Pics: 10 Ka Dum contestants are stars!

Salman Khan’s 10 Ka Dum is a huge hit with the audience and has completely outshined Star Plus’ Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Teez Hai featuring Shahrukh Khan as the host.

Most of the famous contestants from the first season of Dus Ka Dum were on the show along with Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Lara Dutta. Life has changed a lot for all the contestants who appeared on the show. Some have won big money which has helped them financially to lead a much better life. The rest are enjoying celebrity status.

BMC sweeper Ghanshyam one of the contestants said people come in search of his house just to meet him. The hot Afsana who wanted to go pillion riding with the star got a ride in an auto rickshaw! Akshata Tiwrekar, the first contestant on the show got Salman’s warmest hug. Navin Rao, a Paanwaala, has named his shop 10 Ka Dum Paan Bhandaar and people queue up to taste the tasty Paan from his shop.

Vishal Netke, a rickshaw driver says passengers now talk to him with a lot more respect. Lakshami, who represents the transgender at the UN, said after the show the attitude of people towards them has changed for the better.

We wish 10 Ka Dum returns soon, to change the life of many more in the future

Few days back we covered the 10 Ka Dum final episode featuring Rani Mukherjee and Lara Dutta. Here are some more pictures from the grand finale.

10 Ka Dum Salman Khan

10 Ka Dum Contestants

10 Ka Dum Salman Khan


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