? what ever, just look at them in an open mind..without being biased. then you will see the truth.

  • If we exclude the starcast of Rajneeti then both have done equal at the box-office but though Ranbir is better than Imran in terms of acting but both have same persona..

  • Ranbir is very talented actor
    imran is nowhere near Ranbir
    worst acting
    he is surviving in bollywood due to aamir khan n due to his co-stars.

  • take a look at the opening collections of rockstar and ek main aur ek tu….u will now who the star is.. And even in talent…
    Ranbir has 12 upcoming films on his name..

  • sunil lama plsss look at d awards…..and how girls r crazy about ranbir…
    Ranbir fan club: 2,666,968
    Imran khan: ????9thousand

  • comparing imran with ranbir is just like comparing vinod khanna with Amitabh Bachcchan which is quite unfair to actor with limited expressions and caliber like imran khan. while ranbir is way versatile and truly a rockstar. He is next hrithik roshan in the making. Imran and ranbir both has excellent screen presence while both of them r future of bollywood. Ranbir also has potential of joining khans bandwagon in terms of euphoric fan following which even hrithik roshan cannot join till date. hence let these guys remain uncompared and let them do what both of them r good at but if u make comparisions imran will definitely pale infront of ranbir.

  • Imran khan is best actor Imran is future Aamir khan Imaran khan Movie in Production Aamir khan Movie JANE TU YA JANE NA [SUPERHIT] AND DELHI BELLY [SUPERHIT] Aamir khan is always [BLOCKBUSTER KHAN] Aamir always best


  • who said ranbeer kapoor is self made actor ranbeer done his max films with established director sanjay leela bhansali, shimit amin (chak de india fame), Prakash Jha, Imtiyaz Ali, rajkumar santoshi etc while imran khan had worked with new director. Ranbir is better actor than Imran but acting in jeans of rk . So in my opinion both Imran and Ranbir are superstar of future

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