Love Aaj Kal Box office opening

More than the box office opening of Love Aaj Kal most are curious to know if the Imtiaz Ali film can beat Akshay Kumar’s Kambakht Ishq and get the biggest hit of the year tag.. also if Love Aaj Kal is actor Saif Ali Khan’s biggest opener ever..!

Well, Love Aaj Kal has surpassed all expectations and has opened to historic collections all over India. Infact, in some centres the collections are comparable to that of Aamir Khan’s Ghajini, which remains the biggest opener ever! Although the word of mouth is average, the film is all set to break the weekend record (2009) set by Kambakht Ishq. What could also help Love Aaj Kal is the holiday on August 5th due to Raksha Bandhan and not to forget the open 2nd week, with the next big release Kaminey releasing on 14th August.

Business for the Saif – Deepika starrer is best at multiplexes, while the single screens especially in the south is on the lower side.

According to boxofficeindia, the first day collections are second only to Ghajini and the film has managed to beat Rab Ne, Singh Is King and Kambakht Ishq by a fair distance (net figures below).

  1. Ghajini – 9.25 crores
  2. Love Aaj Kal – 8.25 crores
  3. Kambakht Ishq – 7.50 crores
  4. Singh Is King – 7.25 crores
  5. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 7 crores

With Race breaking opening week records last year and now Love Aaj Kal well on its way in doing the same, would it be safe to include Saif Ali Khan in the Top 5 superstars of Bollywood? Or was the huge hype due to the Jab We Met director’s presence? Also, do big director’s have star power, or shall we call it “director power”, of their own to draw in the audience? Are they as big as stars? Quite interesting..! What do you think? Comments below



  • Fahad: I do agree with u.. I always considered Saif as a good actor..he’s much better actor than Salman Khan.. Salman Khan must be at no 7 or 8 and Saif must be at no.5 after Shahrukh, Aamir, Hrithik & Akshay.. he really deserves to be considered as one of the top.. in addition to the movies u mentioned.. he did also a good job as a villain in Ek Hasina Thi. Why ppl love Salman so dearly and consider him as a big actor.. I don’t know?! his acting isn’t so good, even sometimes when he tries to be funny he just piss me off with his stupid acting, I don’t like his attitude and I don’t like to watch his show Dus ka Dum because of his stupid acting!! Saif must be as no. 5

    Fahad: R u indian? I don’t think Indian ppl use the name Fahad.. u must be from Guilf Arabia.

  • I also feel the same that love aj kal movie is very slow nd not upto expectations…
    Frm my point of view the pillar of the movie is-awesome songs,Rishi kapoor’s story i.e. sardar saif,punjabi touch nd some other seens…although da climax is very good.upto interval the modern seens of saif nd deepika just goes on with almost no meaning…just i cn say its a 1 time watch

  • Fathiya, Thanks for supporting my comments on Saif.

    No I am not an Indian. I am a Pakistani but living in UAE for the last 5 years.

  • no saif no shahrukh nor aamir only akshay is the best.. love aajkal is so so not very good..
    KAMBAKHT ISHQ IS 10 times better than lvajkal… opening day collection of KAMBKHAT ISHQ IS OVER 8.5 CARORE..
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwww up india.. kab tak pyar love muhabbat ke chakkaro me pade rahoge???
    just go for original entertainment… go for kAMBAKHT ISHQ

  • indicine team

    do u know the official first week box office figures for LAK ? it appears to have beaten rab ne ‘s first week record ?

  • i was right kambakht ishq is declare better than rab ne bana di or love aajkal
    ist week collection of kambakht ishq is over 150 carore all over the world……..which is from
    times of india…
    akshay is the best
    akki always rocksssssssssssss

  • first day net collection of KAMBAKHT ISHQ is over 9 carore.. and it has been declared… this muvi got IInd position after ghajini…. and now u r saying the Ist day collection of KAMBAKHT ISHQ is 7.25…?????????
    hadddddddd ho gayi yaaaaaar u r totally fake…………..
    akshay is the best…… thats it. he is the real king.. he has become international star… not desi like shahrukh aamir saif…… etc.

  • Hi
    I have wacthed kambaqt ishq, love aj kal & kaminey. I would like to rate as:
    1) Kaminey
    2) Love aj kal
    kambaqt ishq is no where in my list. This movie was like why I am watching stupid movie. Kareena was pathetic , storyline was a crap and akshay acting was fine but no story. what u can expect 4rm actors.

    Kaminey was fantastic. You have to keep on judging and using your brain till end. Acting was perfect. Shahid has realy grown up. Priyanka was natural and first time I was looking at movie where I can relate that things are happenning in front of me. Cool Movie, only Indian public is not sensitive to real acting and real life.

    Love aj kal -> first it is a copy –> second Saif ali khan always has same expressions for every emotion. His face seems to me like emotion less. He tried too much in Sardar role( overacting) and in his own role. why he act always same He is stupid actor. when will he grow up how much time he need to get settled. I though after wacthing omkara he is now fine actor but after that no much change in acting always same expressions on face common grow up , old freak.

    Love aj kal is winner in Indian masses because they have fantasies which they want to live but cant.. Also Indians have brain but when come to masses they are the most stupid crowd in the whole world. Thats why our India is lacking everywhere. Can u believe one friend of mine asked me did guddu dies in Kaminey. He wacthed movie in theater I was like this is the reason people dont like kaminey they dont want to use brain. Common grow up people and also our actors, directors need to grow up

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